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Magical, Musical Christmas

Hello dear friends,
What is it about music that feels our heart with joy and lifts our spirits?
I absolutely love singing along with the radio at the top of my lungs!  And believe me, it's no treat.  I was not blessed with any type of musical ability!  I look at a sheet of music and it just says, "pretty" to me.  I have never learned how to read music.

Two of My Favorite Little Christmas Things. . .

Hello my friends,
I absolutely love everything about this time of year. . .the hustle, the bustle, the decorations, and sparkle!
Although I seem to be moving a lot slower than usual, I am doing my best to keep up and enjoy the magic of this season.  :)
Many of you know that I love collecting vintage items.  I corralled  two of my favorite little Christmas things together in my tiered tray.

Ho Ho Holiday Greetings!

Hello my friends, and welcome December!!
It's that wonderful time of year where there is a chill in the air and every now and then sparkles of beautiful white snow drift through the sky and make the ground shimmer with magic!
I absolutely love it!

Sweet Christmas Snippets Mantle

Hello my dear friends!
I am healing more each day and slow but surely getting Christmas d├ęcor out.  My oldest daughter, Nichole helped me decorate our family room mantle.
As long as I can remember I have had a sweet tooth.  I decided to embrace it with the gifts of this holiday season.

Feeling Blessed. . .No Regrets!

Hello my dear friends,
I got to come home from the hospital yesterday and I wanted to check in and give you an update.
But first of all, I MUST thank you for your sweetest comments.  They really helped carry me through my surgery.
The Dr. told us that he didn't know if I would even be able to talk when I came to, and that I may have to relearn a lot of things.
NOT THE CASE!  Right now I am doing excellent and talking wonderful.  Well, as good as
I was before.  :)
I am so thankful that I decided to have brain tumor surgery.  Even after the Dr. at the University Hospital said he wouldn't recommend I do anything.  The Lord is in charge!!

Catching up, Summer Grandma, What's next?

Hello my friends,
I have been wondering when I would share my news with each of you?  I have such a fondness for so many of you!!
If this post doesn't make sense, hopefully you will understand it after you have read it a time or two.  :)
This sweet Kabyree has made me a Great Grandma for a second time.  She is such a sweet heart!  She came home from the hospital last Tuesday and stepped right into our Halloween party.

Bountiful Baskets, Overflowing

 Hello my friends,
and welcome to my blog!