Fond Memories. . .

Recently an iconic woman from my home town of Pleasant Grove passed away.

Phyllis Thompson was a very fun loving and sweet lady who was adored by everyone that Knew her.

Growing up as a teenager I had her as one of my ‘mutual’ leaders. That’s what Young Women's was called back then. She was wonderful and I have such fond memories of her.

Last week I went to an estate sale at her home. It was fun to walk through it with my sister Jeanne. I recalled having been there when we were teens.

I purchased a few items that I know will bring me fond memories of Phyllis.


I loved this pop up Spring scene!


These people look so happy to be going to church. This was so ideal because Mrs. Thompson made church enjoyable for us. We were converts and I can’t say that was the case with everyone. Jeanne, remember mean old Mrs. Williams? Ha-Ha! You know, looking back she probably really wasn’t mean.  I think that she was just senile. We didn’t attend real regularly and all she ever did was just make us introduce ourselves every time.  This was very embarrassing for a young girl and it made me not like her at all! Nope, not one bit!!


I absolutely had to have this turquoise hob nob little sugar and creamer!



Cute, cute little pop up story book.



Pop ups just kept popping up.


These sparklers looked vintage to me.


I bought these colored bottles thinking I would give some to my daughters.


After grouping them together I loved how they looked so I put them in my bathroom. Sorry girls, better luck next time.

Phyllis Thompson will surely be missed, but I will cherish my finds and think of her whenever I look at them.


Chocolate Bunnies quilt is ready to take to the quilters!


I can hardly wait to see it completely finished! Quilting always adds so much and Becky does such a great job.

At times I never thought this day would come.

Thanks for all of your support. I couldn’t have done it without you! Also, a big hug and kiss for Amanda for letting me use her already prepped freezer templates for my last block and scalloped border. Saved me bunches of time!!!

All but the last block was done with the needle turn applique method. I sort of cheated and finished with the freezer paper method. Oh well, I’ll never tell if you won’t. Oops, I already did!

Easter Garland

Take some vintage reproduction Easter cards…


Add A touch of glitter…



Place a few dainty flowers on paper rosettes…





Tie it all together with ribbon…


And what do you get?

WA-LA An Easter Garland!


What’s in a Name?

Today as I was planting some pots for Spring my mind started to wander as I thought about the name of each plant.

For example, the pansyDSCF0433

When we think of the word pansy we think of someone or something that is wimpy and that doesn’t have a lot of strength.

Not so for these little guys!  The pansies I planted last year withstood all the munching that the deer did and came back with a passion.

They were the prettiest pansies I ever did see!

Hope the same holds true for this year.

And what about the primrose?


Where that name came from I have no idea!  It certainly doesn’t look like a rose and there are no thorns to be had.  However, I can sort of get the prim part.  It does look a bit prim and proper.

Then there is the Kale


What exactly is a Kale?  The only thing that I can think of is one of my son Dalan’s best friends.  Kale with a C Brown.  In high school he was a fun loving kid who always told me that I was his 2nd mom.  He even gave me a 12 pack of Diet Coke for Mothers Day one year.  What more could a mom ask for?

Now that we are on the subject of names, how about Olson?

There are a few famous females with that last name.

Remember the Olson twins? Mary Kate and Ashley.

How about that mean old Mrs. Olson on ‘Little House on the Prairie’?

And what about that sweet Swedish Mrs. Olson? She had us convinced (even if we didn’t drink coffee) that Folgers was the best because it was mountain grown.

Oh, and yes she is the inspiration behind the title of my blog.

Well, enough about wondering how plants got their names.

As for me, I hope I can do the Olson name proud and have a bit of a pansy in me.


I didn’t even mention the anemone.  Really, what can you say about a name like that?





I can’t wait until everything has grown and is filled in.  Wondering what those little shavings are?  It’s a bit of Irish Spring.  A neighbor told me that the deer don’t like the smell.  I tried some last year on a few perennials.  It seemed to have kept them at bay.  If not, hopefully the plants will enjoy a bit of Ireland.

Spring. . .

Is it Spring yet?


It certainly felt like it yesterday. So much so that I found myself pulling a few weeds that were sneaking their little heads out.

My hubby and I were taking the lights out of the trees and I just couldn’t resist.

IMG_0731 IMG_0732

Can’t wait to see the bees and the humming birds!



Don’t all of these little things make you anxious for Spring?


Mike and Frank from the show “American Pickers” refer to smaller items that they pick as SMALLS.

Last weekend I went to St. George for the Home Shows. The homes were not near as good as usual, but I found a few smalls.

Here are my D.I. treasures.


A pair of vintage hen & rooster salt and pepper shakers. They even had their stoppers. Now that’s something to crow about!


I found this in one of the specialty cases. It was standing up and at first I thought that it was a toy stove. When I had it taken out to look at I realized that It is a child’s accordion. SWEE-EE-EET! Guess what? It really works. Best find of the day, I think!


Wasn’t sure what I would do with this jar. Of course, I couldn’t pass it up, it’s turquoise! Just sat it on my fireplace hearth for now. Guess that this really wouldn’t be a smalls, maybe a mediums.

I didn’t find much at Urban Renewal. Now, that’s a first.


I did buy this rustic pink metal pot. I love the weathered look.


I took this pic so that you could see the scallop edge.


Vintage tea cup and saucer. Sweet little turquoise flower.

We stopped in at T.J. Maxx and more. You can not go to St. George and pass up this store.

Wow, I was a good girl and did not buy much.

I spent $35 and my friend spent over $600. She bought a whole new bed ensemble and a bunch of pillows and accessories for her master bedroom and bathroom It is going to be so dang cute!


This yellow bird just had to come home with me. I have a bird fetish! My friend, Joyce calls me the bird woman from Alcatraz.


It was the twig basket that got my attention with this cute Easter décor.

I also bought a small garden étagère. Forgot to snap a pic so I will post it later when I place it in the garden.

Even though it rained all day Saturday, and the homes weren’t great. It was fun to see the 3 and 4 million dollar ones, (unreal). There was only 1 or 2 homes that had décor that I really liked.

Just getting away, spending time with friends, and finding my smalls (and a few mediums) made it worth the trip!