Le Potpourri-A gathering of good things

For over 20 years I have been a member of a club
called "Le Potpourri". It means a gathering of good things.
We all have such diverse pesonalities, but when we get together
good times and good things are definately on the agenda.
We have about 20 members and meet once a month for fun
and every now and then something educational. Our youngest
member is almost 50 and I can't say how old our two oldest
members are or I may not be here to ever blog again! Each
Spring we get-a-way to St. George for our last HOORAH until
we meet again in the Fall. About half of the members go.

Like I said, diverse pesonalities; but oh so fun! We do get
a bit crazy now and then.

This is Roylene, our cute hostess who lets us
stay in her condo. While there it looks like a
twister hit it. Before we leave we all work
together and WA-LA! It looks like a home again.

One of the first things we do is head to Walmart to buy us
all matching p.j's. Over the years we've had some fun ones.
One time a lady saw us all gathered around a rack and she
came over to see if there was a blue light special. After I
snapped this pic a employee told me that I was not allowed
to take photos in their store. Oops!

This year 12 of us went. We had air mattress city going on.
We stay up late so Dawn had a bit of a hard time getting her
beauty sleep. Oh well, she's cute enough don't you think?

At night we watch movies and stitch. Everyone brings projects
from home to work on. This year Beth, one of our committee
members was determined to make eveyone a watermelon
hot pad.

TA-DA! with the help of Juanita and Kath -mission

Kathy bought fabric and Diana helped her make
this cute whack and stack table topper. Now she
just needs to add borders. Aren't the fabrics cute!

Sometimes we need a break from stitching and play greedy.
A wild and crazy dice game. Don't they look like a lively bunch?
Could be that it's because it's going on 1:00 in the morning.

During the day we shop. ( Betty and Marilyn)

And Shop. (Jeanne, Roylene, Beth, and Betty

And Shop. (Diana, Me, Kathy, Betty, and Beth)

And Shop. (Roylene and Beth) Believe me I could have
posted alot more shopping pics. Sometimes I was so busy
shopping that I forgot to take pictures.

Fri. we went to yard sales. (Deb, Diana, Dawn, and Juanita)

Oh what treasures we find! (Dawn, Deb, someone wishing
they were in our club, Betty, and Kathy)

Diana cheering us on to find more, more,
more treasures!

This year we went to the movies and saw "Letters
to Juliet" definately a chick flick! We got to shoot
an arrow (in celebration of the new Robin Hood)
If you hit the Bulls-eye you got a free combo meal.
Just watching us all try to shoot was entertainment
in itself. Actually though, Deb did win. She shot after we
had all moved on to the Juliet wall and we didn't get
to see her shoot. Darn, would have loved to see it!

Signing on the Juliet wall.

The committee had fun projects for us to make.
Jeanne is making a cute flower pin.

Deb working on the watermelon pincushions that they had
already pieced for us. We just had to sew them and stuff them.

Aren't they so SWEET! They also made us cute plate stands
to display them on. Two thumbs up committee!

Some of us are quite proud of our completed projects!
(Me and Diana)

Look what else the committee did. Pampered us with facials.

Dead or Alive? They look so relaxed it's hard to tell.

Juanita and Kathy prepping for their facial.

Marilyn - "ready or not, here I come"

After our facials we headed to the pool for some fun aerobic
exercises. Kathy couldn't get enough of the circle.

Connie snapped a fun pic of us in the pool, but
it turned out too dark. Here's a hint of what we
looked like posing for it. Not sure if we were
the ugly ducklings or the beautiful swan.
Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
One thing I can tell you for sure is that I love
these ladies. You couldn't find a more beautiful and
fun bunch of women anywhere! Can't wait till next year!!

Childhood Relived

Yesterday my youngest daughter Kylee and her husband came over to watch the Jazz game with us. They have only been married about a year and a half. They lived with us for 6 months while they looked for a home to buy. We thought that we had sold our home in Highland so I brought home some of the things that I had left in it. Among those items were Kylees toys from when she was a child. I put them in the closet of the spare bedroom, which is where Kylee and Dustin slept when they lived with us. I thought that would be a place where the grand children could get them to play with. In doing so I found some items that Kylee and Dustin had left behind when they moved out. When there was a commercial during the game I asked Kylee to go see if there were any of those items that they wanted. When she went upstairs to check she was gone for quite a long while. Finally, she arrived down stairs. I asked her what took her so long and did she want any of those items? She replied, "Sorry, I really didn't get to look, I was too busy checking out all of my old Barbies.This morning I went up there. The closet door was opened and when I looked in I had to smile. Remember, this is Kylee; my NOT girly girl. But, oh how she did love her Barbies. I think it's great that we all still have a little bit of kid in us. Hey, aren't there times that you would just love to do nothing but play with Barbies all day? What a great Mothers Day gift! Just knowing that your children have fond childhood memories would make any Mother happy!