Resolution or Repetition?

Well, the new year is approaching rapidly and as usual I have been comtemplating my resolutions. You've heard that old saying, "You're not getting older, you're just getting better"! Well, when it comes to me that is not the case. There are 4 resolutions that I have made for the last three years that I will be repeating this year. I just can't seem to get them right. I'm trying hard to make this part of my daily rituals, but for some reason always come up short.
Here goes: #1. Lose weight. #2. Eat more healthy. #3. Exercise daily. and #4. Read my scriptures regularly. Yes, I realize that #'s 2 and 3 would help me accomplish #1. It seems that I start out pretty gung-ho, but then before I know it I become just slow. Slow that is at keeping tabs on my resolutions. Well, as you know, they say the third time is the charm. Too bad this makes four. Ha-Ha! Oh well, all is good and at least I'm trying to resolve something. And when I do go to meet my maker, I may not be thin but I'll definately be happy.

Tis the Season

Tis the Season. How is it that it goes-to be Jolly? Sometimes we find that just a bit difficult after hanging all that holly. Why is it that we do this to ourselves? I love Christmas and actually do love decorating for it, but why do I have to have so much? This is a question that only my psychiatrist knows for sure. Mmm, I forgot I don't have a psychiatrist. At least it's a bit comforting to know that I am not alone. People everywhere share this addiction. Last night Shultz and I saw a house that I swear had lights on every tree and bush in their yard. It was absolutely gorgeous. If the inside of their home looks anything like the outside, then WOW! Really though, all this for only a month or so. And then think of all that storing of it. Oh well, I've got to quit analyzing it and just enjoy! Hopefully we don't let the true meaning of Christmas get lost among all that tinsel.
I'm going to post a few pics and hope that you can enjoy a bit of Christmas at our house. Our door is always open. Well, best get back to wrapping those gifts.