Majestic Ladies. . .

Yes, I assume that all of the plants in my garden are ladies.

Anything that beautiful must be female, don’t you agree?

Today I couldn’t help but notice how majestic my tall perennials were looking.

Look at this white beauty.


I planted it in the middle of my front porch.  It is so tall that it’s definitely a show stopper for anyone coming to visit.



My blue delphinium is standing stately as well.



This is the 2nd summer for my garden.  Can’t believe that we will have lived here 2 years on the 24th of July.

When we bought the home the rock wall was already in.  That was nice, but other than that it was a weed patch.  All of these, except for the white delphinium were starts that I brought up from my Highland home,

Last year my white Dutch Iris didn’t bloom. Boy, did my eyes light up when I saw a bud; and then soon after a blossom.



This is Husker Red Penstemon.  Leaves are a bit reddish, guess that’s where the red came from.


I love any type of Campanula.  Aren’t these bells sweet?

001 - Copy

002 - Copy

Every time I look at these beauties I marvel and thank God for giving us such lovely things here on this earth to enjoy.

And to share, don’t you love sharing with a friend?  I have given away more starts than I could ever count.  I know that they are appreciated.  I love it when someone gives me one in return!

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Enough Already!!!


Reading this post may result in Americana overload!

As I visit other peoples blogs I see how sweet and uncluttered their Americana décor is.

The question I ask myself is “why do I have to have so much?”  I’ve mentioned before that my Mother-in-law once said, “Give her a space and she’ll fill it up.”  I cannot deny, It isn’t a lie!

Didn’t know I was a poet did you?  See, I do have other talents besides decorating. Hee-hee

Seriously, I don’t know if it’s a talent or an addiction.

And maybe I’m just a greedy, greedy gopher guts.

Here goes, we’ll start in the entry.

When you first walk in you see this:  (click on picture to view larger if you’d like)


Now for a few close-ups.

064 - Copy

My jars are one of my favorite things to decorate with.

063 - Copy

I made this banner three years ago.  Very simple, but it’s really all it needed.

066 - Copy

Some of my Patriotic small quilts.


Remember when making rag baskets was all the rage?  Well, I made this.


I just bought these buttons at Planted Earth Antiques for $1 each.  I pinned them to some vintage military hats I had picked up at a yard sale.  Pulled them out of the grandkids dress up closet.


Close up of the buttons.  I love the one with the hands and the bird.


I told my friend, Joyce that I was looking for an old window frame.  Can you believe she just happened to have one that she was willing to give me.  I don’t hang stuff from it all the time. Whenever there’s a holiday there’s bound to be something dangling down.


My sister, Jeanne gave me these kissing dolls for my birthday one year.  Notice the sparks flying behind them. K- I- S- S- I- N- G!

068 - Copy

I painted this sampler over 20 years ago.  Still has a soft spot in my heart. 


Now the Living Room:

Uncle Sam is another oldie.  I use to have a shop where I taught Tole painting.  I have to keep some of what I painted.


Red cupboard hangs over my sofa.  Holds some of my Americana plates and bears.


This cabinet made from an old window is home to my red dishes.  I bought most of them while vacationing in Virginia.


Humpty Dumpty Sam and Betsy Ross are more of my painting.


A close up of some of my collection.  I love them.  We pulled them out at Christmas and mixed them with my daughter, Kylee’s green collection.  They made our family dinner very festive!


The Family Room:

The runner I made 3 or 4 years ago.  The doll a long time ago.  Why can’t I part with some of these oldies?  You might say that I am just trying to be thrifty and use what I have.  I have to come up with some excuse.



I bought Miss Liberty from my Sister-in-law.  She was going to sale her.  See, she can part with stuff.  What’s wrong with me? Actually, I really have given a lot to my kids.


You can’t have a Miss Liberty without an Uncle Sam.  One that is balancing flags is even better.


My sister, Julie made the flag y0-y0 for a b-day gift.  LOVE it!


Another quilt I made hanging from stair rail.


My mantle


I love this guy.  His face is really quite scary.  If I didn’t already have so much I would buy more like this.



Couldn’t forget the hearth.


Or the green table


Love my little Americana bird!


Or the chair.


Or the chalkboard.



We interrupt this post to say, “This is going to be too dang long.”

I’ve decided to do it in two parts.  I will post the 2nd part on Friday.

Hope you’re still feeling a bit Patriotic and will want to visit me then.

Till then, we’ll still be stylin the Red, White, and Blue!

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Dot to Dot

I decorated my front porch Americana on Flag Day.

I have been so busy that I just finished the inside décor on Friday.

As I was decorating the table I noticed that I had unintentionally created a dot to dot.

It started with this:

Poker chip circles I picked up at D.I. for $1.50


Then It continued with this:

Felted wool circle garland.  I bought this at a boutique last Spring for $10.  Very easy to make. My daughter made one with my wool scraps.  If you’ve ever bought wool you know how pricey it is.  I figured $10 wasn’t bad for such a cute variety.


And then there was this:

I set my table with my Americana dishes that are only service for four.  On the ends I threw in these.  I love a bit of a mish-mash décor.


So there you have it, my dot to dot.

Now on to my story.

Our ten year old grand daughter was spending the weekend with us.  After church my hubby and I decided to cook her a BERRY special brunch.

While hubby was cooking the pancakes and eggs (he likes cooking breakfast) I prepped the fruit and whipped the cream.


Doesn’t that look yummy?


Only to have her say, “Grandma, I really don’t like berries.”  WHAT?  how can anyone not like any berries?

Well, to make Grandma happy she put on a few.


I actually caught her looking like this.

“You got cream on your face, you big disgrace!”


Here’s a bit more of the table.


The red burlap tablecloth I purchased at Tai-Pan’s tent sale for $4.50.

I have had these Americana dishes for years.  I think I bought them at Mervyns.  I swear I have salad plates that match.  Who knows, may still be in the cupboard of our Highland home. Hee-hee.  Our son rents it.  I’ll have to have him check.

Cherry napkins came from K-mart, $1.29 on clearance. I don’t remember where I bought the napkin rings.  Have had them a long time.  Each flag is a bit different.

My hob-nob white cruet, candle holder, and small tea pot were  D.I. finds.

I collect red and white S&P’s.  This set is one I got at an estate sale.

Red glasses are from T.J. Maxx.  I have a pitcher to match, but it is doing décor duty. Most all the other plates and bowls came from T.J. Maxx also.



Berry lover or not, I think our Grand daughter Jordyn enjoyed her meal!


She looks pretty stuffed to me, wouldn’t you agree?

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