Sweet Christmas Snippets Mantle

Hello my dear friends!
I am healing more each day and slow but surely getting Christmas d├ęcor out.  My oldest daughter, Nichole helped me decorate our family room mantle.
As long as I can remember I have had a sweet tooth.  I decided to embrace it with the gifts of this holiday season.

Feeling Blessed. . .No Regrets!

Hello my dear friends,
I got to come home from the hospital yesterday and I wanted to check in and give you an update.
But first of all, I MUST thank you for your sweetest comments.  They really helped carry me through my surgery.
The Dr. told us that he didn't know if I would even be able to talk when I came to, and that I may have to relearn a lot of things.
NOT THE CASE!  Right now I am doing excellent and talking wonderful.  Well, as good as
I was before.  :)
I am so thankful that I decided to have brain tumor surgery.  Even after the Dr. at the University Hospital said he wouldn't recommend I do anything.  The Lord is in charge!!

Catching up, Summer Grandma, What's next?

Hello my friends,
I have been wondering when I would share my news with each of you?  I have such a fondness for so many of you!!
If this post doesn't make sense, hopefully you will understand it after you have read it a time or two.  :)
This sweet Kabyree has made me a Great Grandma for a second time.  She is such a sweet heart!  She came home from the hospital last Tuesday and stepped right into our Halloween party.