Leaping into March!

Happy Leap Day my friends!
Can't help but want to do a little jig as we approach the month of March and we have a Leap Year to celebrate!
Just maybe I'll hold off from sharing a photo of me doing a jig. (trust me, not a pretty sight) Instead I'll be 'goin green' and share with you my growing collection of jadite.
I started collecting about 3 years ago.  I don't go online to search for it, but wait till something happens to fall into my arms. Ha,ha!  Not literally, but you get the idea.
It's not real often, because I won't pay the big bucks some are asking.  But now and then I find a treasure!
My first pieces were some small saucers that I found while visiting Vernal, UT.

Then I found a few teacups and one mug and saucer.
Recently I purchased two bowls off of Instagram.  They were very reasonably priced and shipping was included.
I bought the flour shaker in Napa, CA while on vacation.  The measuring cups were picked up at an estate sale for $4.  One is missing and another has a little chip.  Still, I saw a complete set on line for $100.  Wowzer!

I bought this swirl bowl a couple years ago in Scipio.  I was on a girl trip to St. George.  Because it was so stained inside I got it for $18.  He told me that if it hadn't been he would have marked it $35.  I filled it with bleach when I got home and it's good as new!


The sugar bowl was gifted to me by a sweet quilting friend, RaeAnn.  It was her only piece of jadite so she thought
 I needed it.  :)

The S&P shakers were scored at our local thrift for $4.
Notice the sweet trim on these teacups?  I love them!

This mug and one saucer was also at our thrift shop.  Each piece was marked $10.  The nice fellow said that he'd give
 me both for that. 
I will tell you that I did pay 'up' for the plates.  I have never seen one here.  My sil found them at a flea in Virginia.  The lady wanted $20 each.  Because she bought 8 for each of us she gave them to her for $15.
Random shakers with no match can be picked up quite cheaply.  $6 each for these at a vintage sale.  The enamel coffee pot was scored in New England.  Had to add it because it's the perfect
 shade of green!
The pitcher is Vaseline glass and the glasses are blendo.
I bought this sweet scalloped bowl at fleaology last Fall.  The juicer was also a New England find.
This is what the cabinet looks like closed. (hard to not get a glare off the glass) I've tucked bits of Easter in here and there.  I have one more box to empty, so hope to be adding more.  Maybe even a few faux flowers would
 be fun for spring.
I hope you have fun 'goin green' for the month of March!
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The Green Green Grass of Home

Hello my friends,
what a beautiful Saturday morning it is here in Alpine!
As much as I'd like to say that my grass is lush and green, that would be a right out lie.
Having been covered with snow for many months it looks dead as a doornail and our back lawn is full of Vole trails!
YIKES!  We've never had this happen before.
No, the green green grass that I am referring to is the pretty grass I've planted in pots for Spring.
One might say that the grass is greener on the other side.  Meaning, the other side of the door.  Inside instead of out.  :)
Each year I gather pots from my garage and bring them in to be planted.  I have the perfect sunshine window and the seeds sprout in no time at all.
Most of them have no drainage so I smash a pop can or two and toss into the bottom.  Also, you use less dirt that way.

I fill it 3/4 full with dirt and then sprinkle the seed quite generously.

Any grass seed will do.  I just buy the cheapest bag at Home Depot.  This one I have had for 5 or so years.  It's called Tall Fescue.  I'm at the bottom of the bag and will need to buy more next year.
You can even use wheat.  Only one year mine did not sprout.  Guess it was just too old.  You get a bigger blade with wheat, but still fun.

Just barely cover the seeds with dirt and tap down.  I mist mine with my tap sprayer daily.
In 1 1/2 to 2 weeks you have a lovely breath of Spring!

That's when the fun begins!  I place them around the house in springtime vignettes.
I added the rubber ducky for some humor.
He's swimming in a sea of green.  :)

This photo turned out dark, but I loved the simplicity of it just being inside a stack of pretty dishes.
I pinned a piece of pretty ribbon and a felt flower to this pot. 

Then I tossed in a shiny Happy Easter egg.
Some will end up out on the porch with eggs tucked down inside the grass.  I will wait until next week to do that.  I want the grass to get a little more established.
When your grass gets too long you can either cut it or I like leaving some of it looking like it's having a bad hair day.  lol!

I saw in the Country Living magazine how they had planted lanterns with succulents.
I had one that the door had been bent.  I took it off and placed a little ceramic cabbage house inside.  I found it at a thrift shop.
I planted seed around and placed a few succulents in the front.
I'm hoping to add some stones, a few bottle brush trees, and a couple of my cute gnomes.

I'll share it after I get through playing with it.  Hoping it turns out as fun as it is in my mind.  hee-hee!
I love the green grass pots and they will carry me through for St. Patty's and Easter.
Hopefully by then I have my real green green grass of home!
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Share Your Cup Thursday #186

Hello friends and welcome to Share Your Cup (SYC for short), the party where you share things that make you happy.

It's what your hosts call, "filling your cup".

Let's see what Jo, Carol, and I have been up to this past week.

In her post, Part 2 - Decorating With Gold, Jo showed us how she has been adding sparkle to her house with beautiful tarnished silver

and gold toned tools on her workbench.

I took you on a tour of the home of my Kindred Spirit, Paula of Pollyanna Reinvents.

In Herding Sheep, I showed my growing collection of sheep.

In Carol's post, Easy Changes, she showed the work space she's creating in her guest room.

In Work a Little ... Play a Little, Carol talked about how she's finding balance as her right hand continues to heal.

Now for the features of SYC #185 chosen this week by Carol - please remember to pin from their site and not ours!

I fell in love with the afghan Lisa of Life Away From the Office Chair crocheted for her daughter and I plan to make one for a friend's soon-to-be baby boy.

I love anything with clocks and black and white checks get me every time so the beautiful Valentine decorations Sara of Hyacinths for the Soul shared had me swooning.

Chris at Red Gate Farm talked about planting seeds in her post ... Before the Seed and inspired me to plant my own seeds this past weekend.

Suzan of Simply Vintageous shared a recipe for Quick and Easy Mini Cheesecake Tarts that had my mouth watering and I hope to make some this weekend.

In her post, French Country Drop Cloth Tablecloth, Patti of Old Things New shared a tutorial on how she made this beautiful tablecloth.

Diana of Adirondack Girl @ Heart shared a fabulous makeover of an old dresser in Vintage Dresser Makeover.

Thanks to everyone for sharing and please grab the button if you were featured.

Herding Sheep

I've mentioned before that for the past 3 1/2 years I have been on the hunt for sheep.
Well, my hunt started out very slow, but you've heard that old saying, 'when it rains it pours'.  Ever since Christmas it's been pouring sheep at my home and am I ever delighted!
My herd is growing and today I spent the
 morning. . .herding sheep.  :)
The two grey ones and the little white one lying down are my most recent finds.  I turned around at a thrift shop one day and spied the two grey ones on a cart they had just rolled out.  $.75 cents and I was excited to find grey ones!
I'm sure the little guy is from a nativity set.  I forked out a big fat whopping 50 cents for him.

Look at the faces on these triplets.  Aren't they the sweetest?
They were gifted to me for Christmas from
 Paula ( Pollyanna Reinvents)
They were from her personal collection.  She said, that 'they really weren't her style'.  Lucky for me!  (wink)
This wonderful German sheep was another Christmas gift from my Instagram friend, Joanne.  I about cried when I opened it up!

The cast iron sheep was one of my first finds.  I bought him at a local restaurant called Kneaders.  Love him!!
I just bought the little cake stand at T.J. Maxx.  Isn't it cute with the aqua doily underneath?

Paula works at Treasures antique mall.  One day, while working she texted and said someone had this small herd for sale, and did I want them?  Also German.
How could I say, 'no'?

No, you're not losing it.  I changed some of the tree colors.

I placed a purple chenille spread on my table then spread a grassy mat down the center.
The little wire fencing adds a touch of whimsy.

I added some of my bleached bottle brush trees and using an assortment of cloches put the sheep out to graze

 Still debating as to whether or not I would like the table just the wood.  What do you think?
Either way, this sheepherder is loving her herd!
Just need me a sheep trailer and I'd be in 7th heaven!!