Birthday Month, Birthday Flower = Butterfly

June Blooms

Now that July has arrived I thought I would share what June brought to my garden.
The month of June has a special place in my heart. It was my sweet mothers name, (now two great grandaughters have it as a middle name) and also the month in which she was born. It is the official month of summer, and also when some of my favorte flowers bloom.

I planted pansies last Fall. Can't believe that they still look this pretty!
Normally I would have pulled them out by now. I guess all that Spring
rain helped. I've planted some petunias so there will be color when they
finally are spent. Don't you love that word 'Spent"? Just tells it like it is.
Sometimes we ourselves feel a little 'spent' after working hard and trying
to look good all day.

Sweet Peas-these are among my favorites

Delphiniums- Another favorite

Sweet Williams

Lillies, these were just given to me a few weeks ago, by my
friend, Shelley. Wasn't sure if they'd bloom this year.

Ground cover, Snow in the Summer




Coral Bells


Wild Geranium

Penstemon-Husker Red
Jupiters Beard

Most of these are starts that I brought from my Highland home last Fall.
Don't you love that they are so willing to be moved to a new home?
In fact, sometimes they thrive in a new environment.