The Three R’s…

Recycle, Reuse, and Recreate

Thank goodness that there are those, myself being one of them, that believe in the three R’s!

I love finding old treasures and turning them into something else.


There are so many things that you can do with old books or sheet music. Last Dec. a few of my friends, my daughter Kylee, and I went to Connie Pinkneyes home and she taught us how to roll the pages into cones to make a wreath. Looks easy, but there actually is a technique to it.

My sister-in-law has it down perfect. Me, let's just say; I need more practice.

Good excuse to do a give away on my blog. Sign up as a follower and leave a comment by Feb. 14th and I will put you in a drawing for a paper rolled wreath. Practice, practice, practice.
Good Luck and I hope you will LOVE it!

WARNING It can be addicting!

My sister-in-law, Laurie and I found ourselves making a Valentines Day wreath.

Rolled pages from an old book, scrapbook paper, ribbons, posies made from tissue, a funky earring, and add a touch of epherma, (paper collectibles that were originally meant to be thrown away after use) and WA-LA you have a vintage looking wreath.




Originally epherma items were very inexpensive because they were to be disposed of. Vintage ones are not so cheap. Even reproductions are pricey. This baby set me back about $14.

I’m sure as heck not going to throw it away!

Reusing old Valentines for décor is also fun. I created a garland using mini Valentines Day cards that I made in a class at Archivers.








Close up of some of the cards.

Got Ironing?

A couple of weeks ago I went with my sister-in-law to “The Planted Earth” in Orem.  This shop is the closest thing in Utah County to “Urban Renewal” in St. George.  It’s kind of funky and you never know quite what you might find.

We went out into the greenhouse  to see if she could find a pot for her rosemary plant.  As we were walking through I spied a metal table, at least what I thought was a table.

Immediately I thought how fun it would be under our pergola to hold drinks when we have cook outs with family and friends.  now here’s the catch.  I don’t actually have a pergola yet.  Now wait, I’m not that crazy!  We do have plans on putting one in this Spring.

My husband has a hard time understanding the concept of buying something to go somewhere before you have that somewhere to put it.  I can’t imagine why!  Here’s the other thing, when you find that special treasure you know you just can’t pass it up.  It sure isn’t going to wait around for you to build your pergola.

I wasn’t sure what exactly the piece was but it had this sweet bit of art on the front of it that led me to believe that maybe it had come out of a beauty shop.


LOVE it!

I asked the girl if she knew what it was.  She said ‘no, but that she’d call the owner.

It’s an IRON RITE!

Great, I thought.  All seemed fine until my hubby and I went to pick it up in his truck.  The owner was there, he was kind of an old fashioned hippy.  I met him and his wife. After meeting them I now can totally see where this little eccentric shop fits.

Anyway, to make a long story short.  Or at least not quite as long.  The thing weighed a ton.  It has a huge industrial iron under that innocent looking metal top.

OOPS,  I promised my hubby that after moving my old stove up from our Highland home that I would never make him move anything that heavy again.  Too bad I already paid for it.

We rounded up our friend Kyle Sat. afternoon and he and Shultz managed to get it okay.  It went a lot better than I expected.  It’s on wheels so they were able to roll it out to the truck.

It’s in our garage for now but I am so looking forward to placing it under the pergola (well, having them place it under the pergola) after it’s built.


Can’t you imagine that tub of Coca Cola sitting atop it right now?  I can hardly wait to have you over for an ice cold soda and a sit down under my pergola!

SNOW Place Like Home...

Saturday morning we headed up A.F. Canyon with some friends to do a little snow shoeing. It was a bit smoggy down here in the valley, but as soon as we entered into our gorgeous mountains it was clear and beautiful. It's true, Utah does have the greatest snow on earth!

Gearing up

Friends Kyle and Shelley helping to keep us young. Not only
by getting us out to exercise, but by making us laugh until our
sides ache. Laughter is better than any medicine the Doc can
give us!

Greg and I taking a slide down hill. Climbing to the top
was fun too!

'Klondike Kyle' went to pose on a snow coverd log and this
is where he ended up.

We gave everybody a name. They all came easy except for
mine. So I decided I would be 'Jumping Jann'. Oops, where's
my other pole?

'Sherpa Shultz' taking a plunge into
the icy cold water.

Snow covered roof tops.

Kyle and Shelley on top of the world!

Time for a breather.

Sure glad that we weren't allowed to go any faster. Don't
think I could have kept up.

'Sliding Shelley' - GO girl, GO!

Found Treasures

Our Get Away to St. George was just what the Dr. ordered. It may have only been 51 degrees, but that was a heck of a lot warmer than here in Alpine. The only problem is, it felt like Spring and I came home with a bad case of Spring Fever!


Finding this turquoise rake at my favorite store “Urban Renewal” certainly got me yearning for some Spring clean-up. I also found this vintage sewing machine. It’s hard to tell, but it is chocolate brown. How SWEET is that? Can’t wait to display it in my sewing room!


‘Valentines’ décor finds at TJ Maxx and More. The BEST TJ store, I think!


How could I resist this darling turquoise polka-dot tiered dish? Look, it even matches my quilt on my table. No wonder I “had to have it!” They had lots of darling dishes that went with it. It was so hard to refrain myself from buying them. I am such a sucker for pretty dishes!


This pillow with garden sentiments knew that one look is all it took. It practically jumped into my cart all by itself.

Life back in the real COLD world isn’t quite the same. But until we run-a-way again or Spring arrives, looking at my found treasures will have to suffice.

Luckiest Girl

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! My hubby read my last post and then texted me. " Do you want to run away this weekend?" When he came home from work he said that he had read my blog and felt sorry for me. See ladies, it helps to whine every now and then! Away we go!!

Fly South

Sometimes don’t you feel like flying South for the Winter? I definitely think that those birds have a good thing going!



I think I’m going to need a ‘get-away’ soon. It does wonders for the soul!

In a Nutshell

‘2010’ in a nutshell


Like I said, in a nutshell! Hope I made you laugh, or at least smile a little. What better way to start the New Year off than laughing!