Creating the "Cottage Garden"-phase 1

Ever since we moved into our new home last July I have been dreaming of creating a new "Cottage Garden". You know, the kind where flowers and vines grow rampant everywhere. And the atmosphere is so inviting that you never want to leave. This will not happen overnite, but the anticipation is delightful! This year will be phase 1. I have a feeling that it will be phase 3 or 4 before it's finished. That's alright though, remember-"Patience is a virtue". I know that it will all be worth it in the long run. I thought that I would share my progress with you for the next few months. Hope you enjoy it. In one of my garden magazines it listed 10 things you need to do to create the 'perfect' cottage garden. Over time I will share them with you as well as a few of my own ideas.

1. Include Vintage Treasures in your landscaping.

As you might well guess, this was an easy one for me. I've been collecting treasures (junk) for many years. This chicken feeder is planted with a purple pincushion flower and a clematis is planted at the base of the small ladder.

I think that this milk crate and dolly saw some working days in their time. I'm sure that they'd much rather be holding plants.

Not sure if this pillar was ever used in a church. It certainly looks like something a preacher would have stood behind. Boy, I bet it could tell some good stories. If it could only talk!

2. Plant in unusual containers

This old mop bucket holds my mint in the herb garden. It's a great way to control the spread of the runners it shoots out. I couldn't have an herb garden without mint. Love the smell when you brush against it.

This vintage stove was given to me by a friend years ago. Originally, I had it in my family room. When I grew tired of it inside I coaxed my hubby to move it outdoors. The beast is SOOO heavy. He vowed to never move it again. I love it and hated the thoughts of leaving it at the old house. When Mothers Day was approaching I told my children that all I wanted was for my sons and son-in-laws to move my old stove up to the new home. Hooray! See, mother does know best. My hubby caved and helped move it. He's a keeper!

3. Provide homes for feathered friends

Still love birdhouses!
4. Plant flowering trees

Golden chain, I had one at my Highland home and I loved it.

5. Plant old fashioned flowers

Iris-one of my favorites because my mother had alot of them in our garden. That is where I developed my love of gardening, home sweet home! Some of my Iris are starts from my mother and sister Dolores.

Peonies-can't wait until they are big and bushy!

Poppies-these are starts given to my by a sweet old man who use to cut wood for a craft shop I ran with my partner, Diana. He and his wife have both passed on. I think of them whenever I see the bright orange blossoms.

Batchelor Buttons-this is the perennial version. I also love the annual ones that just reseed wherever they feel like it.
There are alot more flowers and ideas I hope to share with you over the next few months. Hope you enjoy! Until then, happy gardening!