Oops, I did it again! What, you ask? Made another advent. Three just didn’t seem to be quite enough.


The first tag is a playing card and then is followed with one or two other papers. I tried to have some fun little item hanging down from each one.




Thought I would post a few so you could see them a little better. Sorry about the glare. Just glad that I got it done before the big day!


Peg said...

I really love this one and Kathy's and Dianna's too. Haven't seen Joyce's yet, but saw Betty's. I want to make one so you gotta help me. I know you will cuz you help me with many of my projects thats just what friends do right?

Anonymous said...

Diana said..
First time to visit your blog. OH! It's just darling. Soooooooooo-cute! Why haven't I visited before. I've missed out on so much. Its a good thing my daughter Becky is here for Christmas to help me to get on. So I could see all the fun things you do.We do have real talented friends, don't we?
Makes me want to start a blog myself. But, you all know my elementary mind, not sure I could do it. Not even sure posting a comment will work. But here goes............your the best!