Birds and Blooms

Where there are birds there is sure to be poop.

Cute little birds in my trees

Potted Pansies and primroses brighten my day.

forsythia-almost through blooming

daffodils still smiling after being covered with a foot of snow
just one week ago.

violets-gotta love their sweet little blossoms

woodland hychianths

One of my favorites-Pasque flower

Happy Earth Day!

I am so loving this weather! The past few days the flowers just seem to be popping out like crazy. My trees are full of birds and I never grow tired of hearing their chirping. I must admit though, I own a bird killer. In just three days I have found the remains of two birds in my garage. Petey is a KILLER cat. What's an owner to do? I've even quit filling my feeders because I felt like I was bringing them in for the kill. All I can say is fly birdies fly. I snapped a few photos of what Spring has brought to my Highland home and thought I would share them with you. Hope you enjoy!

SEWcial Maniac

Seasonal quilts adorn this bench

I have a few different quilts that I display on this bed

Ladders -quilt lovers dream

I rotate quilts in this blue cupboard

Quilts, quilts, and more quilts. . . what can I say

I hate to admit, this is not all of my quilts. Many are stored away in a blue chest.
I have to warn you. This sickness is highly contagious.

My hubby went fly fishing this weekend so I was left to hold down the fort by my lonesome. I became a sewcial maniac! I sewed almost all day Fri. Took a little break and watched a girly movie then sewed till 1 in the morning. Saturday came and I still didn't have enough, sewed some more, watched Gone with the Wind then sewed till 12:30 this time. Figured I'd better get a little beauty sleep. Although I did manage to mow the lawn and visit the Star Mill (a fun antique shop) and a quilt store with Joyce . Guess what I bought? Bird fabric, I've had a bit of a bird fettish for the past 2 years. I figured I'd better have a bird quilt. I even sewed before church Sun. I already have so many quilts. Why oh why do they keep coming up with such cute new fabric and patterns? Oh well, my hubby says "You can never have enough quilts." I'm sure he meant that sarcastic. At least when the end is near, I might be hungry but I'll never be cold. If you'd like to join my club I'm calling it SEWcially unstable. Oh sew little time and oh sew many quilts.

Virginian Treasure

I love these red dishes. What a find!

I'd follow that little Virginian Cardinal anywhere!

Thanks for such a fun visit.

Recently Shultz and I went to N. Carolina to visit his sister Laurie and her hubby Thayne.
What a great trip! We all went down to S. Carolina together. Talk about walking right into " Gone With The Wind". It was beautiful! The camelias, and azealeas were bloomin gorgeous.
I couldn't get over that wisteria grew wild all along the freeway. It's an obnoxious plant to them.
I say bring it on baby. I love the long clustery purple blooms. Dogwood trees were all in bloom and you would see them billowing out among the pines. It was absolutely breath taking. We returned to their house on a Tues. then Shultz and I headed for Virginia on Weds. We took in tons of Civil War sites. We both love history so it was great fun. Then we went to Colonial Williamsbug where we spent a day and a half. We walked up and down the streets a ton, sat through a few enactments, and of course shopped. Our last stop was at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. From there we took the back roads to Laurie and Thaynes. We told them we would be back to have some Carolina BBQ. It was delicious. Pulled pork and deep fried corn on the cob, Yum! It was on these back roads that I acquired my Virginian treasure, RED DISHES.
They were in a little roadside country store. I passed them up at first knowing I really had no way of getting them home. After leaving the store I just couldn't get them out of my mind and
finally decided to go back. We were about 8-10 miles past it. Without too much coaxing Shultz turned the car around and back we went. To make a long story short we returned , bought, and brought home. Although we lost 4 pieces when Delta made us check our carry on because the plane was so small. Sad, but so so happy to have the rest. I will love and treasure them forever!