Sweet Tweet. . .Oh YUM!

Today It was cold out and there was still snow on the ground.  Inside however it felt like Spring.

My sink was full of primroses that I had picked up for half price the day before at Wal-Mart.


I had planned on potting them, but alas, I only had a bit of potting soil left from last year.

It was enough to plant a couple of old pyrex bakers with grass seed.  I plant pots of grass every year for a touch of ‘Spring Green’.


Then I decided that it was time to make a “Tweet Treat”.  Why a tweet treat?

Well, just look at these cute measuring cups I have nestled under my cloche.


Here’s a close up.


And one uncovered for a clearer birds eye view. Hee-hee!


The yellow one is holding pineapple and  the blue sugar.


Where did I find these cuties?  One day I was at my daughter, Karrah’s house.  Knowing how much I love birds she said, “Mom, do you want these bird measuring cups of mine”  Did I hear her right, bird measuring cups?  You can imagine my delight.  She said, that her husband’s grandmother had given them to her and that she never used them.  “Are you sure, I asked?”  “At least at your house they will be displayed, she replied”.  As you can see, they did come home with me.  However, I did assure her that if she ever wanted them back they were hers.

I pulled them out today and made one of my favorite cookie recipes.

This recipe belonged to my MIL.  Really, I hardly ever make them, and I don’t know why, because I love them.

They are the perfect Spring cookie

Pineapple Cookies


The frosting adds a yummy touch.

I am not a milk lover, but a glass of milk with a cookie, YUM!  Look at this sweet pitcher.  My friend was going to thrift it.  I just happen to be at her house that day and she said take it if you want.  She even told me that she had made it in ceramics for her grandmother.  “Are you sure, there I go again, asking.  She said, Yes, I’m trying to dejunk.  Oh mercy, I could not pass it up!


Look at my cute little plates that match the dessert tray.  Oh T.J. Maxx how I love you!

Notice that there is room for two?  That’s in case you’re like me and can’t eat just one


Now for the recipe:

Pineapple Cookies

Cream:   1/2 C. Shortening       3/4 C. Sugar

Add:        2 eggs,      1 tsp. Vanilla,        1 C. Crushed Pin. (drained, save juice)

Add:         2 C Flour    2 tsp. Baking Pdr.      1/4 tsp. Salt       1/4 tsp. Baking Soda

Add:         1/2 C. chopped Walnuts

Bake:       10 min. @ 375 degrees

Icing:        3 Tbs. melted Butter, 1 1/2 C Pdrd. Sugar, 1 tsp. Vanilla. 

                  Mix with 3 Tbs. Pineapple juice saved from can


I will be taking some to my FIL because they are one of his favorite cookies.


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Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

I can see the headlines now.  “Husband Dies of Starvation and Wife has arm amputated”.

This may be exaggerating a bit, but really we have had a few weird things going on over here at our house.

What is the cause of it you ask?

This is the culprit!  Bead board on the living room ceiling.


The first Saturday that we worked on it hubby’s jaw locked up and he could barely open his mouth.  It stayed that way for three days. (Hence the hubby dying of starvation).  Am I an abusive wife or what?  Thought that I was going to have to feed him through a straw. He does have problems with his jaw every now and then, but never this bad.  I’m sure it was caused by looking up and also stress from trying to line everything up perfectly.  On top of that, he had to cut around six cam lights.

By Thursday of the following week I could not move my right arm. I had problems with it two years ago, but it has been great ever since.  that is until the bead board ceiling.  We figured it had to be from helping to hold it up while hubby nailed.  I did have to have a few shots in the shoulder, but the Dr. was able to save the arm. lol!

Are we a comedy team or what?  Well alas, the ceiling is done (still needs painted) and now we just have to put it on one wall.  Easy peasy street.  Hubby has done plenty of bead board work before, just never on the ceiling.

This morning I painted the other three walls a pale yellow.  I’m getting so excited to see the room come together.  Here’s a sneak peek at a few items we will be using In the room.


This picture was taken at the shop where I bought the mirror.





These vintage items are hanging out in my garage.  I bet that they are getting anxious to come in out of the cold.

I thought I would leave you with some white pics of what we woke up to this morning.








As anxious as I am for Spring, I love how snow looks on my yard art.

I’m sure that the ground is happy for a bit more moisture.

Spring will come and I’ll be mowing before you know it.  I’d better enjoy what Mother Nature has given us.



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One More Time!

I have done a couple of posts showing my “Time for Spring” theme.  Hopefully, you’re not too sick of it and can handle one more.

This rustic table is along the walk way in our family room. One of my hubbys friends made it for me years ago. It has a cute scalloped edge, but I didn’t catch it in the photo.


My metal bird cloche is home to two vintage alarm clocks that I picked up at estate sales.


One of them no longer works, but I still thought it was too cute to pass up.



The fern platter and the bird topiary were items that I bought in St. George.

The platter I bought two years ago and I still love it.  I have always loved ferns.  I think that they look so unique when they unfurl. I have some in my garden that were starts from my mother.  The little bird and nest tucked in amongst faux ferns looks right at home. 


I found this sweet little bird dish at the D.I. for $1.50.  I filled it with one of my favorite treats, Jordan Almonds.  Oh-oh, looks like someone's been sneaking an egg or two.  Sure hope those birds don’t mind



Some green tulle, a bit of green burlap, a birdcage tag, and a small clock work adorn this plate holder.




Bird eggs are so pretty, don’t you think?  Even these faux ones aren’t bad.

I have a two tier dessert stand that match the cute little square plates.  The cut glass blue candy dish was a thrift find.

I have had the yellow dotty tea pot for years.  I use to have a cup and saucer to match, but it got broken.  The little blue flower dish is another thrifty find.


A raw edged applique quilt hangs over an extra dining chair.  I love these Springy colors.


I may be thinking that it’s “Time for Spring”, but Mother Nature has a different idea.

It is snowing as I am doing this post.

One things for sure, it won’t last long and Spring will come!

Till then I’ll be potting Spring plants and a bit of grass to bring Spring into my home.



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Home Show Inspiration. . .

Hubby and I just got home from our annual St. George, UT Home Show getaway.

We started this tradition 4 years ago.  Heading to warmer weather in February makes the 3 1/2 to 4  hour drive worth while.  Did I mention that it was a beautiful 68 degrees.

This is the first year that we visited all 28 homes.  I got some fun ideas.

I took a ton of pictures so prepare yourself for collage mania.  Hard to believe that there were plenty of homes that I didn’t snap a single pic.

As usual, my favorite kitchens were the ones with white cupboards and some glass doors.  Notice the bead board on the ceiling?  Hubby and I just finished doing that in our living room.  Now we need to put it on one wall and then paint.  Can’t wait!!

2012-02-24 St

This group all sport my favorite robins egg blue color.  LOVE it!  I thought that the trio of bird clocks was sweet. Think hubby would let me paint my wood door that color?

2012-02-25 St1

Many of you are taking down wallpaper.  I’m here to say, it’s back in.  Don’t you love this sweet mustard combination on the ceiling and wall? Also loved the color in the laundry and around the t.v.  Great idea don’t you think?  I couldn’t get enough of the white moldings. My entire home has tan.  This WILL change someday.  Thinking maybe when we finish our basement I’ll just have the painters do upstairs as well.  I can see a bundle deal coming. lol!

2012-02-24 St1

I am not an orange lover, but thought that this kids room was so cute!  Had to throw in the sweet orange theater sign.

2012-02-25 St

I loved the old fashioned feel of this shower curtain!  The other curtain was just a simple store bought valance with extra strips of fabric knotted in between.  Easy way to dress it up.

2012-02-24 St2

And let’s not forget the girls.

2012-02-25 St2

More mustards.  How fun are the giant books?  I also thought that the plate framed was a unique way to display a special piece.

2012-02-25 St3

Some black and whites with a POP of color.  You can bet that I had my hubby notice how many pillows were on that bed on the lower left.  “See dear, I’m not the only one with a pillow fetish!”2012-02-25 St5

The camera did not do these pics justice.  This soda shop room just outside of a theater had everyone squealing with delight.  It sure made me want to sit down and have a sip!

2012-02-25 St7

These are a few rustic things that caught my eye.

I love this large metal container and these old gate headboards are  funky fun!

2012-02-24 St4

2012-02-25 St4

This was one of my favorite (gotta do) ideas.  I love how they used barn wood around this bbq center. And the old tin with a blue patina was fabulous!  Notice the planter to match?

2012-02-24 St3

Some fun outdoors.  This sauna room was right off of a patio with a gorgeous pool.  Lots of gorgeous pools!  A bit of jealousy goin on over here at my house. I keep repeating,  “I WILL NOT covet my neighbor!”

2012-02-25 St6

Alot of the homes were not really my taste.  A bit too South Western for me, and many of them are an adobe style that are made to blend in with the earth surroundings.  But I sure had a wonderful time, found some treasures (old and new), and came home with some fun ideas wouldn’t you agree?

Makes me want to get busy with a home improvement project.  Oh, forgot that we are in the middle of one right now. Hee-hee!  Not really an improvement, just a “add a bit of character’ project might be a better name.

I’ll keep you posted,


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