Fond Memories. . .

Recently an iconic woman from my home town of Pleasant Grove passed away.

Phyllis Thompson was a very fun loving and sweet lady who was adored by everyone that Knew her.

Growing up as a teenager I had her as one of my ‘mutual’ leaders. That’s what Young Women's was called back then. She was wonderful and I have such fond memories of her.

Last week I went to an estate sale at her home. It was fun to walk through it with my sister Jeanne. I recalled having been there when we were teens.

I purchased a few items that I know will bring me fond memories of Phyllis.


I loved this pop up Spring scene!


These people look so happy to be going to church. This was so ideal because Mrs. Thompson made church enjoyable for us. We were converts and I can’t say that was the case with everyone. Jeanne, remember mean old Mrs. Williams? Ha-Ha! You know, looking back she probably really wasn’t mean.  I think that she was just senile. We didn’t attend real regularly and all she ever did was just make us introduce ourselves every time.  This was very embarrassing for a young girl and it made me not like her at all! Nope, not one bit!!


I absolutely had to have this turquoise hob nob little sugar and creamer!



Cute, cute little pop up story book.



Pop ups just kept popping up.


These sparklers looked vintage to me.


I bought these colored bottles thinking I would give some to my daughters.


After grouping them together I loved how they looked so I put them in my bathroom. Sorry girls, better luck next time.

Phyllis Thompson will surely be missed, but I will cherish my finds and think of her whenever I look at them.

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veryheatherly said...

This was a really nice tribute.