DIY Shiplap in the Bedroom. . .

Hello my friends, hubby and I recently finished our
 first project of '2017'
Joanna Gaines has gotten many of us in a tizzy wanting to add shiplap to our homes. :)
 A few years ago I had mentioned to my hubby that I wanted to run bead board horizontally in my sewing room.  I had seen it in a magazine, but had never heard of shiplap.  Well, I didn't want to wait, so I ended up just painting it.
Still, visions of shiplap ran rampant through my head.  Next, I thought it would be fun in my laundry room.  Hubby agreed to take on the project.  When I was down loading my car with items from my friends Aunt's estate, hubby found a  U-Tube Video showing just how to do it.  When I returned home he said that the laundry room was going to be a bit of work because he'd have to cut around all the cabinets.  So I suggested doing just one
wall in our bedroom.
Loving the look!
This is what the wall looked like before.
I almost forgot to take a photo.  This was when I had stripped the bedding and we were getting ready to pull the bed out of the way.
The wall really was a softer yellow.  I wasn't tired of it, just wanted shiplap.  lol!  Telling it like it is.

It gave the room a farmhouse feel, don't you think?

One thing leads to another.  :)  Now I need a new lamp.  I already dropped my old one off at our local thrift shop.

Did you notice the wicker picnic hampers in the corner?  When I was painting the shiplap, I got paint happy and painted them as well.  They use to reside in our family room, but now have a new home in the bedroom.
Not sure if I love them, but oh well; it's done!!
Not the greatest photo.
We cut our own 6" shiplap from 1/4 inch plywood sheets.
Primed with Kilz, sanded, and painted before we put them up.  Then all I had to do was touch up where the nail gun holes were.  We nailed and glued them up.  Do you know that you place a nickel in between boards for spacing?  I had no idea!

Yes, we did this in the kitchen.  Baby it was too cold outside!
I have one more plan for this room, but I haven't laid it on the hubs yet.  (wink)

Candlelight and Romance

Hello my friends.
Nothing says romance more to me than a Valentines table set with pretty dishes and candlelight!
We've all heard the saying, "opposites attract".  Well, you won't find anything more opposite than crystals and tin cups.  :)
A bit of whimsy that I love!!
I had some strands of crystals so I added them to the chandelier and then I slipped tin cups onto some of the ends.

I started with a white plate that has a heart rim that I bought at Target a few years ago.  Next came a vintage red bubble plate.  Then I topped it off with a milk glass saucer.  Years ago I bought a set of 4 dinner and saucer plates along with 4 goblets and a serving platter from my older sister.  Our youngest son has the dinner plates.  I left them at our previous home for him to use when we moved and I keep forgetting to get them back.
I've had the heart glasses for a long time.  They were just a $1 store purchase, but I still think they are sweet.

I've picked up a few other pieces of milk glass over the years.  My collection isn't huge, and most of it holds bathroom necessities in our basement bath.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I am hosting mini estate sales at my home to help out a friend with her Aunts estate.  She had over 50 head vases and I couldn't resist this sweet lady.  She screams 'Valentines' to me!
Everything is prettier on a vintage scale, don't you agree? 

Look at those ruby red lips.  Ohlala!!
Carnations from our local grocers top her off nicely.  (wink)
A little romantic candlelight.
This is one of my favorite quilts, and one of the easiest I've made as well.  I love the scallop border, the stripe binding,  and the polka dot back!
In fact, I couldn't decide which side to use up.  In the end. the pretty red and white squares won out.

This sweet basket was snagged at a yard sale for $2.  I use it to hold washcloths, but for now it holds hearts that I made using scraps.  I've added lace and little embellishments.

You know that this makes the red lover in me happy!
There are times that I just love my checkered chairs at the end of the table.  Valentines is one of those times!

I hope you find a little romance and candlelight this
Valentines Day!

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Share Your Cup #233

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).
The party where you share what makes you happy.  It's what I call, "filling your cup".  I believe that by sharing what fills your cup, you help to fill others cups as well.
I'm starting the party early today, because I've got a busy schedule.
I know that many of you are getting buried in snow like we are here.  I'm enjoying how beautiful it is, but the gardener in me is counting the days till spring.  :)
Last week I shared my Valentines mantle and
 Pom Pom Garland.  I love Valentines Day and this week I am having fun pulling out the rest of my décor.
Now for the features from SYC #232:
Amy from A Day of Small Things shared how she made her home feel cozy after the Christmas holiday. Love these old suitcases!
Maria Elena from Our Home Away From Home shared the fabulous new built in bench her husband built for her.
Tuula from Thrifty Rebel shared a beautiful poem she wrote called, "Stillness"

Lora B turned a Christmas white elephant gift into darling Valentine décor.

Melissas Antiques shared her newly stocked booth full of vintage treasures.

Sherri from To Simply Inspire shared her recipe for this yummy Cilantro Lime Chicken soup.
Thanks for sharing with SYC and please grab my button if you were featured.



Give a Cheer for Pom Poms!

What is it about pom poms that makes us want to stand up and give a big cheer?
Perhaps they take us back to our younger days as a cheerleader, :) or maybe it's just because they are so darn cute!!

Not only cute, but easy and fun to make.  Especially if you have this handy dandy gadget.

$6.99 at Joannes's, but I snagged mine with a 50 percent off coupon.  Sure you can wrap yarn around cardboard, but this (in my opinion) was worth every penny.  Pom poms all turn out the same size and it was easy to use.  That is after my engineer hubby figured it out for me.  lol!  Truth be told!
This is the yarn I used.  Both on sale.  I made one pom pom with the red and cream but didn't care how there were longs strips of plain cream.  After that I cut it and wrapped the stripe and the cream separately.

So easy I made them while out of town celebrating my oldest sister's 80th birthday.  Wrap a little eat a little, wrap a little , eat a little more. 

I could hardly wait to string them and hang them up.  Sometimes I laugh at myself about how silly I am!  I strung and hung them the night we got home and in the morning I just HAD to decorate my living room mantle.  I won't be pulling out the rest of the Valentines until next week.  But I just couldn't wait!  That kid in a candy store syndrome. lol!
Using a large needle and crochet thread I strung them leaving space in between.

New found love for a simple scrubbing brush.  Loved the red bristles!

The marquee letter 'V' came off of a theater in a nearby town.  It remains one of my favorite Valentine décor items.

I made the wool blocks quite a few years ago, but they still hold a special place in my heart!

What grandma doesn't love giving hugs and kisses?  The chicken wire crown was a craft I made with my sil a few years ago as well.  I threw in one of my old radios for a touch of aqua.

In case your interested, here's how that little gadget works.  You wrap the yarn around the half circles.

Then you close it and snip all around the circle.
This is what it will look like after you have clipped it.  Next cut a small piece of yarn and wrap around the circle twice and tie off.

Carefully pull maker apart and voila!

A perfect (same size every time) pom pom!

You can just tie these to string or whatever with the little pieces left from tying off if you want.  I chose to cut them off and to thread them into a garland with a needle.

Hip, Hip, Hurray!

What can I say?  I love pom poms!


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