Detour 101

Help! What's with all this road construction? Everywhere you go there's orange cones. It's so bad that I'm certain I'll be seeing them in my sleep tonight. My sister came up from Ferron today for a visit and no matter which way we went we hit detours, one after another! I know it's Fall and Winter is upon us, but do they have to do every road at once? Oh well, I mustn't complain. After all my husband is an Engineer for Horrocks, and most of the torn up roads started with them doing some of the design. So I just have to remember that those detour signs are what helped to bring home the bacon.


Riana Grace said...

Hey Jann!

I was wondering if you could email me your red pepper jelly recipe. I have been craving it ever since Kylee let me taste it. She was going to mail it to me but I think she forgot. my email is

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you remembered where the bacon comes from. For a while my dear wife had the same complaints until I informed her that is where her bills get paid. i.e. no construction = no bacon and no crafts. So be careful mother.