My Alpine Home

We have lived in our home in Alpine, Utah for five years now. My current goal is to make a larger more open home (which works great with our extended family) have a bit of cottage charm and seem more cozy. I hope you will follow along and give me encouragement as well as advice as I embark upon this challenge.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fun with Flowers and Thrift Finds

Hello my friends, I did something this week that
I have never done before.
I visited 6 thrift shops in two days.  Wow, not that's a whole lot of treasure seeking fun!
After unloading my haul and cleaning it up I decided to have a little 'flower fun'.
(for the sifter I simply stuck a small piece of wettened floral foam inside and pushed the stems in)
Using a $5 bunch of flowers from the grocery market and adding cuttings from my garden I played with some of my fun finds.
I know that many of you are like me and love having flowers in your home.  Flowers in a vase are always pretty, but flowers in unusual containers are fun, fun, fun!
(I just stuck the stems inside, but if you wanted it to last you could place a small jar of water inside)
It was instant love when I spied this old sewing basket.  The decal is simply precious!
I must have been having a mello yellow kind of week, because I found a lot of sweet yellow items.
I didn't do anything with the batter bowl, but it could easily be filled with flowers.  It's not vintage, but too cute to pass up!

An aqua melamine sugar bowl filled with blooms.
Now wouldn't that be a delight to wake up to in the morning? 

I love the design on this sugar dispenser, (at least I think that's what it is).  Almost looks like it came from the 'Pioneer Woman' line.
A couple of simple blossoms is all it needed.

I grouped the sifter and sugar dispenser together on my farmhouse kitchen table
in the basement
Flowers help bring a room together,
don't you agree?
  Afterwards I realized that the yellow sifter has the exact same design as one of my red ones.  That's okay,
Ilove them both!
I had the plaid thermos, but I found the fire king casseroles and the yellow jello mold.
It could be turned over and filled with water and flowers as well.
Red striped pitcher, again not old;
but love, love, love!

How fun is this big eyed owl?  His eyes and beak were bright blue and UGLY!  But I repainted them and now he's too cute!

A couple of zinnias gives him a tufted
hair do.
Last of all, I placed a couple of qt. bottles inside my $2 rain boots and added flowers.
Certainly an eye catcher as you enter into our bedroom!
I hope I have given you some fun ideas of different and unusual containers to use for floral arrangements.

 Whether you gather flowers from your garden, buy them from a florist or grocers, or purchase them online, check out
 a Bloom Nation for their great
 flower delivery services..
Having once owned my own business I love how a Bloom Nation helps out small businesses!
Bringing flowers into your home will give it a warm and cozy feeling.
For wonderful inspiration as to how to use flowers in your home d├ęcor visit
or for more unusual container ideas take a look at my Let's Make Arrangements board.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Share Your Cup Thursday #169

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).
The party where you share the things that make you happy.
It's what I like to call, "filling your cup".
I am starting the party early because I will be away from
 home all day.
Thanks so much for taking the time to join this party.  It means the world to me!  If this is your first time here, so happy to have you!
Just want to let you know that there will be no SYC next week.  I'll be enjoying the beauty of  New England.
Know that I will be thinking of you and look forward to have you join in again on Oct. 21st.
My thoughts and prayers are with all the people in South Carolina that have been experiencing terrible flooding!
Now on to features from SYC #168:
Rebecca from Walnut and Vine shared some of her fall favorites.  I love her collection of tablecloths!

Sarah from Hyacinth for the Soul shared her love of trays and her new found treasure for storing them.

Carmen Whitehead Designs shared her new hutch, collections, 
and vintage trays.
C.D.'s Country Living shared her rustic fall porch.

Marie from Interior Frugalista shared her creative fall banner.
Mila's Little Things shared a great roundup of
 pumpkin breakfast recipes.

 Now Let's Party!
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 4.  Please find time to visit at least two other participants.
It's a great way to find new friends!
After you link up, please come back and leave a comment.  They help to fill my cup! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Cottage Guest Bedroom

Some of you may remember the guest bedroom we finished in our basement two years ago.
If you'd like to see what it originally looked like visit
 Be My Guest.

It's always been a romantic looking room, but I just
 gave it more of a cottage feel. 

 Shortly after we finished it our youngest daughter came and lived with us for a while and it was a bit 'too girly' for her.  So I told her to pack it up and make it her own. 
She did just that!  It really was cute, but I didn't take a photo of it.  Imagine maps, dream catchers, and a framed photo album of the Beatles Abbey Road.  I'm sure you are getting the picture.

Well, she hasn't lived here for a year and I finally got around to putting the room back together.  Making a few changes, of course.

Last August I scored these decorative plates at a thrift in Idaho.  I got the whole lot for around $5.
I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.

I found this awesome frame at our local thrift about a year ago.  It was gold, but I painted it white.  I had hung wire through the middle and used it on my mantel for the New Year.  I hung the numbers '2015' printed on book pages across it. 
I thought that some of the plates would look cute hanging in the middle.
Aren't the plates gorgeous?  Very cottagey, don't you agree?

Notice the wording Smoking Tobacco?  The graphics was something that drew me to it.  The top says, "Bull Durham"  It's not really noticeable, but just makes it unique!

This piece of lace was another thrift find.  It adds a touch of elegance draped along the bottom of the bed.
You know how us girls move things around.  :)  The window was moved from the porch to the living room, to now here.
A little banner made for a bridal shower gave it a dainty touch.

More cottage romance.

All picked up at thrift stores, yard, or estate sales.
Reproduction aqua bottles hold some of my dried flowers.
I love vintage bath and beauty items!

What do you think of this little angel?  I thought she was sweet, but my daughter thought she was creepy.
Travel themed items for the weary travelers that might rest their heads in this guest bedroom.
I recently found another suitcase to add to the stack, but It needs a little work.
When we first finished the room I painted an old oak armoire that we had in our bedroom at our previous home

We changed the mattress from a queen to a king, but kept
the door headboard.

Are you feeling romantic?  lol!

If so, 'be my guest'!


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Thursday, October 1, 2015


There's a party goin on right here. . .
(feel free to sing this song as you go)

Well my friends, October has arrived and it is going to be a month of parties and celebrations!

The party animals are out and ready to PAR-TAY!
Yahoo! This is your celebration
Yahoo! This is your celebration

Celebrate good times, come on! (Let's celebrate)
Celebrate good times, come on! (Let's celebrate)

I saw a painting of a crow canvas on My Painted Garden blog.  Erin is an amazing artist.  I contacted her and asked if she would mind if I painted one for myself.  She said 'go for it', and was so encouraging!

I threw in the aqua bottles and pulley to bring out the aqua in the crows banner.  I love a touch of blue with orange!

There's a party goin' on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years

This coming Saturday I will be hosting a 'woman's party' at my home for extended family on my mom's side.  This is something we use to do when she was still alive.  Many of them I have not seen for a few years.  Sounds like there is going to be a nice turn out, and I can't wait!

Doesn't this look like there's a party gong on in there?  :)

Some of the crows are dressed in their finest.  This cute thing was made by my friend, Dolly.
So bring your good times, and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate your party with you

(believe me, with my family; there will be plenty of laughter!)

I made party hats for my crows a couple years ago and I still love them!  They sure look like they are having fun in that black velvety tree! 
Come on now

We are going to have a ball! 

Let's all celebrate and have a good time

I have a fall banner like this I made a few years ago.  I decided to make a b&w one for my mantel.

(keeping it simple.  I didn't even add ribbons or burlap to the ends)



We gonna celebrate and have a good time

In 10 days we will be celebrating fall in New England.  So excited to see that beautiful
part of the world! 
It's time to come together
It's up to you, what's your pleasure
Everyone around the world
Come on!

Yahoo! It's a celebration

Of course, towards the end of the month we will have our annual family Halloween Party.
 Always guaranteed fun!

Celebrate good times, come on!
It's a celebration

Celebrate good times, come on!
Let's celebrate!

How about you?  Do you have a party planned for Oct?

You party animal you!!  (wink)

(this is funny because I am a horrible winker.  Can't even wink my right eye!


This post was featured at Shabbilicious Friday.  Thank you Kerryanne!

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