Witch at Work

Hello my friends,
Halloween is just around the corner, so I must step into my lab and ready my potions for all Hallows eve.
The kiddies will be knock, knocking at our door and I certainly don't want to be unprepared!
Would you like to tour my lab?
I found this old metal address sign at a thrift for $2.  Wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, just liked it!  It was the perfect addition to my lab.
One might say, that things are a bit 'spooky' at 1522.
This black cabinet has been sitting in my garage for some time now.  I have plans to hang it in my garden shed.  Didn't get started on it this year, so hopefully it will happen next spring!
The chippy paint made it the perfect
 witchy lab medicine cabinet!
I've filled the shelves with many of the special ingredients and books that every witch needs to help her accomplish her work.
Herbs were clipped from the garden and brought in to dry.  All good witches use natural ingredients in their potions.  :)

The vials and bottles are waiting to be filled. 

It's so nice to have my pets join me in my lab.

It's truly my little sanctuary!
Sometimes my patients leave feeling a bit faint and
looking a little pale.   hee-hee!

I scored this vintage medical cart at an estate sale in the Spring.  I knew I would have fun with it, but how wonderful is it for my witches lab?

For convenience it's located just inside my front door.
Really makes a gal, (I mean witch) happy!
if you'd like to check out my witches lab from last year visit
How about you?  Have you got your potions ready for all the little goblins that soon will be knock, knock, knocking at your door?
Happy Halloween!

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Share Your Cup Thursday #171

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).
The party where you share the things that make you happy.
Oh my gosh, can you believe that Halloween is almost here?  Seems like yesterday that I was planting spring flowers?  lol!
Christmas is only two months away and I am as giddy as a school girl, contemplating decorating for it!
I (and 4 others) will be hosting my "Creating Christmas" link party again this year and am anxiously awaiting to see all of your fabulous Christmas!
Until then, I'll pack away the Halloween and enjoy the sweetness of Thanksgiving.  I love this holiday, and it's easily overlooked with all of the excitement of Christmas.
Now, have a wonderful Halloween and stay safe my friends.
There's a whole lot of witches out there!!  lol!
Now for features from SYC #171:  Gosh, did I ever have a hard time narrowing it down to just 6!
There were two tablescapes that I just couldn't decide which I liked best.  So I am featuring both!  :)
CHECK out Pat's from On Crooked Creektt festive black and white tablescape.  She has a trick for you!
Fabby's Living shared her frightfully fun black and white Halloween table.
Melissa from Dancing Dog Cabin shared her whimsical
Halloween mantle.
Cathy from My 1929 Charmer shared her fabulous fall porch.
LuAnn's elegant pumpkin garden chandy was such a delight!  See more of it at Lovely Livings.
And how fun is this creative teacup pumpkin by Tuula from
Poppi Lynn shared gorgeous fall colors in the Adirondacks.
and Teresa from Keeping it Real shared a great roundup of pies.  Some sweet and some savory.
Thanks so much for sharing and please grab my button if you were featured.

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Hee-Hee, a Witches Tea!

All Hallow's Eve is almost here. ..
Time to gather with friends so dear.


A witches tea. . .what a delight!

Paula is the hostess and she certainly knows how to do
 things up right!
(Paula from Pollyanna Reinvents and Shirley from Zetta's Aprons)
The house has been readied for this fun day. . .
Time to celebrate before we all fly away!
(Trina from Teatime with Trina and Jo from Anne's Attic)
No better place than this 100 year old home.
One never knows what spirits might roam!


Paula has laid out some kind of spread.
One that would literally spin one's head!

 Who is that scary purple haired witch sipping tea?
Oh my, could that be little ole me? :)
(me and my friend, Ann)
Striped socks and boots are all that.  They're just as unique as each witches hat!
(My friends, Ann and Joanne)
Paula's home was just so fun. . .I had to snap a few more photos before I had to run (er, I mean fly)

Hope you're getting ready for all Hallow's Eve.
Watch for us witches flying in the breeze.
Happy Halloween!

(one of Paula's friends)

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Bernideens for Friends Sharing Tea

Black Cat Love!

Hello my friends, growing up I came from a family of 'cat haters'.  Yes, sorry to say that they did not like those fine furry friends.
(followed me home from a road trip two years ago)
So, naturally I did not care for them either.  It didn't help when I saw my neighbors cats jump up on their cupboards and lick the butter.  For sure it didn't make me feel any
 fondness towards them.  lol!
In fact, I would cringe when a cat would rub up against my leg.  I smile now when I see my sisters react the same way.
It wasn't until my youngest daughter begged, (I mean begged) to have one of the neighbors kittens that I grew to love cats.
(not a black cat, but his cape is; so that counts)
Who knew what a darling personality, Shadow would have and how I actually learned to love that little cat hug to the leg.
(I painted this one years ago and it lights up)
Well, it didn't stop there.  One day a stray cat showed up in our back yard and try as we might for a couple of weeks he would not leave.  He was also the only cat that Shadow would not chase away. Then one day hubby said, "Maybe Shadow needs a friend"  Now we became the owner of two cats instead of one.

(Crackled and painted this large paper mache cat a long time ago)
Kylee named the adopted cat, Shidie (never did know how to spell it).  She thought it went well with Shadow.  Who knows what goes on in the mind of a child.  lol!
(black cats on my vintage noise makers)
Once the word got out that I was no longer a cat hater, I'll be darned if they didn't start coming home with me.
(this one came home from a sisters trip to Colorado)
I'm sure my cat hating sisters couldn't believe I wanted this silly looking cat!
We no longer have Shadow or Shidie, (spelling); but I tell you I loved those cats!  Don't think I'll ever have another cat.  We like taking off too much, but I'm awfully glad that they won my heart!

(this one followed me home from Salem, Massachusetts)
There's nothing quite like the purr of a kitten or a cat nibbling at your toes!  Yes, Shidie loved to nip our tootsies!  My sister's just don't know what they are missing.  Hee-hee!
But for now I'll settle for a bit of 'black cat love' during the month of October.
And I'll leave you with a recipe for black cat licorice caramels.
They are the PURR-fect Halloween treat!

 1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 1/2 c. Light Karo syrup
1 cup butter
2 c. Sugar...

1/4 tsp. Salt
2 tsp. Anise oil
1 tsp. Black paste food coloring
Butter a 9" pan ( I used 8x11)
In a 4 at. Heavy saucepan combine everything but oil
 and food coloring.
Cook, stirring constantly to 230-235 degrees (firm ball stage). Remove from heat and stir in oil and coloring. Without scraping, pour into buttered pan. Allow to set at room temperature overnight. Cut into 1" squares. Wrap in caramel wraps and enjoy! Makes a lot.
* I scrape the pan onto a buttered plate to eat. No waste!!! It's usually a little harder than your caramels will be.

And one more silly black cat added to the litter yesterday.

Oh, but I have to show you this one that Pinterest just sent to me as a recommended pin.
Ah yes, I'd snag that up in a heart beat if I ever came upon it!
I would surely give it a little of my black cat love! 
How about you?  Do you like cats?

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