Halloween Family Fun!

Last Sunday we celebrated Halloween with a fun family party.

I kept it fairly simple and added a few Hydrangeas and pumpkins to the large sugar mold candle holder already on the table.


Awwww, just something sweet about Hydrangeas and pumpkins!


I made 18 of these mini ‘dinner in a pumpkins’.  The pumpkin was a little darker than I had hoped, but it tasted delicious!  Three tables were set to accommodate all of us, but I didn’t get pics of the others.  Having too much fun!  lol!  Our oldest sons family was not able to come at the last minute and we sure did miss them!


I’ve done dinner in a pumpkin before but usually use a larger pumpkin.  I picked out 18 of the smallest pie pumpkins I could find.


Sam brought homemade mac & cheese for the little ones that would think dinner in a pumpkin was, ‘yucky’.


Nichole brought this fun and tasty cheesy ‘mummy’ bread.


I made a baked brie.  I added orange food coloring to the egg white before I brushed it on to make it look like a pumpkin.  Darn, I was out of green food coloring for the vine.  We also dipped granny smith apples and strawberries.


And Karrah brought a bewitching spider dip!


Now for the yummy desserts.

Pumpkin Pie cheesecakes.


and mini Rice Krispy treat pumpkins.


Karrah made a super yummy drink but I missed getting a photo.

Dalan and Sam’s costume was the hi-lite of the night.


Most of you already know.  Yup, there’s a little baby skelly ‘brewing’ in there!



What teenager doesn’t love the Walking Dead?  Good thing we had an axe man to slay her!


On the sweeter side we had a pretty little Rainbow Dash Pony,


Look at those bangs. . .SA-weet!


And a sure to be famous some day, racecar driver.


Try as I might, I could not get a good picture of this little firefighter.  He was so busy dashing around.  Busy putting out fires, I guess.  Ha, ha!  He seems to have lost his hat along the way.


We played ‘Boo Bingo’ and had a lot of fun, but again I didn’t get any pics.

This year was the first time I didn’t dress up.  Just had too much going on.

Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween!



Share Your Cup Thursday #124

Hello my friends and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).  The party where you share the things that make you happy.
It’s what I call ‘filling your cup’.
Wishing everyone a vey Happy Halloween!!
We had our family party Sunday evening and in my opinion, our youngest son, Dalan and his wife Samantha had the best costumes ever!
Yup, we’re getting another grand baby.  They have two darling boys.  Maybe this one will come out wearing a pink bow. lol!
I went into the hospital on Monday for surgery.  They thought they could do it laparoscopic, but I was not so lucky.
They ended up cutting me and keeping me another day.  Because of this I was not able to visit all of last weeks links.  Sorry, but there will be no features for this week.
I’ll be looking forward to some bed rest and seeing what you all have to share!

My Apothecary Cabinet.

Welcome, Welcome!  Come on in and sit a SPELL.
I have a notion that you are looking for a special POTION.
( I used my large marquee letter ‘S’ from my laundry room words spelling ‘wash’ to put an emphasize on the word spells)
Oh my pretties, I know just what you need,
but in order for it to work you must take heed.
Special ingredients that you will adore,

lie just behind this chippy green door!
I have things that will do the trick:  witch warts, spider venom, or ghoul drool.
Trust me my pretties, I got my education from the very best witches school.
Times running out so we must act fast. . .some of these spells just don’t last!
I love using natural ingredients and that’s a fact.
Now and then you might have a side effect and grow hair on your back.
The skelly heads are hung up to dry. . .
by all Hallows Eve they should be ready to boil or to fry.
They’re especially tasty if you add a bit of fly!
Helping to cure others aliments is what I do.
If my potions don’t work, then nothing can be better than a bowl of my skelly stew!
Or my toxic tonic is a fabulous drink. . .just be sure to ignore the terrible stink!
I can brew you up a potion that will make you brave. . .
Comes in handy on all Hallows Eve when some of my friends step out of their grave!
Nothing works better than a potion brewed with a hair from a rats tail.
You might need to cover your ears when you hear the rat wail!
Are you looking for something to make someone love sick?
I have a fabulous poison that works with just one little prick.
It won’t be long till the Apothecary cabinet will be bare.
(I painted the Apothecary words on a piece of old molding)
So hurry in for your spell or potion. . .if you dare!!!
(I thought that the bits of sunshine shining in gave my cabinet an eerie feel)
I am so excited to be joining this wonderful fun Halloween party!
*I am also sharing my   Wicked Halloween Mantle.

I am sharing with these lovely parties as well:
Bella Rosa Antiques for Let's Talk Vintage

Office Design Board

If you know me, you know that my style is pretty eclectic.  I never stay with just one specific style in any room.

One of my favorite things to do is mix vintage items with new!

So when I was contacted by Holly, Community Manager from Chairish to participate in their Style Challenge I was more than happy to join in the fun!

Getting inspiration from their collections of ‘Vintage Furniture'  I created an Office Design Board.

The reason why I chose to do an office is because I have a confession to make.
We NEVER use our living room.  It’s basically a fun room for me to display a lot of my pretties.  As far as ‘living’ in it, not so much!  In fact if I was building a home today I would not even have a living room.

Not now, but someday I could see it becoming a lovely office. 


Let’s take a closer look:
I would like a room with a pretty white hardwood flooring.
The colors in this rug will pull the room together nicely.

This industrial table is what inspired me to do an office.  Don’t you love it?  I like using things in unusual places.  Oh yeah, I’m the lady who has an old laundry room table for a craft table.  No surprise I picked this!
A couple of art stools should fit perfectly.
The minute I spied this old seed cabinet I knew it was what I wanted for storage.  It’ll pull the red out of the rug.  I love a red and aqua combo!
seed cabinet
A girls gotta have a comfy chair to rest her tush.  Isn’t this a beaut?
A sweet wicker side table to sit next to it.
side table
It was instant love when I spied this light fixture made from seltzer bottles.
Seltzer bottle Light
Now for some accessories.  This set of map pictures are awesome!
set of maps
9. & 10.
I don’t want to clutter the desk up too much, but this globe ties right in with the map pictures.  And this old scale is perfect for holding papers!
11. & 12.
To soften the seed cabinet let’s add a couple of treasures to the top.  I have a typewriter just like this and it is one of my favorite display pieces.  The suitcases could also come in handy for storage.
Well there you have it, My Dream Office Design Board.
Now this is a room I could get use to. lol!
What do you think?