Bad Hair Day


Every year for Easter I plant pots of grass. It helps to bring a bit of Spring into my home. This year they all seem to be having a ‘BAD HAIR DAY’! Every time I look at them they make me giggle just a little.


Bad hair day or not, they still managed to find a place among my Easter décor.


This one seems to be enjoying himself (hmm…maybe it’s a she) next to my cute little toad stools.


I’m sure that my chocolate bunny wishes that he could escape to that field of grass he spies just outside his window. So sorry Mr. bunny, not gonna happen!


This one has got to be the most hilarious of them all!


I planted this one to go outside on my porch. What happened to ‘WELCOME SPRING’? I’m sure that you couldn’t help but notice that snow in the background. That’s Utah for ya!

No matter what the weather my little pots of green grass bring me joy and make me smile!


veryheatherly said...

These are so great...they totally have personality!!

Peg said...

So cute, and you always make me smile with what you say on your blog. I love reading it. Wish my hair looked that good on bad hair days.