Birds of Paradise

As you know, I struggled with embellishing my first birdhouse.

Finally, last weekend the embellishing gods were smiling down on me.

I felt as though I was in PARADISE!

You know how it is, sometimes the creative juices just seem to flow better than others.

I now am the proud owner of 9 little castles for birds, as my cute friend Peggy put it.

I will share two of them with you each day and then, hopefully the finished product will be revealed.


These are pretty simple, but sometimes simplicity does the trick.


As you can see, a sparkly turquoise butterfly beat some unlucky bird to his perch. Or who knows, maybe he just stopped by for a visit. I feel like a kid playing make believe. Oh, such fun times!

I bought the lime green reindeer moss at Sun River Gardens to use in some of my Spring decorating. I can’t get enough of it.

I love this paper with the writing on it.


This was the first small birdhouse I made. Everything that shines is not always glitter. Sometimes it’s just bling. Such is the case with the jewels circling the entrance to this little birdies home.


Actually, this birdie is not so little. Occasionally it’s fun to exaggerate things a bit.


Why stop with the bird? I decided to do the same thing with the flower.

Sometimes you just need the three B’s: BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL!

I know that I got the big and bold going, just hope the beautiful is there too.

Hope you enjoy my first two birdie retreats and I’ll share a couple more with you soon!

Till then, don’t forget to “Spread your wings and fly”


Jocie jo said...

I wish I had just half of your energy I feel like I'm going Down hill oh well your birdie houses look just great, cant wait to see them in them in their branches after all that pruning im sure they will look great. I'm waiting.................

veryheatherly said...

Jann, these are fantastic. You are so crafty it's ridiculous!

Peg said...
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