‘2014’ Was a Grand Ol' Year!

Hello my friends, soon the hustle and bustle of the holidays will be over and we will be embarking on the journey of a New Year.  As much as I love Christmas, I really look forward to a slower pace come January.

Every year I love looking back at what exactly went on here at ‘Have a Daily Cup’.  I usually spotlight a post from each month that got the most views. 

 This year I thought I would share my ‘Top Ten’.

But before I do I want to express how much your friendship means to me.  I have made so many, (and continue to make) friends over the years.  Each one of you are dear to my heart.  I also appreciate your support with my link party, ‘Share Your Cup’.  It’s not a huge party, but I love it and it’s manageable for me to visit each one of you.  I realize that this past month I did not make it around to all of you, but looking forward to what you have to share on the 8th!!

Hope you enjoy this look back at ‘2014’.

1.  My most viewed post was when I shared tips on how to obtain a Weed Free Cottage Garden.


2.  My thrift store challenge of a Deerly  Beloved Vignette.


3.  Some of my Garden Goodies.


4.  Valentine Spoolies.


5.  My Heart Wreath in I've Got Heart!


6.  I shared changes in the Craft Room.


7.  I took you on a pretend trip in Qui, Qui, Come to Paris with Me!


8.  I shared my sewing room makeover in I'm SEW Happy!

Sewing Room

9.  I took you on a tour of our Winter Kitchen.


10.  I had a fun time setting up a Plaid Picnic.


I hope you enjoyed the look back as much as I had fun sharing them with you.

Looking forward to lots more thrifting, crafting, gardening, and decorating in ‘2015!

And who knows, maybe even a makeover or some new project I’ll have to share.

Happy New Year!

Now is the Time. . .New Years Mantle

Every year about this time I get a little nostalgic looking back and reviewing the ups and downs of the passing year.
Like most of you there were many good things and a few not so good thrown in here and there.
I decided that now is the time. . .to thank all of you that have inspired me over the years.
And to thank you wonderful people that leave such lovely comments that bring a smile to my face.
There are so many fabulous blogs and I am amazed that you still take the time to visit me!!
And inspiration, well I just marvel at so many of you. . .too many to mention in fact.
But today I am mentioning two because when I was contemplating what I wanted to do for my New Years mantel I remembered that I had pinned a couple of images last year that I loved.
One was from Debra at  Common Ground and the other was from Thoughts from Alice.
So I combined the two and then added my own twist.
I picked up this large frame quite a while ago at a thrift shop.  It had a gold frame.  Not being a lover of gold, (I know that gold is hot right now), but still not a lover.
Anyhow, I painted it white and then sanded it for a touch of rustic charm.
I left the inside the natural wood because it says, Bull Durham at the top and Smoking Tobacco at the bottom.  Granted, it’s hard to see; but still I thought it was kind of cool.  Wondering if the frame once held old advertisement.
I printed some clock graphics from my Print Outs  Pinterest board and had fun with German glass, bronze, and silver glitter.
clock images
Perfect addition for my New Years tree!
I hung a few snowflakes amongst the clock images.
I didn’t have any oasis to hold the branches up so they are just stuck in the urn.  Thinking I might pick some up.
I pulled out my vintage clock collection and added this darling book with a snowflake.  A gift from my friend, Dolly.
Oh, and of course we had to have a little bell to ring in the New Year.  A recent thrift shop find.
This was a fun mantel to put together and it will hold me until I start pulling out Valentines décor.
Wishing you all a very Happy and Blessed New Year!
This post was featured at Bella Rosa Antiques for Let's Talk Vintage.  A big thanks!

I will be sharing with these lovely parties:
Bella Rosa Antiques for Let's Talk Vintage
Vintage Inspiration Party

Let it Snow. . .

Well my friends, the Christmas dishes had to go and now it’s time to just ‘let it snow’!

A crystal iced tree pulled from the living room mantel brings the beauty of Winter indoors.
While outside Mother Nature has worked her magic on just about everything!  Even the urns on the porch have been given her beautiful touch.
The gilded pumpkins, pinecones, and boughs couldn’t look lovelier.
Snow continues to fall from the chandelier,
Onto the table below.
A blanket of snowflakes have formed and dressed the table up nicely.
While snowman dishes come out and play!
My snowman made from leather is happy to stay out a while longer.
Now and then I have to stick him outside to keep from melting. lol!
I realize that not everyone loves the snow.  And the older I get, I myself do not look forward to the cold.
But here in UT it truly is a gift from God!
It’s what makes our gardens lovely and grass so green during the summer months.
After a couple of  weeks of record breaking warm temps the snow was definitely a welcome sight.
Plus, the Olson’s Christmas Cottage wouldn’t be quite as fun without it!
Building a snowman, large or small is the delight of every child.
(our little Saydee with her princess snowman)
Saydee and snowman
Nothing quite like blue sky against white snow!
Wishing you all a Wonderful New Year!

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Well my friends, we awoke to a blanket of fresh snow Christmas morning and it continued to snow all day.   We certainly could have built a snowman outdoors.

But here at the Olson house we decided that it would be fun to build a few indoors on Christmas Eve.

I had participated in this fun snowman building adventure at a Club party a couple weeks earlier.

Wasn't sure what my family would think when I handed them all a sack with 'snowman' building supplies:
a roll of toilet paper
black cardstock circles

Tape and glue dots were available to aid in the building.

They are all good sports and merrily went to work.  The model was chosen and then they started to 'roll' with it.  lol!

Of course our youngest son lucked out and got the bag with 'snow woman' supplies.

His son, Jack was having fun wrapping daddy up.  With moms help.

When he was all dressed up the boys didn't quite know what to think.

Our daughter, Karrah had to work a while longer so she wasn't able to help build their snowman, but our youngest daughter, Kylee helped Jayson and Sadie dress Taylor up grand!

Paityn had lots of builders working on her.

And Jordyn's mom and dad were more than happy to keep her under wraps.
Her silly eyes brought back memories of one of our favorite moves,  Goonies.

All in all it was a fun activity with lots of laughs!  

Hope your Christmas was filled with love and laughter!

A Very Merry Christmas!

Hello my friends, just popping in to say, “Have a Very Merry Christmas’!

Today is the ‘big’ day. . .Santa is on his way!




Seein Red. . .

Hello my friends, this time of year we see a lot of red.  It’s a very traditional color associated with Christmas.

Red is a happy color and I love it!  Nothing gets me more excited than to walk into a thrift store and start seein red!

red finds

Imagine my delight when I found all of these kitchen reds last week.

A time worn rolling pin, a divided Pyrex (missing the lid, but made a cute Christmas candy dish), and three cherry plates.

Not to mention that I have a bowl and small creamer with the same design.


The plates looked right at home in my farmhouse style basement kitchen.


And did you notice the red dish drainer?  An earlier thrift find.



Yup, life is sweet!

Now for a few more features from our ‘Creating Christmas’ party.

Sara from Citrus and Neon shared the gorgeous vintage ornaments on her tree.

yeloow orna

Christine from Little Brags took us on a tour of her festive Christmas home.

photo 1(19)

Heather from Vestige Goods  shared lots of vintage goodness!


Thanks so much ladies and feel free to add this featured button to your blog if you’d like.


I will be sharing more holiday features each day so please check back!