Texas Bound. . .Share Your Cup Will Return in Two Weeks

Hello my friends,
I'm a little late at getting this post out.  I had company today and then our youngest daughter came by for dinner and a visit.
Family comes first!  :)
Hubby and I are off first thing Thursday morning on a long road trip to Texas.  For that reason SYC will be on a two week break.  It will return on March 21st.
We are heading into Bluebonnet heaven!!

Peter Rabbit and Friends. . .

Hello my friends,
have you seen the new 'Peter Rabbit' movie?

We just got home from taking one of our granddaughters to see it.  A bit corny in places, but the kid in me loved it!

How to be More Efficient at Home. . .

Hello, my friends,
recently I received an e-mail regarding a post that I thought you might enjoy.  I am receiving no compensation for sharing this.
Most of this article is from Zowie Ashton, a writer of blog articles that is really passionate about topics related to home improvement, cleaning, and organizing.  She owns a small business company based in London.

Share Your Cup #284

Hello, and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).
The party where you share what makes you happy.

Vain & Vintage. . .A Fun and unique shop

Hello my friends, hubby and I took off Thursday for a
little get away.
Every couple years we head North to Idaho for a soak in Lava Hot Springs mineral pools.
It does wonders for the soul and these old bones.  :)
We always spend at least one night in Pocatello.  One of my favorite vintage shops is located there.
I got permission from the shop owner to take you on a little tour.
Welcome to
Vain & Vintage!


Painting my wood floor white, and a change of mind.

Hello my friends,
When we bought our home 8 1/2 years ago there were a couple things that I didn't love about it, but knew that I could change them down the road a ways.
One was the tan trim and the other was the fact that the wood in the living room was different than the other wood in the house.
We recently replaced and added wood to more rooms.  I chose a chiseled walnut.  I debated about doing the same wood in the living room, but decided that I really wanted to try painting it.  I love the Scandinavian homes I see with white wooden floors.
This is what it looked like BEFORE.

Share Your Cup. . .returning next week

 Hello my friends,
Happy Valentines Day!!
I hope you are able to spend it with someone you love.  Whether it be family, friends, or your sweetheart!
Hubby and I decided that we are going to "get the heck out of Dodge" and go for a little get away.
The benefits of being retired!  :)
Because of this, there will be no Share Your Cup this week.
It will return on the 21st.

Pom Poms and Roses. . .

Hello my friends,
I'm not sure what it is, but big fluffy pom poms and pretty roses make me ever so happy!
I had a couple of skeins of pink yarn that I had saved from one of the estate sales.  I added an aqua color from Hobby Lobby and then picked up a white from our local thrift.

Share Your Cup #283

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).
The party where you share what makes you happy.

My Funny Valentine

Hello my friends,
As most of you know I am a vintage lovin gal.
I am so excited to be joining some of my vintage loving friends for a Valentines blog hop and link party today.
A big thank you to Amber and Debra for putting this hop together!

Super Bowl? I Hope it's Pyrex!!

Hello my friends,

I saw this photo on facebook and it made me laugh.  I thought I would share it with you along with my accidental collection of Pyrex.

This is a post that I originally shared March of 2017.

Cherries and Chocolate. . .A Match Made in Heaven

Hello my friends,
as some of you may know; I am not a huge chocolate lover.
Oh yes, I enjoy a bit of chocolate now and then, but when it comes to cake, ice cream, and even chocolate.  I prefer white over brown.  :)
BUT cherries and chocolate together. . .now that's another story!