Garden Critic. . .

Hello friends,
yesterday I wandered out into the garden for my usual stroll.
I was contemplating whether or not I would share a post with Pam's
It has been so hot here for the past two weeks.  Temperatures have been soaring above 100.  Needless to say, my garden is
suffering a little.
I had decided that the garden wasn't worth sharing.
 I was my own worst critic.
This morning I went out early to cut back lots of my perennials.  That's when I decided to look at my garden differently.
Pretending I was on a garden tour of someone else's garden.
I realized that even though there is not a lot of color right now, that the shades of green are quite soothing and there is plenty to look at  here and there.
As I stood up on the hill by 'hilltop cottage'  looking down, I found the view to be  quite fulfilling.

Sure, there are things I don't love right now.  For example, the view of the neighbors house.  There was a huge tree there that made our garden totally private.  A couple years ago they had to cut it down.  We've planted tall columnar pines that have a rapid growth to help fill in the area.  They've grown quite a bit, but it'll be a few years before we have our privacy back.
Miniature Hollyhock
Next I wandered over to our pondless waterfall and enjoyed it's soothing sound.

There is a bit of color with the pink coneflowers and this orange beauty, Lucifer's tongue plant.
The Salvia I cut back a month ago is starting to rebloom and the view of my tiled shovel and planted twin buckets made me smile.
I strolled over to our East gate and pretended to be just entering our back yard.  The narrow garden leading up to the gate is filled with flowers that will be blooming soon. 
I began to think that yes, maybe this garden is worth wandering through.
The flagstone path covered with moss and other steppables felt very soft to my bare feet.  Yup, I had tossed off my flip flops by now.  Ah, yes; I garden in flip flops.  :)
As I stepped into my backyard I was welcomed by my rose garden.
Some of the blooms have slowed down, but the birdhouses still add interest to the garden.


And this sweet little "lavender Lady" is trying to persuade me to linger a while.

Hostas seem to be doing okay, despite the heat.
and the hot weather hasn't seemed to affect the bees. . .

or the butterflies.

And these pretties are blooming in the front garden.
Queen of the Prairie



Yup, maybe this garden isn't as bad as I thought.
So, next time you think your garden isn't pretty enough to share.  Try looking at it through different eyes.
Sometimes I think we are our own worse critics.  :)


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Your garden is so lovely from my view from the couch! I know what you mean though....I didn't show a lot of my garden that doesn't look so great right now. But the best part is that they are ever-blooming throughout the summer and sometimes we just have to wait for them!

Jeanie said...

It's just gorgeous. (I know what you mean about the neighbors and the view.) But with so much beauty here, you won't even notice them!

Mary said...

Beautiful garden...I can't believe you'd hesitate to share! I especially love your tiled shovel!

Junkchiccottage said...

Glad you looked at your garden again. It is beautiful and well worth sharing. So pretty. Loved scrolling through all your pretty pictures.
Happy New Week.

Louca por porcelana said...

Jann,your garden is just wonderful,full of life and colors!Loved your pretty flowers!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Jann, your garden is stunning and does belong on a garden tour. So many beautiful flowers. Some times I think we are to critical of our gardens. Yours is beautiful.
Enjoy your week - another HOT week here SO CA.


Pam Richardson said...

Jann, I am so glad you decided your garden was definitely worth sharing, because it is!. Even with the hot temps, you have so many beautiful blooms! Gardening is always a challenge. We have had so much rain, that all my plants in containers have been struggling. I have fertilized and hope for the best. Last year we couldn't squeeze out a drop of rain from the passing clouds. Thanks for taking another look and seeing your garden as we visitors view it...stunning! I am so glad you joined at Gardens Galore!

Connie said...

Jann, it is so easy to see that you spend a lot of time grooming your garden, it is beautiful :) I love the old seed spreader made into a planter . . . quite charming and the Queen of the Prairie . . . that is a new plant to me. Gorgeous!
Happy Gardening . . . life is better in flip-flops :)
Connie :)

Parsimonious Décor Darling said...

That corner with the birdhouse is so lovely, Jann!

quakerhillfarm said...

I would say you still have a. Beautiful garden! Lovely pics!😊

Happy@Home said...

Now that's a great idea! I agree that we are often our own worse critics. I've almost been avoiding my garden because of the heat and humidity. All I can think of is the out of control weeds. In truth I think most people would only notice the blooming flowers.
Your garden is gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I love your little touches of whimsy and the bees and butterfly were so nice to see.

Bonnie said...

Jan, you have many reasons to stroll through your garden. You have so many blooming plants and darling vignettes. I'm crazy about your sweet little lavender lady!
I just got back last night from a 10 day visit with grands. Early this morning I strolled through my garden and it was so humid my glasses fogged up. Yes, I was wearing flip flops too. My husband fusses about me wearing sturdy shoes for fear a snake is going to bite me but it is so hot and I love my flip flops.
I'm amazed how large your hostas are. I so enjoyed the stroll of your garden.

annie said...

I think your garden is beautiful!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your garden is lovely and well taken care of Jann. It is easy to see how much your enjoy taking care of it.

Anonymous said...

Jann, I am so glad that you decided to share your garden. So lovely! I enjoyed seeing all your precious flowering corners. Lots of lovely places to sit and enjoy nature's beauty!

Sandi Magle said...

I think it is US that is so droopy. I went out to dump saucers out yesterday and the humidity was 70% and the temp was 88, and after a half hour I thought I was going to die. Your garden looks lovely and really for the heat is fabulous. We are just wondering "what's a cubit, Lord?" here. Grins, please share anytime, Sandi

Kim said...

Yup.....your garden is definitely not as bad as you thought!! Strolling your garden, Jann, has been a treat. There are so many lovely plants and vignettes to behold. Hopefully those Columnar Pines will soon hide your neighbours.

Carol said...

Your garden is lovely and very inviting. The heat may be high there, but your garden is still a hot piece of décor.

Joanna said...

So beautiful! I for one am happy you shared.

Rita C at Panoply said...

Awww, Jann, I want you to know it was your garden that drew me in and wanting to be your blogging friend! Your gardens are so wonderful. I know exactly how you feel as being our own worst critic - I do the same. Whether it's neighbor views, wires, weeds, whatever.....but our gardens connect us to things way deeper than those on the surface.
I also want you to know I garden in flip flops too. Some people make wreaths out of Dollar Tree flip flops, but not, I wear those things OUT! I buy about 5-6 pair and love how they can just be sprayed off after the watering and mucking through the dirt.
Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Your garden and yard is spectacular!! I am sure you really enjoy your time out there...Thanks so mch for stopping by!!

Tea in the Library said...

So many lovely flowers. Yes, I think we are our worst critics! It has been hot and humid and rainy out east, and I haven't spent the time on my garden that it needed, so I shall simply enough yours. said...

Wow! Your garden is gorgeous Jann! It looks so relaxing...that green green grass, the sounds of water falling, your yard decorations, not to mention all the plants putting on a show. Yes, we are our own worst critics, but honestly, I don't see anything to be critical of. Glad you can see it through fresh eyes once again.