Wildfower Heaven at Albion Basin Trail

Hello my friends,
the other day our youngest daughter texted us and said that the wildflowers at Alta ski resort were at their peak and did we want to come go for a hike.
We were more than thrilled!  It turned out that Sunday was the best day.  Normally we would attend church, but we felt like spending time with her and enjoying some of God's creations would be a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning.

When we arrived we thought we would hike to Cecret Lake.  The lady at the gate told us that right now Albion Basin trail was the most photogenic.

Wildflowers covered the hills as far as the eyes could see.  Really, the pictures do not do it justice!

This girl is in her element, wildflower heaven!

wild geranium

Cone flowers

My new phone has a portrait mode and I love it!  The item in the front stands out while the background is blurred.

Don't you just love the dainty look of Queens Ann's Lace?

Two people that hold a special place in my heart!!
Kylee is buried up to her Corda Rope Sandals in wildflowers.  :)

All of these gorgeous blooms and this silly butterfly chose to land on the dirt.  (wink)

A little reminder that not too long ago this mountain was covered
 in snow.

Of course I had to be a bit silly, pretending to be downhill skiing.  After all, I have the perfect pokey out buttocks for this pose.  lol!

We stopped at this shady spot for a little snack on the way back down the trail.
If you look closely, you'll find little tokens left by others to brighten your day.
Someone tucked this rock inside a crevice in a tree.  Isn't it cute how they used wiggly eyes for the flowers?

Oh what a beautiful day!
If I die tomorrow, just bury me amongst the wildflowers!!


Share Your Cup #258

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).
The party where you share the things that make you happy!
Life has thrown me a curve ball this past week, so I am embracing all the happiness that I can get!!  :)
We finally got some needed rainfall and both I and my garden are
ever so happy!!
Last week I shared an amazing  Summer Solstice party.  My friend, Joanne set it all up and I felt like I was walking into the pages of a popular magazine.  Absolutely gorgeous!!
I also started a new series, Treasures and Trinkets Tuesday
It's where I share some of my latest or favorite finds.  Who knows, (as suggested by a blog friend) it may turn into a new linky party.

Now for the features from SYC #257:
Lora B shared her beautiful dyed clothespins.  It's such a simple thing, but I absolutely love the results!
Janice from Hot Pl8ze and Tablescapes took us on a tour of her gorgeous kitchen and taught us how to Just Roll with it.  She shared some of her kitchen rules.  My favorite was, "always lick the bowl"

Florence from Vintage Southern Picks created the cutest wind chime using things she just had around the house.
Vicki, from Life in my Empty Nest shared the recipe for this yummy two ingredient fluff cake.
Thanks so much for sharing and please grab my button if you were featured.

Now Let's Party!




Treasures and Trinkets Tuesday

Hello my friends,
today I am starting a new series.
around 7 months ago I began co-hosting a hashtag party on Instagram with a sweet gal named, Caity.
I had shared a post with her #treasuresandtrinketstuesday.
The next week she featured me and asked if I would like to co-host with her.  It has been a lot of fun, but I am taking a break from hosting for a while.  I've just had a lot on my plate and felt I wasn't doing my share of the work.
So I decided that I would make it a regular series here on my blog.
I'll be sharing my newest finds, and now and then even an old treasure that I love.
One of the best things I loved about that hastag was the stories that the people shared about their treasures and trinkets.
To start off I'm sharing a few of the treasures I bought while vacationing in Napa, and Carmel, CA in June.
At a fun shop in Napa I spied this chippy laundry basket.  It was love at first sight.  I talked myself out of it because I had just bought an old collapsible one from the estate that I have been helping with.
This photo is one that I shared on Instagram.  Notice the floral frog with the white base?  It's a little trinket that I picked up in a quaint town called Calistoga.

We left the store and actually walked about 5 blocks when I stopped and told hubby that I just loved it and knew that I would regret not buying it.  Being the sweet man that he is he told me to go back and get it and he'd go get the car and pick me up out in front of the shop.  You know this baby will never be used just for laundry!  :)
Two more treasures I picked up on this CA road trip are the red and blue thermos and the rustic finial.  There were quite a few of them for $10 ea. or the entire box full for $70.  Still kicking myself that I didn't buy the entire box.  My friends would have loved one.  Plus, it was a lot better deal!  The b&w beach scene postcard was scored on a gal pal trip to St. George, UT for $1.


A funny story that I have to share about the finials.  When I found them and was going through the box hubby started helping me.  He was looking for one that wasn't so beat up.  I laughed and told him that's what I loved about it!
This next treasure is something I have wanted for some time, wool carders.  I got them free from Aunt Bunnies estate.  (the one I'm helping with)  My friend Dolly found them and saw the fibers and thought they were human hair.  She was grossed out and was going to toss them.  Not before I nabbed them up.  I offered to pay, but she said, "No, I would have just thrown them away".

This sweet gal that I call my 'Lavender Lady' did not sale at the estate sale.  I even put her out two times.  I guess she knew she belonged in my garden.  I had priced her at $5.  Left over, so I got her for half price.

Another left over did not sell item was these rag balls.  Priced at $1 each, so yup I got them for $.50 cents.  The crazy quilt I bought off of Instagram for $40.  I've always wanted one.  It's not in the best of shape, but I love it folded up!

You know my love for red and white, and polka dots.  Both of these bowls are Fire King.  I bought them off of Vintage Yard Sale Utah fb page. The one with the lid was $15. I had to pay up for the polka dot.  I think it was $30.  Love, love them both!!

Last of all I am sharing my collection of ice cream scoops.  Kitchen trinkets just make me ever so happy!  The red handled spoon shaped one is my latest.  I scored it for $1.  At our last estate sale we found one with a light blue handle.  I swapped it with one of my green ones.  I didn't realize that I had two of them until I put them out for display!  I've had the blue ice cream bucket for over a year.  I paid $10 for it at a thrift shop.  Plus, it had two old feedsacks tucked down inside.  An added bonus.  The small one I got from my older sis.  A couple of weeks ago it was National Ice Cream day.  What fond childhood memories these old makers bring to me.  Growing up we made homemade ice cream often in the summer.

And I can't end without saying, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!"  Hope you enjoyed some of my treasures and trinkets!
Happy summer,

I will be sharing with these lovely parties:
Vintage Charm

Summer Solstice Celebration

Hello my friends,
We have had a very hot summer this year, but my friends and I still managed to celebrate our summer solstice. 
 Although to beat the heat we started the party at 8 instead of the original planned time of 6.
The official date of the summer solstice was June 21st, so we were almost a month late, but that didn't put a damper on our fun!
It was an absolutely magical event!

I have been the member of this craft group for a couple years now.  Each month we have a delicious dinner and create a craft.  For our summer solstice we decided that we would forgo the craft and just have a relaxing evening.
(Amy, Jackie, Karen, me, Laura, Brenda, and Joanne)
Joanne hosted it in her back yard and used her amazing talent to make it magical!
Here she is lighting the candles.

The table was set with gorgeous dishes, Spode Wickerdale which once belonged to her great grandmother. The goblets were her grandmothers.  I love all of the family connections!  She gifted each of us with a darling garden tea light holder.

The beautiful silverware was her mothers.
We all contributed a food item.  Laura made the fabulous salad and Jackie created this delicious cold citrus soup.

Brenda brought chicken salad and I furnished a fruit salad, but I missed getting a photo.
The draped netting and coffee filter flowers really made you feel like you had stepped right into the pages of a popular magazine! 
 I have always loved her door dividers.  Last year she added wallpaper to some of the doors and it's so cute!!

I loved the shrub showing through the glass panes of this door!

No surface goes untouched.  Not the chandelier or the back of the bench and chairs!  Her special touches are everywhere!


The hammock draped at one end was a big hit.

We all took our turn trying it out.  I'm certainly no pin up girl, but nobody can look too bad on this beautiful hammock!

Sweet Karen created the head garlands for each of us.  She also made a beautiful Maypole that we wound at the end of the evening.

I love this photo of friends conversing!!
Amy is a baker and her cookies and cakes are to die for!  Not only are they almost too pretty to eat, but they are delicious as well!
This is what they call a naked cake.  I'm sure many of you are familiar with the term.  If not, it refers to a cake with very little frosting so that the cake shows through.  It's placed on a beautiful cake stand and elevated with two amazing mirrored pedestals that belong to Joanne's mother.

Both the cookies and cake were almond flavored.  I was so full that I only ate a sliver and I am dying for a slice right now!  :)

Oh what a night!  One never to be forgotten!!
I hope you had a happy summer solstice.