Update a Lamp with a New Wallpaper Shade


Hi my friends, today I am sharing a fun redo with you by Merri.  I do not receive any compensation for this, but if I like an article she sends me I am happy to share it with my readers.

By Merri Cvetan
Wallpaper has decorated homes for 300 years, and it’s been in and out of fashion too many times to count. Today, homeowners have lots of pattern and color options to choose from. I like to take advantage of the "wow" factor that wallpaper can give a room. A big, bold print in a powder room is unexpected, thus perfect in a small space. I also like to use wallpaper in other nontraditional places, like the celling in a nursery or little girl’s room.

However, wallpaper is a big commitment. If you’re not ready to take the plunge, try a small dose. For instance, it’s perfect on a lamp shade.

The corner of this living room needed color to give it some life. The white lamppost-style ceramic lamp is basic and goes with anything, but the neutral grey shade is really quite dull and boring.

I looked for blue wallpaper to coordinate with the color of the chair. I also wanted an abstract, curvilinear pattern since the drum shade is slightly angled at the top. It’s best to avoid a plaid or stripe pattern. You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to get it straight! 

Cut a length of wallpaper to fit around the shade. Using a hot glue gun, attach one edge of the paper to the shade. It’s an easy step, but you might want to get someone to hold the edges down to help you get started. I was reminded of the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy was hanging wallpaper in her bedroom and it kept rolling up on her. Hilarious! Once you have the first side down, glue the other side, overlapping the edges.

Trim off the excess paper at the top and bottom, but leave about an inch of overhang. Then, cut the paper to the edge of the shade, creating "tabs" about every inch or so.

Glue each tab to the shade with hot glue. You can use any craft glue, but hot glue dries the quickest. Warning: If you’re using hot glue, you can burn your fingers through the paper, so be careful.

Give the inside of the shade a nice, professional finish by covering the cut, glued tabs with ribbon.

That’s it, unless you want to embellish the front with additional trim or ribbon as well. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly get the urge to wallpaper a whole room!

I hope you enjoyed this article by Merri!  I myself would love to try it!  I have covered lamp shades with bits of lace and rosette flowers made from drop cloth, but have yet to do this.
Based in Wisconsin, interior designer Merri Cvetan heads up the MEC Design Studio. Merri is also an avid DIY crafter and often focuses on finding unique uses for everyday design materials, such as wallpaper. Merri writes about her creations for The Home Depot. If you are planning a wallpaper-inspired lamp, you can find a large number of wallpaper patterns available on the Home Depot website.

Trim a Vine. . .Build a Nest

Hello my friends,
last year I shared a Spring Tablescape with a nest I made from the trimmings of my Trumpet Vine. 


Spring clean up is just around the c
orner.  Instead of tossing those vine trimmings into the garbage, why not make a nest?
This nest is huge, and there's a reason for that.  :)  But you can make them any size you'd like.
I started by forming the dried vines into a circle.  If you do this shortly after trimming the vines, they will be pliable and easy to form into any size.  The reason why my nest turned out so big is that I let mine sit a week or so before I was able to make my nest.  They had dried out and if I tried to form them into a smaller nest they would break.
Whenever you start a new piece of vine just tie them together with bits of jute twine.  After I formed the nest I cut a circle out of chicken wire for the bottom.  I tied it on with jute as well.
Now, this is when the fun begins!  Start tucking bits and bobs into the vines.  I pulled from my scrapbooking fibers and my friend, Joanne shared a lot of hers.  Wrap, tie, just have fun.  Next I stuck in feathers here and there.
Keep adding all types of fibers, millinery flowers,

even bits of lace!  Remember, you are building a nest.  Think of a bird and how it gathers all kinds of trinkets offered by nature and humans to build their nests.
Just keep playing until you get the look you want.  Afterwards I covered some large wooden ages I had with moss.  A pretty bird seems to be enjoying her new nest!

I had a couple of small nests that I had purchased so I dolled them up using the same method.  You could easily make small ones with fresh vines.

The possibilities are endless!  There is still snow on the ground here, so until I am able to get into the garden I'll just be

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Share Your Cup #237

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, SYC for short.
The party where you share what makes you happy.
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I have had such a busy week!  Two trips to pick up more carloads for the next estate sale that I will be hosting at my home.  That entails driving over 2 hours each way, a lot of hard work, but fun unearthing all kinds of treasures as well.  My sis and friend, Dolly came up yesterday and spent the night.  They helped unpack and get everything set up.  What a great help that was!!
I have not had a lot of blogging time, but I shared how I am
Missing GreenAlways, as the end of February rolls around I get a bad case of Spring Fever!

Now for the features for SYC #236:
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Sarah from Hyacinths for the Soul hosted a fun "Galentines" party with her friends.  I love her Queen of hearts collection!
Emese from Pale Blue Corner made the sweetest little felt hearts and filled them with lavender.  I love how she embellished them!
Tarah from Grandma's House DIY reminded us that something as simple as a little hanging basket can change our lives.
Joy from A Vintage Green shared a unique technique of stenciling with drywall.

Even though Carol from Art and Sand has been purging, she came across some dishes she couldn't resist.  Easy to see why,
they are so her!
Carole From My Carolina Home shared her delicious recipe for one of my favorite desserts, Crème brulee.
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Missing Green. . .

Hello my friends,
right about now I find myself really missing green!
I do pretty good at enjoying the beauty of our Utah winters, but as the end of February draws near I find myself
 hankering for some green. :)
To spend a few hours surrounded by green trees. . .what delight that would bring!
To see life peeking up through the frozen ground,

a patch of moss,
(many of you know my love for moss)

even lichen growing on a tree.  Yup, I'm longing for some green!

Oh to hike along a wooded trail.
And spy fronds of ferns.  A heavenly day indeed!

It won't be happening for a while, so until then I'll enjoy a bit of green in my cooking.
This recipe for green rice is so delicious and easy to make!
It's the perfect side dish for a St. Patty's Day dinner.

Green Rice
4 c. cooked rice,
1 8 oz. jar cheese whiz
1 cube butter
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
3/4 c. chopped onion
3/4 c. chopped celery
2 pkgs. frozen chopped broccoli
Add cheese whiz to hot cooked rice.  Sauté onions and celery in butter.  Cook broccoli and drain.  Combine all ingredients and stir well.  Bake in buttered covered casserole at 350 degrees for 1 hr.

And while I'm eating green I'll remind myself that it won't be long before I will be harvesting lettuce in my garden. . .

And my own fern fronds will be popping up.
oh happy day!!
Don't you agree that life is so much better with a little bit of green?
Hurry Spring!!!

Share Your Cup #236

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, SYC for short.

The party where you share what makes you happy. 
 It's what I call,
"filling your cup"
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines and was able to spend some time with those you love!
Last week I shared how easy it is to turn my red and white basement kitchen in to a Valentine Kitchen

I've had a busy week and ended up making another trip to get more items for a second estate sale.  You may remember that I am helping with my friends Aunt Bunnie's estate.
So sorry, but I was not able to visit all of the links.  Because of that there will be no features this week.  :(
I don't know about you, but I'm anxious for spring!  It's my favorite season and makes me so happy!!   I'm looking forward to seeing what makes you happy!


My Valentine Kitchen. . .

Hello my friends,
it's easy to create a Valentine's theme when your kitchen is mostly red and white.
That's the case with our basement kitchen. 
It's been almost 4 years since we finished our basement.  I wanted it to have a farmhouse feel, so I opted for some open shelving.
I filled them with mostly white dishes, striving for a
simplistic look.
For Christmas I added a lot of red and green.  When I began to change it up afterwards I thought, why not leave the red out until after Valentines Day.
A sweet heart, a gift from a blog/Instagram friend was tucked into one of the bowls.

My love for polka dots and checks remains evident. (wink)


I've always had a thing for vintage tins as well.  Just something about the fabulous graphics!

More reds that make my heart swoon!

And I've never met a cherry that I didn't like.  :)

And that leads me to my new purchase from Hobby Lobby.
Big, gorgeous red cherries.
I placed them on the kitchen table along with a jar full of cookie cutters.  A couple heart ones were pulled out for display.  The cute checkered placemats were a Christmas gift from myfriend, Amanda.

I snagged this bench at a yard sale.  I painted it red and added the grain sack stripe and number.

I've mentioned that I am helping with an estate sale.  I've been pretty good at not buying alot, but there are a few things that I just couldn't pass up.
One of them were these cute trivets.  The S&P/sugar set belonged to my hubbies grandmother.

And look at this giant rolling pin.  I tried hard to resist it!!  Just couldn't after my friend, Joanne placed it on top of my hoosier. 
Now I need to elevate my red & white enamelware.
See that darling scalloped paper?  I brought it home from Portugal.

Now you know how this girl rolls.  (pun intended).
A little love from my "Valentines" kitchen to yours!

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