Found Treasures

Our Get Away to St. George was just what the Dr. ordered. It may have only been 51 degrees, but that was a heck of a lot warmer than here in Alpine. The only problem is, it felt like Spring and I came home with a bad case of Spring Fever!


Finding this turquoise rake at my favorite store “Urban Renewal” certainly got me yearning for some Spring clean-up. I also found this vintage sewing machine. It’s hard to tell, but it is chocolate brown. How SWEET is that? Can’t wait to display it in my sewing room!


‘Valentines’ d├ęcor finds at TJ Maxx and More. The BEST TJ store, I think!


How could I resist this darling turquoise polka-dot tiered dish? Look, it even matches my quilt on my table. No wonder I “had to have it!” They had lots of darling dishes that went with it. It was so hard to refrain myself from buying them. I am such a sucker for pretty dishes!


This pillow with garden sentiments knew that one look is all it took. It practically jumped into my cart all by itself.

Life back in the real COLD world isn’t quite the same. But until we run-a-way again or Spring arrives, looking at my found treasures will have to suffice.


Unknown said...

What about the green wicker chair your hubby wouldn't let you buy?

Ky said...

LOVE THE RAKE! I Bet it makes spring clean up alot easier when you have turquoise tools! Love ya mom!

Peg said...

Man oh man you are a lucky girl, not only did you get to run away with your sweetie, but you found a plethora of treasures even without the wicker chair. It's ok Shultz tough love is a good thing even in the best of marriages. JK. Love you both and I really love the chocolate colored sewing machine what a great find for your sewing room.

Shaleace said...

How luck are you? You got to go to warmer weather and you have sweetie that bargin shops with you.