Advent Addict

As of late I have to admit that I have become a bit of an Advent Addict! It all began when I purchased one from Pottery Barn clearance after Christmas last year. Then when I made the one that is in a frame it became out of control!


I loved this tree advent from Pottery Barn. When it went on clearance I just couldn’t resist.


I had saved a picture of this large canvas advent for years. Always loved it but never had a place to hang it until we moved into our new home. This year my sister-in-law and I decided we both had “The perfect spot”.


Again, my sister-in-law and I made a Halloween advent that went into this frame. From there it has blossomed. Not only did we make Christmas ones ( made four others for my children), but we are going to make a Valentines, Spring, and 4th of July one.


Even after those three, for some uncanny reason it’s simply just not enough. My friend Joyce made an advent out of playing cards. It is so dang cute that my sister-in-law, Laurie and I are at it again. Here we are in her SWEET craft room creating our latest advent. I will post a pic when it is finished.

I certainly hope I don’t forget what day Christmas is because I definitely do not have an excuse. Hmmm, I wonder if there’s an AAA (Advent Addict Anonymous).

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Peg said...

You truly are out of control, soon you will have to start donating those calendars to the orphanage. I do have to admit that there is just something about them that suck you in and that is it you are addicted. Maybe it has something to do with our childhood.