Project Complete


Last week I went over to my sister-in-law Laurie’s with my birdhouses in hand. She made one using some of my ideas and I made this one using hers.

I loved the jewel hanging from the roof.


I knew that I had to use the soar ticket and the clothesline. SWEET!

Also loved using corrugated cardboard for the roof.


She gave me a piece of this cool paper by Tim Holt. It is just a natural color with subtle images. You apply colored stains and then the images pop. So cool! She always has and knows the latest and greatest.

Like I say, my birdhouses are cute, but hers will be to die for!


No bird village would be complete without a few birds flying in the branches. I bought a package of chipboard birds at Archivers. I covered three of them with paper and added a few embellishments.


This musical song just happened to be about a Robin. I couldn’t possibly cover that up.


I kept this one real simple because I loved the paper.

Now, to show you what I did with all of these little birdhouses that I created.


I placed it in my entry for a TWEET meet and greet.

Stop by and hopefully it will put a song in your heart!

I must give a shout out of thanks to my friend Joyce. She brought me the branches. She actually brought four of them and I used two. They were just what I envisioned!


Peg said...

Love the soar ticket, which is exactly what you have done with this project, you have soared to greatness. I love the tree branches with all the houses, I am on my way over to see it in person. You rock no you soar! See you soon.

Ky said...

I had a feeling this what you were gonna do, you secret bird!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! can't wait to see it in person this weekend.

Whittron said...

congratulations! that looks awesome! so much detail, I love the paper you used and all the embellishments.

Lady Di said...

I saw the finshed project today. It is really something to chirp about! If I was a bird, I'd seattle myself on a branch and pick me a house to live in. Very cute!!!

McFadden said...

I can't believe how detailed and how much work went into each house & bird.
I think your new name will be Embellishment Jann.

mimi_62 said...

Wow, you have a lot of patience and talent. Non better.