Blast from the Past

Die-Hard Dustin wearing shorts and Karrah doing the old
slide on your coat trick.


Dalan and Jordy

He flew thru the air with the greatest
of ease. Not too bad for a 58 yr. old!

Taylor-a bit blurry, but so cute!


Paityn loved every minute of it!

grandaughters, Taylor, Paityn, and Jordyn

The girls, Nichole, Karrah, Kylee, Jann, and Tracy

Go mama go!


Last Saturday the fam had a sledding party in celebration of two of my grand daughters birthdays. Taylor turned 11 and Jordyn turned 9 on the 17th. Just a block away from our new home is a famous spot called sled hill. I never knew it existed until we moved here. It must be Alpines best kept secret. We had an absolute blast! It had been quite a few years since we had been sledding and memories of my childhood days ran rampant through my head. Growing up we lived at the bottom of a double hill. When ever there was a big storm they would block the road off entirely. My memory is that it was blocked off almost the entire season. Now, this could be wrong, because you know how childhood memories are-a moment sometimes seemed like a life time. Any way, we would sled that hill forever. If you were able to get going fast enough you could make it down both hills. Quite an amazing accomplishment. I don't know why, but we never seemed to have gloves or mittens. I remember always wearing sock on my hands. We would stay out until our fingers and toes were literally frozen. Then when we did finally go in and our hands and feet would start to thaw we would just cry because they hurt so bad. I remember running them under warm water. Oh those were the days. Now they always keep those hills plowed and they wouldn't dream of blocking the road off. Thanks for the good times!