Share Your Cup #226

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short), the party where you share the things that make you happy.
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I'm sure that everyone is in full 'decking the halls' mode like I am.  However, I must admit that I seem to be moving slower this year than usual.  I've been up and down a ladder more times than I can count.  My legs just aren't what they use to be.  :)
I want to remind you of the Cozy at Christmas Holiday Tour that I am participating in.
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Hope to have you join us each day!
Now, what have I been up?
I introduced you to my family in Snow, this is us, a post that is a little different than what I normally share.
Neither of us enjoy having our picture taken, but every now and then you have to bite the bullet and do it.  lol!
I also shared how I added a bit of farmhouse style to our
Now for the features from SYC #225:
Taylor from Sugar and Succulents shared her lovely simplistic Thanksgiving table.
Lori from Dining Delight shared her cozy cabin Christmas display.
Lucy from Patina Paradise shared the clever advent calendar she made from an old spoon rack.
Julie from Cut Off in the Keweenaw shared her fun yummy yarn Christmas trees.  Don't they remind you of chenille?
Another cute repurpose idea was shared by Cecilia from
Leigh from A Porch with a View shared her fabulous new screened porch.  I could spend hours on a porch like this!
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A Little Farmhouse Style in our Christmas Bedroom

Hello my friends,
I'm sure that many of you are busy decking your halls like I am.  It feels as though I am so close (to being done), yet so far away!  I have little messes here and there that just need to be cleaned up and a few more boxes to go through.
While I have been busy inside Old Man Winter has been busy outside!  We woke up to it snowing and it continued all day long leaving us with a magical 'Winter Wonderland'.
Did you know that I love the farmhouse style?  Yup, if I was building or buying a new home it would be a farmhouse.
Well, not happening; but I can still add a bit of farmhouse décor to my home.  It just so happens that our house is built on what originally was the old "McDaniel" farm.
Look what the wind blew in. . .
Can you tell from this photo what is adorning our bedroom wall?

A giant windmill blade.
I fell head over heels in love with it when I saw it on Decor Steals

I've clipped old Christmas cards from my kids to the blades.  I save them because I love seeing how much the grands have grown
 over the years.
I also added a bell here and there for a touch of whimsy.
To carry on the farmhouse theme I placed our little silver tree inside an old coal bucket.

 I also filled a milk bucket with faux white flowers to sit on the bench at the foot of the bed.

Burlap and ticking bring farmhouse thoughts to my mind.  I made the pillows 4 or 5 years ago and haven't used them for some time.

I'm loving the touches of farmhouse style in our
Christmas bedroom!

Snow, This is Us. . .

Hello my friends,
I'm taking a break from decking the halls to share a post that is a bit different for me.
My blog is mainly about my décor, thrifting, crafting, and occasionally a bit of silliness.
It's not very often that I share photos of my family.  But a couple weeks before Thanksgiving our daughter in law, Tracy called and suggested that we do family photos on Thanksgiving Day.
I was all for it because we are a family that rarely (never) takes family photos.  I mean, it's been years!!
It's not easy getting us all together, but this year every one was going to be here for Thanksgiving,
SNOW, this is us. . .  :)
I just couldn't wait to use that for a title because we got buckets of snow dropped on us the evening before and it was just perfect!!
You know what else was perfect?  That we wore plaid.  if you know me, you know that I am "mad for plaid"!!
My husband Greg, I call him Shultz.  It's a nickname and it just stuck with me as well.  He is an engineer, soon to retire.  He is the love of my life and is the most kind and generous person! He also has a wacky sense of humor.  He's shy, and most people don't see that side of him.

This is our oldest daughter, Nichole.  She works at Horrocks Engineers. Her husband Jason is a construction foreman and very hard worker. Their daughter, Jordyn (We call her Jordy). Nichole was born on Christmas Day.  That's why we added an 'h' to her name,  In honor of St. Nicholas.  She became a diabetic when she was 11.  That is why they only have one child.  Jordy is a sweetheart and loves sports and riding her motorcycle.

Lonnie is our oldest son. He is an LS and is over the surveyors at Horrocks Engineers. The three boys, Kade, Riley, and Braxton are from a previous marriage. He is an awesome dad!  His wife Tracy was a life saver for those boys.  Lonnie had full cutstody at the time and she stepped in and became a fabulous mother!!  Paityn is their daughter. She is a little diva.  Ashley is Kades wife.  Married just last June. They all work  and play hard and love the outdoors!

This is our daughter Karrah. She heads up a floral department at Smiths grocery store.  Her husband Jayson, a great mechanic and their two daughters, Taylor and Saydee.  There are 10 years between the girls.  Karrah developed toxemia with both of them.  Taylor was born a month early.  She was small, but able to come home.  Little Saydee only weighed 2#'s 6 oz. at birth.  It was a bit scary for both mom and baby for a while.
This is our son, Dalan, he is an engineer as well.  His wife Samantha (Sam) and their three boys.  Dalan calls them, "my three sons". Dalan was born on Valentines Day and has always been a sweetheart of a son! Sam is an amazing mother!  Jack, Will, and Evan.  They are all three so different.  Jack is super smart and reads fabulously well.  Will, we don't call him "Will the pill", or "Will-de- beast" for nothing.  Seriously, he is a cutie!  Evan, well; let's just say he likes grandpa a whole lot better than me.  Although he will give me a kiss now and then.  :)
Our youngest daughter, Kylee.  She is full of adventure and has been traveling for a few years.  She has been to Spain, France, Portugal, Thailand,  Australia, to name a few.  Last winter she worked the Iditarod on an Alaskan glacier.  She loves the outdoors and doesn't mind getting dirty one bit!  She's only been back home for 6 months.  We sure did miss her!!
Kade and Ashley.  Kade has always been a sweet grandson and has such a tender heart.  Ashley is a cutie and we are so happy to have her join our family!
SNOW, this is us!
Us and the grands!

Of course we had to have a crazy one, because well. . .we are!!

Now, this has nothing to do with our family photos, but did you notice how rusty the roof on 'hilltop cottage' has become?  It's a little too orange to my liking right now.  Hoping some of it wears off.  Also there's a big streak where they must have missed the solution that makes it rust.  What's a girl to do?  Wait patiently and see what it looks like next spring.  I sure don't want to climb up there and sand some off very badly.  That would not be
 a pretty sight!!
Snow worries,

Share Your Cup #225

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).
The party where you share what makes you happy.
It's what I call, "filling your cup".
I'd like to wish all of my American friends a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!
Also I want to make you aware of two upcoming fun events.
First, I am excited to be joining Katie from
Let's Add Sprinkles for a Holiday Home Tour.
I will also be having my 'Creating Christmas' link party again this year.  It will run Dec. 12-16th.  I hope to have a button for it soon! Looking forward to you linking your wonderful Christmas posts!
I have been so busy lately, but I did find time to sneak in a bit of crafting with a friend.
We had been gathering ornaments for a few years and finally made us a  Shiny and Brite wreath.  It was such a fun project!
Now for the features from SYC #224:
(remember to pin from their site, and not mine)
Pam from Everyday Living shared her beautiful Thanksgiving table and talked about a reason to be thankful!
Debby Goes Shabby used her good will finds to create a unique and gorgeous Thanksgiving mantle.
I know that many of us are transitioning into the Christmas mode.  How fun is this washer tree created by Ann Marie from
Heidi from My Sweet Cottage reminds us that now is the time to start your paperwhites.

Leanna from Faeries and Fauna made the cutest reindeer sign for her children to keep them 'believing' just a bit longer.

Janet from Silver Foodie shared the recipe for yummy
Cranberry Coconut Macaroons.
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Shiny and Brite. . .

 Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the Christmas season
 is upon us.
Three years ago I started collecting ornaments to make a wreath.  I knew I had enough, but never seemed to get around to making it.
Well, this year was the year!
Yup, a friend and I were talking and it seems that she had done the same thing.  So we got together and finally
I have a fairly nice collection of vintage 'shiny brites', but I didn't have the heart to glue them to a wreath.
There were only a few that I didn't mind using.
It was nice to do this with a friend, because we were able to swap ornaments.  She had picked up a box of new (reproduction) shiny brites at Home Goods after Christmas last year.  They worked great!  See that one with the green center?  It was one of them.
I used red, green, silver, and gold solid ones that I had gathered from thrift shops
There are so many wonderful tutorials out there showing how to make one of these wreaths, so I am not going to go into details.  :)
Basically we bought a circular (green colored) 12" round styrofoam wreath  We then wrapped it in red tinsel.  From there we glued med. size ornaments all around the center of the wreath.  If you use too large of ones, you will end up with hardly no center to speak of.  Then we glued larger ones all around the outside perimeter.  After that the fun begins and you just start filling it.  Gluing wherever there is contact with hot glue.
The ornaments with the touch of paint are old ones that I didn't mind using.  I also added a few vintage touches like the Santa light and glittery bells.

This little Santa is doing a happy dance that he made it
 onto the wreath!

And every Santa needs a Mrs. Claus.  I tucked a little candle next to her hand.

The Poinsettia  and stocking ornaments are other oldies.
This sweet gal is holding onto a bubble light.

The silver one is an old shiny brite and the other stripped one is a new one.  Hard to tell, right?  I tucked bits of tinsel in here and there for a little more bling.

This was such a fun project.  Can't wait to hang it for Christmas!  Although, I might mention that they are not the best wreaths to use outdoors.  With either heat or cold it can cause the glue to give way and the ornaments to pop off.
I'll enjoy mine inside!

Have you started decking your halls yet?
I've done a little in the basement, but the upstairs will wait until after Thanksgiving.
I will be sharing at these fun parties:
This post was featured at Monday Social.  Thank you ladies!
It was also featured at Let's Talk Vintage Thanks Jillian!