SNOW Place Like Home

As of late, the weather outside is frightful! With the holiday season drawing to a close sometimes we find ourselves settling in and feeling a bit blue.

As I begin to put away the decorations I always leave some of my Snow fellows out to help warm my heart and home.


This tall fella decided to take a ride in my rustic sled.


This snowman quilt is one of the first ones I made. It was a block exchange our Kennel Girls did. I still love it! Saw this rustic door at R. C. Willey’s when we went to help our friends pick up a chair. My hubby bought it for me. He’s a keeper!


It won’t be long until the mantle will be sporting Valentines décor. Until then let the SNOW begin!


Jars of white and silver in my blue cupboard



More jars – couldn’t stand to leave some empty!


Turquoise bottles are happy to hold a couple of flakes.


Frosty table décor.


My friend, Shelley gave me this cute pedestal bowl for Christmas. It’s holding a few wintery treasures.


It’s hard to see, but the snowman stitchery says “HOPE”. This reminds me daily that winter will not last forever! Myself, I am much more a Spring and Summer kind of girl! Can’t wait until that daily ritual of walking the garden and seeing what plants have dared to stick their heads out first begins. I just have to remind myself, “that daffodils are a comin!” Till then, I’ll hunker down and stay warm and cozy in my abode. Because there is “SNOW” place like home!

Shout Out!

A couple of weeks ago my neighbor, Ammie came by. When she saw the Christmas décor on my kitchen table she said. “You need to send a picture to “House of Turquoise”. I had never heard of House of Turquoise. I decided to check it out. It’s a blog posted by Erin from Minneapolis, MN which features pics of rooms decorated with tqs. After seeing how fancy and gorgeous the pictures were I was convinced that mine would never be posted. “What the heck”, I thought I’ll send them to her anyway. Much to my surprise yesterday I checked and there they were. It was fun to see them. So I would just like to give a SHOUT-OUT to both Ammie and Erin and say, “Thanks”!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town


I love my D.I.treasure! Oh what a bargain he was. He was marked $5.00, I thought that was great! When I went to pay for him I realized that I was out of checks and had no cash. This was back before the day that they accepted visa. I said, “I’m going to have to call my husband at work and see if he will come here and pay for it.” This nice man behind me said, “oh here, let me pay for it for you.” He wouldn’t even give me his address so that I could mail it to him. This Christmas I want to say, “thanks so much kind stranger. I love my Santa!”

Home Tour–part 4

Today will complete the ‘Stitching Group’ home tour. I hope you have had as much viewing these pics as I did taking them.

It’s hard to believe that tonight is the eve before Christmas Eve. I better hurry and get this posted before Santa arrives!

My dear friend Ann moved into her new home just a few months ago. Last Christmas was the first in our new home. I know how exciting that was to decorate for the first time. I’m sure that Ann had that same feeling. As you will soon see, she did a great job!


Hanging in her entryway were these darling red and white striped ornaments. She said that she bought them three or four years ago, but never had anywhere to use them. WA-LA, perfect for her new home!


This is the same tree that she had in her living room at her old home. The addition of the red and lime gave it a totally new look!


I LOVE holiday dishes! Really, I just love all dishes. Don’t these go so cute with her tree? She just received the snowflake bowl and platter as her club gift. Looks like it was purchased just for her!


Her beautiful FROSTY light over her kitchen table.


The wreaths hanging from the back of her chairs look as though they’ve been dusted with snow.


This is her basement tree, sweet as the candy that adorns it! Her daughter Elise made the paper poinsettia a few years ago. That’s sure to be a cherished treasure!

Now on to our last house. Diana is one talented lady! She and I owned a business together years ago. She is very clever and her imagination never quits! What fun her house was!


Her cute gingerbread entry can’t help but make you smile! I’m sure that it is every child’s delight.


This makes you feel just like a kid in a candy store.


Some of her darling plate collection. I love the holder! The jar of peppermints add just the right touch!


The glitzy green frame on her card advent accents her red and lime green tree. So dang cute!


Her tree has some of the original ornaments from when she was first married. She has been adding touches of lime green for the past few years. Look how the presents match.


She’s ready at the first sign of snow to get her fellow built. Wonder if he’ll be tall and thin, or short and fat?

We had such a fun day! I love the Christmas holiday and sharing in the warmth of everyone’s home just holds a soft spot in my heart!

May your holiday be filled with warmth and happiness of your own!

Home Tour Interruption

We interrupt this home tour to bring you some late ‘Breaking News’. Actually, I just wanted to share my latest finds with you.

Yesterday I went shopping to finish up those “Last Minute Items”. Did I find them? No, but I did score!


Went to R.C. Willey to see if they happened to have any red cupboards. Just one, but not quite what I’m looking for. Had to go to the restroom. On my way look what jumped out at me. It’s hard to tell, but this Vintage Sleigh has Christmas words where the paint is coming off. LOVE it, but did NOT need it. Darn that bladder! Can’t wait to fill it with some of those Snow guys for January.


Stopped at Shopko to pick up a few last minute ornaments. I buy one every year for my children and grand children. Happened to lack just a couple. Did I find them? No, but again look at this cute Vintage Wreath ornament. 70% off, how could I resist? I bought all 4 of them they had left.


Shopko also had these mini Wool Mittens. Only 2, but I feel it’s the beginning of a mini mitten garland. Gotta keep up with that Jill girlfriend!

Home Tour–part three

Well, hope you have enjoyed the tour so far!

Today we are going to Jill’s home. She is a friend of mine that I met when they divided our ward and we became the Highland 18th. One of the great things that came into my life because of it.


I went all “LADY GA-GA” over her mitten garland. Don’t you just love it?


This Santa pillow tells it like it is!


She decorates the top or her kitchen cupboards with Snowmen, as do I. Hmmm, wonder if she sleeps with them also?


Her entire home brought us such JOY!

Sweet Amanda’s home is a treasure trove of antiques. It’s as though you have stepped back in time. How fun is that?


Her tree was garnished with strands of beads and all sorts of Victorian beauties!


I loved this rustic star!


This poinsettia pillow definitely has an old fashioned flare.


Cute felted bell wreaths adorned her chairs.


She collects crocks and this one is all dressed up for the holidays.


It was all just darling, but this has to be my favorite item of hers. Vintage bowls filled with GINGERBREAD men and CANDY CANES!


I know that this just has to be Rudy and Trudy’s long lost brother. Not sure what I’m talking about? Ask Peggy La Cognata, I’m sure she’d be happy to tell you!

Two more homes left, and plenty more to enjoy! I know it’s getting close to Christmas. I know that you’re awfully busy. However, I KNOW that you won’t want to miss these!

Home Tour–part two

The next house we went to was my daughter, Karrahs. She apologetically told everyone, “ my decorations are all my mom’s old ones that she’s handed down to me.” But you know what? She has added some style of her own, and they have found new life in HER home!


Her tree is all SNOWMAN themed. I have so much fun finding a new ornament for her each year. This is a tradition that started when my children were young. New this year are the snowflakes she added at the top. They just gave it a little more pizazz! So Cute!!


This is one of my favorite Christmas items of hers! I wonder why? Vintage story book that was her husbands as a boy. PRICELESS!

Karrah inherited a few of my mothers Christmas decorations. Whenever I see them I can’t help but think of her and, oh how she loved Christmas!

I can’t believe I didn’t take more pics. I was just too busy telling the history of everything and forgot to snap. Sorry, the old brain doesn’t work quite like it use too! :(

After Karrahs home we went to my cousin, Betty’s.


Betty has been crafting for years! This is her gingerbread and Angel collection. I’d bet that she has made a lot of them. I know for sure that she made the large gingerbread girl.


SNOWMEN – No matter what they are made of, they always manage to find a warm place in my heart!


She decided to put her card advent calendar on a canvas instead of in a frame. It made it have it’s own unique look, very clever! I can’t believe how different everybody’s turned out. I love the variety! Notice her cute HO HO Santa garland hanging above it.

REMEMBER – we still have four more houses full of wonderful Christmas décor. Be sure and visit again!

Holiday Home Tour

On Thursdays I hold a ‘Stitching Group’ at my home. Last Thurs. we decided that we wanted to do a Christmas home tour. Eight people agreed to let us visit their home. I am going to spot-light two at a time. I hope you enjoy and see how talented all of these ladies are!

Our first stop was Kathy’s home. Very warm and cozy!


I love her flocked tree.


Her advent calendar is glitzy. It looks so different than my vintage one. Oh, how I love it!


Treats for the Sweet on top of a kitchen cabinet.


Her mantle of white is so gorgeous!


Kathy made this darling pillow with red burlap. Don’t you love the ruffle? I might have to make one for Valentines. It would work don’t you think?

Now on to Beth’s so much to take in. I love it all!


This darling decorated ladder filled with some of those guys I love so much greeted us at her door.


A collection of Santa’s in her family room.


Love her table décor! It makes me want to sit and stay awhile. Notice her cute quilt. One of many that she has made. She is as addicted as I am.


She has sweet little vignettes' everywhere. One thing I can never get enough of!


A perfect little area for decorating in her kitchen.

That’s it for today. See what I mean by talented? Tune in tomorrow for two more. I promise, you won’t want to miss!