My Alpine Home

We have lived in our new home in Alpine, Utah for four years now. My current goal is to make a larger more open home (which works great with our extended family) have a bit of cottage charm and seem more cozy. I hope you will follow along and give me encouragement as well as advice as I embark upon this challenge.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesdays Tour. . .A Ride up American Fork Canyon

Hello my friends, it’s been a few weeks since I shared a ‘Tuesday’s Tour’ post with you.

One night after work we decided to grab a bucket of KFC and head up American Fork Canyon.  We wanted to catch the Autumn splendor before it was too late.  Why not enjoy an outdoor picnic while we’re at it?


                                                  (this one was taken just before dusk)

Well, let me tell you; 50 million other people (exaggerating of course)  had the same idea.

The canyon was packed!  So much so that you could not stop and take some of the gorgeous shades of red and orange that were in the lower part of the canyon.  Still there were some beautiful sites!


I am always amazed at the beauty of this glorious earth!


I loved this pop of gold amongst the green pines as the sun started to set.


Remember, this was in the evening.  Can you imagine how brilliant these would be with the sun shining on them?



There’s gold in them there hills!  Why is it always so fun saying that? lol!  Not sure what that puff of what looks like smoke is.



50 Shades of gold.



I love moss so I had to share this photo.



                               (me taking a picture of our daughter, Kylee taking a picture)

Kylee decided to have a little fun.  We thought it was a cute photo.  Apparently another lady did also.  A complete stranger took a picture of her as well.


Golden Oldies.  Hee-hee!


Okay now prepare yourself for what I’m about to show you.

Let me set the scenario.

I saw a large field of golden foliage.

Me to hubby:  Video me while I frolic (skip) through this field. *In my mind this was going to be all “Sound of Music’ like.  You know, the hills are alive?

Kylee:  I’ll frolic (skip) with you.

Me: Okay

Before you view this video let me tell you three things I learned:

1.  NEVER try frolicking (skipping) in flip flops (especially in a bumpy field)

2.  61 year old chubby ladies don’t frolic!  And they certainly can’t jump up and click their hills.

3.  If you try to frolic, come prepared for the laughter that will certainly follow and wear Depends!

Frolicking in the Canyon Blooper

Telling it like it is!

At least the Autumn Foliage didn’t disappoint.



Saturday, October 18, 2014

Welcome to Hauntsville!

Hauntsville is the name of my Halloween town.

It’s the place where haunted houses and trick-or-treaters can be found.


Don’t let Mr. Bones keep you from going inside. . .he’s just as afraid of you.

  In fact, once you enter he’ll run away and hide!


And this smiling ghost. . .well he just stepped out to say, ‘hi’.

Who knows, if your nice; he might teach you to fly!



Hauntsville really is quite a friendly town. .

They have a fountain of pumpkins you can buy by the pound.


A black widow spider is hanging around. . .to see if any left over goodies can be found on the ground.


Although this house says, ‘do not enter’, the path looks quite fun. . .


Once you’re inside, your journey’s begun.

Treats are on the mind of this scaredy cat. . . she’s willing to take a chance and enter in her party hat!


Ha, ha, look who’s there pretending to be brave. . .yup, that’s me, I stepped out of my witchy cave.



The lamp post and the moon keep the town well lit.


That’s why for trick-or-treaters this town is a hit!



Come to Hauntsville. . .hurry come fast!


We all have a sweet tooth and the goodies won’t last!

I picked up the 2 chipboard house kits at a thrift store last year.  I used papers and embellishments I had to decorate them for this ‘kid friendly’ town.
Using two other houses that I already had, I placed it on a bed of green grass(burlap).
I decorated my table more for the grands this year.  5 year old, Saydee had fun exploring it one day when I was baby sitting her.

I hope you felt welcome in Hauntsville!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Aqua Love. . .

Last Saturday I attended a vintage sale with a couple of my friends.

As we walked towards the entrance it was love at first sight!!

Aqua love that is.

A rustic wooden filing cabinet that wheeled it’s way right into my heart.


Yup, it was those rusty wheels as well as the aqua color that I loved.
It was a fabulous price and I couldn’t wait to get it home and ‘style’ it.


As rustic as this ole gal might be. . .she needed a feminine touch.  A thrift find $2 doily did the trick!  I added a touch of whimsy with the masked pumpkin.

Some of the drawers got filled with pumpkin and Fall foliage.  I’m thinking I need to put the word, ‘pumpkins’  in the label slot.

I tied a $4 enamel pitcher filled with Hydrangea blooms to one of the handles.


I bought it from the vendors Two Pitts of a Pear and I love it!!  They have wonderful stuff and wait till you see what else I bought.  Just a teaser, not showing you yet.


She feels right at home with my shabby bench and $5 orange chair.


I know what you’re thinking, “she has this and that Mining Cart on her front porch?”

mine cart

Somehow it worked!

How about you?  Do you have a bit of aqua love?


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Share Your Cup Thursday #122

Happy Fall and welcome to Share Your Cup (SYC for short).  The party where you share the things that make you happy.

It’s what I call filling Your Cup!

Hope you are all having a week full of happiness!

Now on to features from SYC #121

This week is all about celebrating Fall.

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Nancy's Daily Dish shared a beautiful tablescape with Johnson Bros. Harvest Fruit transferware.


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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wicked Fun! (in the living room)

As long as I can remember I have always loved decorating for Halloween. 
Some folks might think that it’s down right “Spooky’, but to me. .

It’s just ‘Wicked Fun’!

I don’t care for anything that’s really gory, but a touch of spooky, especially if it involves anything vintage I love!


The crows have been having a great time partying all night long.  And as you can see, my crystal ball is close at hand for when I have a notion to see what’s going on.

The washed out portrait of a mother and her children gives off a touch of eeriness.



I love this paper wreath I made a few years ago.  Just by adding some little accent It can easily be used for any occasion.  The holder was made by adding a base and a hook to an old spindle.



This caged beauty is dressed to kill, (a mocking bird, perhaps).


My friend, Dolly made the cage out of wire and an old book.  Love it!!


A branch that looks as though it was plucked from a haunted hollow sits beside her on the living room mantle.


Sweet pumpkins carry out the mostly b&w theme.


The feather tree was $1 purchase at a clearance sale.  A few pops of orange are added here and there.


I placed a bottle brush wreath on my piece of ceiling tile. 


A black top hat with a feather flower adds a touch of orange to the other side of the mantle.


So does my little ‘wicked’ spider framed stitch work.



I love my Bethany Lowes primitive witch!  She sits on a tarnished tray alongside a couple of peat pots on my coffee table. I adorned the pots with glitter and  witchy labels a couple years ago to hold treats for a party.


Mr. Bones relaxes on the couch alongside my wool pillow.



I made the ‘wicked’ banner last year from copying an old bingo card.



Along with this bit of ‘Wickedness’ I have filled an apothecary cabinet in my living room.  I look forward to sharing it in a separate post.

Hope you are having a ‘Wicked Fun” October!


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