Share Your Cup Thursday #43

Hello, and welcome to Share Your Cup!  Last week we had a record number of link ups.  Thanks to all of you for hopping over and sharing what ever it is in life that makes you happy.

For those of you who are having wicked Winter weather like us I hope you stay warm.  We got 18 inches of new snow yesterday and it has been snowing all day again today, crazy!

Remember that I will not be featuring any of the Valentine links yet.  On Friday, Feb. 1st I will start my “Showing a Little Love” daily posts.  Each day I will hi-lite a couple of Valentine links.  There have been some amazing ones and I can’t wait!

Before I show this weeks features I want to announce the winner of the give away.  Penny from Pennys Treasures.  You’ll notice she is one of this weeks features.  Too funny!  I did the post before I drew for the give away.

Congrats!  I hope you enjoy it.  e-mail me your address and I will get it out.

Fab Five Features:

Penny from Pennys Treasures has been doing a lot with paint.  They painted her hall cabinets white.  I love how they turned out and look at her amazing milk glass collection.


Here is another collection that made me swoon.  Barbara from 21 Rosemary Lane found these goodies while out thrifting.

thrifty finds title

Jan  (great name don’t you think?) lol! from the Pink Geranium shared a fabulous collection of perfume bottles that once were her mothers.


There were a lot of great recipes last week. Kathe with an e shared these lemon puffs and they made my mouth water.  Quick and easy too!


Last of all, look at this unusual picture taken by Tina from Tina's Pic Story.  See the heart formed by the trees?  Perfect intro for my upcoming ‘Showing a Little Love” posts starting Friday.  Hope you will join me!

orton sky-13-1-2

Thanks so much for sharing and please grab my button if you were featured.


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Pink Tea!

This morning I decided to start the day off with a pink tea.  And of course, having been born with a ‘sweet tooth’; some crumpets were involved too.

My jars filled with pink treats were perfect for such an occasion.


I always snag up anything pink to fill my jars for Valentines.  Here we have grapefruit sours, marshmallows, and pink malted milk balls.


See the cute little striped cookies?  I brought them home from Hawaii when we were there in Oct.  I spied them and knew they would be perfect for Valentines.  Do any of you do that?  Or am I the only crazy lady out there? lol!


For this tea I am mixing old with new.  One of my pink depression glass teacups and saucer with a newer dotty tea pot.  Notice the fun tile?  My sister gave it to me one year.  I’m not even a big fan of chocolate, but I think it’s so cute!



I am serving up herbal raspberry tea.  Doesn’t that sound yummy?  And like I said, a few crumpets.  On Saturday we had an open house for my FIL’s 87th birthday.  I made all of the goodies.  I got a bit carried away and made more than we needed.  I gave as many away as I could but alas I still have some. Guess hubby and I will have to eat them.  What’s a girl to do throw them out?  Of course all of the sugar cookies were eaten (my favorite), but we still have Magic Cookie Bars, Brownies, Scotcharoos, and Choc. Chip Cake Bars.  I better hide the scales for a week or so.


This sweet little serving tray was a thrift find from the St. George D.I. one year. It was only $5.  Awfully cute!  The creamer did not come with it.  I already had it.  I’ve been picking up a few things here and there for years.


Faux cupcakes and a book of poems .


My white throw from Ikea works perfectly for a pink ‘Valentines’ tea!  Thinking I should have not been so lazy and tied each leg with a pink bow. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of ribbon. Thought about it,  but laziness won out.


Okay, okay, I just couldn’t stand it!


Cuter, right?  Even if I did need to straighten the right leg better.  Oh well, this time laziness did win out.  Not about to fix it and take another picture. lol!


Leaving you with a sweet poem from the book by Emily Dickinson.


Love is anterior to life,

Posterior to death,

Initial of creation, and

The exponent of breath.

And one I wrote this morning.  Not quite like hers. 

How about you?  do you enjoy writing poetry?  Mine will never be published, but still I enjoy giving it a whirl.


My love, you are the one I adore.

When we’re apart,

I long for you even more!

It’s been that way from the very start.

Now I know why,

you are the one who stole my heart!




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Pressing Matters!

Hello and happy Friday.  Today I wanted to speak to you about some pressing matters.  Important things that have been on my mind.

That of being a homemaker.  Every mother has the desire to be a good homemaker.  Sometimes these matters can be quite pressing.  I thought I would share a few tips with you.

  Every good quilter knows that there is a difference between ‘pressing’ and ‘ironing’.  What’s that you say?  “Thought you’d never ask.  When ironing you move the iron back and forth.  This method is used to remove wrinkles from clothing.

When pressing you do exactly that.  You press down with the iron but do not move it around.  This method is used to press seams, as well as many other steps in quilting.


Finding the perfect tool can also be a bit taxing.


Don’t be afraid to experiment until you’ve found the perfect size for you!

As homemakers and mothers we have a lot on our plates.

Not only do we  have to worry about staying within a budget. . .


but often we will make things for our homes and children to help stretch that dollar.


All this and still managing to take care of our little ones. . .

baby doll

Busy, busy, busy!  Yet, we still serve up the perfect pot roast.


How do we do it, I often wonder?

One things for sure. . . We must take a little ‘me’ time!

Even if it’s for something as simple as a ‘spot of tea’.



Do this and hubby will come home to a beautiful happy homemaker!


Happy Homemaking from my grandie, Saydee and Me!

*Model is not an actual homemaker. lol!

Hope you enjoyed a few of my vintage toys.

Saydee and I sure had fun playing house!



p.s.  I want to thank Kerry Anne from Shabby Art Boutique for featuring me at Shabbilicious Friday (My One Weakness! post)

and Rooted in Thyme for featuring the same post.

It was also the most viewed at Pink Saturday last week. 

What a nice surprise!

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Share Your Cup Thursday #42

Hello my friends and welcome to another week of Share Your Cup.

With Winter surrounding many of us, what better way to chase away the blues than by sharing what makes you happy?

First I have a couple of things to share with you.  Last week I mentioned that I would be doing a give away in honor of 700 followers and my approaching blog anniversary.  The romantic side of me fell in love with this sweet snack set.  When I went shopping to find something to go with it I found this darling ruffled apron and oven mitt combo.  The green and pink roses are perfect for welcoming Spring.  And of course, what good is a snack set without a snack? lol!  Pastel Jordan Almonds would do the trick for me.  ( I have to mention that when I opened the snack set I saw that there is a slight chip on the cup.  I felt as though it didn’t take away from it’s charm)

I’m keeping it simple:  Just leave a comment and you are in.  I will draw the winner next Weds. morning and announce it at SYC.


The second thing I wanted to share with you is “When blogging friends meet”.  Last Saturday I went to a fun sale called, “Fleaology”.  As I approached the first booth I spied something that caught my eye. This cute library box.  When I looked up to ask the vendor if it was hers I said, “Are You Paula?”.  Yup, she was Paula from Pollyanna Reinvents


Now, I knew that she was part of this show and I was going to look for her.  But, the first person I encountered?  Now, that was meant to be.  Here are the two of us.  Am I cheesing it or what?  Guess I was just so happy to meet her!  And look at my eye wrinkles!  Oh well, a sign of happiness.


One more pic and then on to the features.  I just had to share this.  At one of the booths this cat that belonged to the owner of Olson’s Greenhouse (nope, no relation) where the event was held jumped up into this display and decided it was nap time.  Too, too cute!


Now the fab five features:  Also, remember that I am not featuring any Valentine links.  Saving those to feature when I share my posts of ‘Showing a little Love’ starting Feb. 1st.

I love Dru’s Farmhouse Bath.  Everything about it is so sweet, but I adore this little clothesline!  Visit her at Country Farm Home to see more.


Debra from Homespun brightened my day with her Spring blooms.  Hope she does yours!


I love vintage flour sacks, but they are not always easy to come by.  Look at this charming table runner Art & Sand created by using a little paint.


Look at this darling work bench painted by Laurie from Heavens Walk.  Can you believe she bought it in a kit?  And you won’t believe the price!


The pin junkie got my mouth watering when she shared this stuffed Portobello mushroom.

stuffed portobello mushrooms

Thanks so much and please grab my button if you were featured!


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I’ve Got Your Number. . .

Hello my friends,

It seems to me that whenever you are looking for a specific number it is no where to be found.  That certainly was the case with me.

I have had this cupboard for years and it has been stored in my basement ever since we moved into this home.  Two of my friends and I ordered it from a wood shop in Orem ages, I mean ages ago.  Both of my friends have gotten rid of theirs.  I have always loved the cubbies and couldn’t part with it.


Although it was being stored, it was still useful.  The little cubbies were great for storing all of my extra threads.  Most of which were old ones handed down to me from my sweet mother.

I had them arranged alphabetically by color.


A few weeks ago I decided to bring her upstairs and give her a new look.  I’m thinking I will use her in my craft room when the basement is finished.


I painted her with A.S. Old White chalk paint and then sanded her quite heavily, letting the stain show through. I then finished her off with a coat of clear wax.

I wanted her to look time worn.  Notice how my pieces are always woman?  lol!

A trip to Hobby Lobby for some new knobs.  These black ones had a slight design on them.  I thought they would work well to sand and give them an aged feel.


Try as I might. . .I could not find numbers 1 – 12 to put on the cubbies.  I shopped and googled all without success.  I even saw a cabinet in a store that had them on it.


I saw this packet of assorted numbers by Tim Holtz at Hobby Lobby.  Finally, (being the impatient person that I am) I decided to succumb and give the cabinet the look of missing drawers, (missing drawers, that sounds racy!)  You know, the idea that it was built with leftover drawers from something and some of the numbers were missing.  There were only 9 numbers in the package.  I didn’t want to repeat numbers so some drawers were randomly left numberless.  You know, things do fall off and get lost when pieces get old.  Am I stretching it here now?

I am happy to say that it does have one of my lucky numbers. . .number 17.


I kind of like the look and I’m so glad that I got her finished so that she could be stored for two more months. Hee-hee!  For now I had an empty spot in my living room so she did get to stay upstairs.  The framed hearts on top just happened to be hanging on the wall so I sat them on top.


How do you like my new (old) lady, and does she have your favorite number?



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Valentine Vignettes. . .

With Valentines Day approaching it’s the perfect excuse for me to create a few new vignettes.

I draped my chippy table in the living room with my drop cloth runner.



Over the years I have bought after Christmas bargains that can easily be used for Valentines.  That was the case with this little ‘love dove’ and the sparkly pink spray.


The little rose garland is one that I made to go with my art board.  I moved my locks and keys to this table.  The large conversation hearts express sentiments of love.

What girl wouldn’t be willing to ‘Say Yes’ to a gift of pearls?


This sweet little teacup baby was probably a floral sentiment card.  I love her next to my pink hobnail candy dish.


I liked the way the mercury glass bird and books looked under my bell cloche so I just added a red heart and some ribbons and lace.


I added a Valentines tag to my paper wreath.


And here’s a look at the entire vignette.


This simple vignette is in the entry.




I went to the market and they had a special on these beautiful tulips.  Buy 2, get 1 free.  I bought 2 red and one white bunch.  I put one in my sweet little aqua hanging vase and hung it from my plate rack.  the others ended up on my kitchen table.

Nothing like fresh flowers to brighten a cold winter’s day!


I am looking forward to the day when I have blooms again in my own garden.  I hope you are getting some warmer weather wherever you are.  Awfully cold here!



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