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River Cruise Relief

Hello my friends,
I've been away way too long.  I'm excited to be back sharing with you!
Many of you know that I was diagnosed with brain cancer last Oct.  I had surgery in Nov. and my cancer doctors have me get MRI's quite regularly.  So far, good; but about a month ago the images were not so good.  They couldn't confirm that it was the cancer growing back or just inflammation.
A pic to break up the monotony.  I loved that our cruise director, Britta grabbed Jan's (my friend) phone and snapped this of us!
My friend, Jan (with one n)  :) invited us to go on a river boat cruise with her and her hubby.  We booked it a long time before I was diagnosed.  I wasn't sure we would be able to go.  Especially, when two of my drs.  said the same thing.
Thank goodness for the power of prayer.  I felt in my heart that we should.  I know hubby was worried, but all went well!!
We cruised from Amsterdam to Budapest for 18 days.  It was just what I needed!  It revived my soul!! 
 I loved the windmill tour and all of the welcoming!
It was interesting to learn that they really do farm and garden in wooden shoes.

 Even the cows wear wooden shoes in North Holland.  I couldn't help but smile!

Hubby suggested I wear his hat.  What do you think?

The flowers throughout the towns were so beautiful!  I love the window boxes hanging on the homes.

A beautiful artichoke blossom.
Colorful houses in a German town.

 This padlock bridge of love blew my mind!  I've seen quite a few of them, but never as many padlocks as this one.


Sweet whimsy of a painted path.  Don't you love all of the cobblestone and brick paths?
It wouldn't be England without tea.  This was a fun window display!  Sadly, it was Sunday so it was closed.  I could only enjoy the scene from outside.
Luckily, we had a wonderful tea on the boat!  We had celebrated Bavarian Day.  They put out a delicious
 spread at 1 p.m. for lunch.   At 3 they hosted a tea.  Oh my gosh, they had so much yummy food.  Problem is, we were all still full from lunch.  I still had to try a few.  Posing with some of the staff is always a highlight.  They work so hard!
Our boat had a lot of Aussies on it.  They were so comical!  The gal in the yellow pants was from Florida, but joined in with them.

 There is so much eye candy in all of the quaint towns!
A sweet welcome on a home door.
I love the metal yellow planters!

Silly Jan having fun at the flower market. 
Of course we saw lots of castles and churches.  But that's for another post.
I hope you enjoyed what made me happy!
To be honest, 18 days was a bit long for hubs and I, but I would recommend a river cruise if you ever get a chance.

Now for a happier note, I had another MRI this week and the images were much better.  Almost all of the white was gone.  God is watching over me!!

Hopping into Easter. . .

Hello my friends, and welcome spring!
Don't you just love this time of year?  Spring has always been my favorite season.  I think it has a lot to do with the awakening of so much beauty after a long cold winter.
Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home has been such a blessing in my life!  She has kept me blogging.  I often think I'll do a post, but then the lack of energy wins and it doesn't happen.  A big thank you to her for inviting me to participate in this Easter blog hop!

Playing with Green and Dreaming of Spring

Hello my friends,
March has arrived and although we got covered in snow again, spring is growing near!

Tokens of Love. . .

 Hello my friends,
February has arrived and Valentines Day will be here
before we know it!

It's one of my favorite holidays.  Whether we have a significant other or not, there are so many people that we love and that love us!!  I think it's important that we remember that!

Warm Winter Whites. . .

Hello my friends,
I can't believe that it has taken me so long after Christmas to get back to my blog!
I have missed blogging and visiting you!!!
So, I am very happy to be back!

Here in Utah we are getting the winter that we have needed for a long time.  Last year we had no snow to speak of, so I am not complaining!
How can you complain when it looks so pretty?
Snow really is quite magical!!


Magical, Musical Christmas

Hello dear friends,
What is it about music that feels our heart with joy and lifts our spirits?
I absolutely love singing along with the radio at the top of my lungs!  And believe me, it's no treat.  I was not blessed with any type of musical ability!  I look at a sheet of music and it just says, "pretty" to me.  I have never learned how to read music.

Two of My Favorite Little Christmas Things. . .

Hello my friends,
I absolutely love everything about this time of year. . .the hustle, the bustle, the decorations, and sparkle!
Although I seem to be moving a lot slower than usual, I am doing my best to keep up and enjoy the magic of this season.  :)
Many of you know that I love collecting vintage items.  I corralled  two of my favorite little Christmas things together in my tiered tray.