Birds of a Feather

Today is a new day and just like always, I can hear the morning doves cooing whenever I walk out onto my deck,

What better sound could there be to introduce my next two bird houses?


This sweet music bird perched upon twigs brings a song to my heart.

I picked up the silver rose at Roberts in the jewelry section.


I made the music flower to coordinate with the bird.

The burlap flower (made from tree wrap) started out as a rose, but then it just kept unraveling to be some kind of a funky flower.

I placed pearls in the center of each to give them a bit of pizazz.


I found myself really enjoying the little houses.

You couldn’t add as many embellishments, but there is just something so sweet about them.

The entrance is adorned with sequins. The silver rose and bird were in the same package as the larger rose.


Glittery polka-dots! Sigh!!

I made the little rolled flower from a scrap of turquoise wool.


Fly away little birdie. . . there’s a great big world out there to explore!

I hope you take a moment today to enjoy this beautiful world we live in.

Ta-ta, till the morrow!

I know a bit corny, but remember I am playing pretend. So why not pretend that I live in another era.

Something like the land of ‘Miss Potter’ would suit me just fine!

Besides, my sister Julie calls me ‘Bubble Girl’. She says that I live in a bubble and can only remember the good things of my childhood and not the bad.

All I can say to that is, “I like this bubble of mine just fine!”


Peg said...

I like the lime green reindeer moss on the one with the pretty butterfly. It is perfect on that one. It looks like you are having fun crafting each little house. Is there going to be a parade of birdhouses? How much are the tickets, and when is the event? I want to attend. They are all so sweet. Love them all!

Jodie jo said...

I take it the tree will be in full bloom before long. Not only leaves but full of birdies and their cute little houses.
You know Jann I'm starting to feel like an old slug. I just cant keep up with you I barely have a free minute to read your blog.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

I am so glad that you do read my blog and take time to comment! It means alot to me. You are WAY to hard on yourself. You are simply amazing and do wonders. Remember girlie, you've had quite a year.