Home Tweet Home…

Look what tweet little project is next on the agenda…paper birdhouses.


My sister-in-law had this bird brain idea that she wanted to keep the large canvas advent calendar we made at Christmas out all year. Certainly, ornaments weren’t going to cut it. Think, think, think…(rub chin, tap forehead) what could she hang on it? What could be better than birds and birdhouses? Was I in? What do you think?

I’m not going to leave my calendar out, but have anticipations of something fun to do with them.

I’ll share that with you when the project is complete. I still need to make a few more. Wish me embellishing luck! That’s the hardest, but yet the funnest part. Is funnest a word? Probably not, I don’t think so. Oh well, you get the jest.


It’s all about the details! A little bow, feather, flower, and glittery bird help add to their charm.


I refuse to tell you how many hours each house takes. But then maybe I’m just a little slow. Hopefully, I’ll get faster with the next one. Did I mention that I love that bejeweled perch?


The first house I made with my sister-in-law and she had already figured a lot of it out. Last night I decided to make another one. At first everything I tried to do for embellishments just didn’t make my heart flutter.

Finally, I liked the finished result. What do you think, I done good, right? It’s a little simpler than the first one, but I like.


I love the little glittery bird perched atop. Everything looks better with glitter!


This is not where they will nest permanently, but thought that they would look cute on this swag made by one of my friends; Mrs. LaCognata herself.


Ky said...

SO CUTE MOM! I would like to make one !

Peg said...

I think I like your 2nd birdhouse the most,however they are both cute. That means you are only getting better at those darling little castles for birds. I really like them on that beautiful swag. Ha! Maybe I should hire you to embellish my body.