Texting is for the Birds!

This sentiment would surely brighten anyones day.

I love this messagee the bluebird delivered.

A close-up to show a bit of the details.

The writing on the back of this one simply says, " Your card
received. Was so glad you had not forgotten me. With love.
The poem on the front is so sweet!

This one was sent from Chicago to Wisconsin. It reads, "Leah
and I were so sorry you and Bernice couldn't come here for the
holidays. Hope you can come some other time. Love Helen

These made the perfect garland to hang below my NEST
letters. I love it!

In February my hubby and I went to St. George. He had a two day conference. While the guys were in meetings two friends and I did a little shopping. One of my favorite stores is Urban Renewal, located on the blvd. It's a consignment shop that doesn't carry just your run of the mill items. Alot of it is vintage and it is so fun that you could browse in there for hours. What a treasure I found, antique postcards! There were so many to choose from but I finally decided to limit myself to the bird and a few blossom ones. One of them was dated 1906 and another 1921. Some of them had hand written messages on the back. As I read them it brought a smile to my face. Their sentiments were very simple but ever so sweet. My daughter, Kylee strung them into a garland for me and then I adorned them with a few embellishments. I love them and the messages they delivered. The other day as I walked past it hanging from my cabinet thoughts
began to run through my mind. I couldn't help but think that soon sending postcards and letters could be a thing of the past. Texting has changed our life! Sure it's very convenient, and it saves alot of time having to call or write people. As for myself, I am NOT a texter. At first I refused and hated the idea of the whole thing. I know that I am a bit old fashioned. Then one day I decided, "oh well, maybe I should learn." Kylee was going to show me but she said that it was too hard to do it on my phone. Right then and there I decided that it wasn't meant for me.
So as far as I am concerned-Texting is for the birds!!

Pickers Paradise

My picks-an old sprinkler (wonder if it still works?) and a childs apron. When Daniel, the owner of the Star Mill saw my apron he told me a childhood memory of his about a farm boys first trip to the city. It's a memory he will never forget and now I won't either. It made us laugh!

A week or so ago my friend, Diana told me about a show on the history channel called "The Pickers". It's about two middle aged men who travel back country roads looking for treasures. If they see an old building or barn they just stop and tell the owners that they are pickers and could they look around. Then they will barter with them and try and get them to sell. The people they meet are a breed of their own. They are so fun and that only makes the show much more interesting. As my hubby and I watched it for the first time he could tell that I was just like a kid in a candy store. By the time it was over he was convinced that when he retires that I am sure to have us on the road being "PICKERS". I have to admit sounds like fun. This is my new favorite show. Yesterday the Star Mill Antiques reopened. Romping from building to building and searching the yard is the closest thing to being a true picker. Except for here you know that everything is for sale. You can do some bartering. My husband calls him the 'junk man'. As my friends and I arrived you could feel the excitement in the air as the 'hunt was on'! Also, just visiting with the employees is a hi lite of our day. One of my friends is battling breast cancer right now and just being there was such good therapy for her. In fact, she was so busy visiting with everyone that she didn't buy a thing. I think that has to be a first for her. For the last few years I have been collecting old sprinklers. I think I only have three or four. I displayed them on the top of my potting bench. When we build a new playhouse I think I would like to put them on a shelf. I found a "SWEET" one and a cute little childrens apron. Sure to be a playhouse hit! I know that picking isn't for everyone, but for those of us who love it, what fun! My mother-in-law use to say that she didn't like old stuff in her home because it just reminded her of hard times. She did however like that I loved it. Remember, one man's junk is another man's treasure. Hope to go picking again soon!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

This is the yard stake Shaleace won. Attached is a pkt. of Sweet Peas for her to plant and grow up it. If you look close, you can see there is a bird on it. I've kindof had a bird fettish for the last 3 years. It all started when I bought my large N E S T letters.

My Aunt Viola, (right) hard at work doing dishes. Did you notice, aprons and pearls. You've got to love it! I remember her always wearing an apron. My cousin Betty has given me a few of hers. In fact, I think this may be one I had in the playhouse. Going to have to check that out. I haven't been able to find a pic of my mom or mother-in-law in an apron. I love old aprons. Whenever I see them at yard sales or antique stores, unless they are too pricey, I have to pick them up.

The next give -away will be an apron. Pink roses on a brown background, sweet combination. I'm sure it will look much cuter on you! Just have to ask, "Does this apron make my belly, I mean butt, look fat?" My original post said, "You can definately tell that I had removed my bra for the nite. Those puppies don't stand up and bark like they use to." After getting a few astonished comments from fam I deleted it. I thought about it and oh, what the heck If we can't laugh at ourselves getting older then we're just too darn old to have fun. So I reposted it and am saying, this is who I am. A bit of a jokster now and then if I embarass you I'm sorry!

It's never too late to be a winner! My neice Shaleace was the last comment on my Luck of the Irish post and it was her name that was drawn out. Shortly after I decided to do a give away I new exactly what it would be. I have been told that you should plant your Sweet Peas on St. Patty's day. J.F.Y.I. you can replant them in May for Aug. blooms. These are among my favorites that I have to plant every year. I had picked up a cute weathervane yard stake so I decided to give it away with a package of Sweet Peas for the winner to plant them to grow up it. Shaleace has a large yard and loves to plant flowers so I am sure that she will enjoy her winnings. I wanted to post a pic of it with the winner, but she lives in Mendon, near Logan, so it'll be a week or so till I get it to her. Till then, I will post a pic of just it. I will be doing a give-away in May in remembrance of my sweet mother, mother-in-law, and Aunts who all wore aprons from time to time. It's a cute little pink and brown number. I will be doing the drawing on Mothers Day. If you leave a comment anytime between now and then you will be included in the drawing. Remember, if at first you don't succeed-try, try, again!

Off to buy that corned beef for a green dinner and then going to plant my Sweet Peas. I soaked them over nite for faster sprouting.