SEWcial Maniac

Seasonal quilts adorn this bench

I have a few different quilts that I display on this bed

Ladders -quilt lovers dream

I rotate quilts in this blue cupboard

Quilts, quilts, and more quilts. . . what can I say

I hate to admit, this is not all of my quilts. Many are stored away in a blue chest.
I have to warn you. This sickness is highly contagious.

My hubby went fly fishing this weekend so I was left to hold down the fort by my lonesome. I became a sewcial maniac! I sewed almost all day Fri. Took a little break and watched a girly movie then sewed till 1 in the morning. Saturday came and I still didn't have enough, sewed some more, watched Gone with the Wind then sewed till 12:30 this time. Figured I'd better get a little beauty sleep. Although I did manage to mow the lawn and visit the Star Mill (a fun antique shop) and a quilt store with Joyce . Guess what I bought? Bird fabric, I've had a bit of a bird fettish for the past 2 years. I figured I'd better have a bird quilt. I even sewed before church Sun. I already have so many quilts. Why oh why do they keep coming up with such cute new fabric and patterns? Oh well, my hubby says "You can never have enough quilts." I'm sure he meant that sarcastic. At least when the end is near, I might be hungry but I'll never be cold. If you'd like to join my club I'm calling it SEWcially unstable. Oh sew little time and oh sew many quilts.


Ky said...

mom you getting so good at blogging! keep it up!

I love every single one of you quilts.
but i do have my favorites...
hopefully someday i can be as talented as you and have four million quilts in my home.

Peg said...

You are a maniac! A very cute and talented maniac and one of my favorite maniacs. Believe me I know a lot of Maniacs. I also hope to be as talented as you someday and have maybe a few thousand quilts, ya that would be enough for me. I am still working on my binding on my fourth quilt. I have been painting though so it is taking me a long time. I have a ways to go before I reach the few thousand mark. I may have to continue with this goal into the next life. oh well, that is par for the course when it comes to my life.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

You may not have as many quilts as I do, but you are one of the most talented and fun people I know. You are at the top of my maniac list.