Home Tour–part two

The next house we went to was my daughter, Karrahs. She apologetically told everyone, “ my decorations are all my mom’s old ones that she’s handed down to me.” But you know what? She has added some style of her own, and they have found new life in HER home!


Her tree is all SNOWMAN themed. I have so much fun finding a new ornament for her each year. This is a tradition that started when my children were young. New this year are the snowflakes she added at the top. They just gave it a little more pizazz! So Cute!!


This is one of my favorite Christmas items of hers! I wonder why? Vintage story book that was her husbands as a boy. PRICELESS!

Karrah inherited a few of my mothers Christmas decorations. Whenever I see them I can’t help but think of her and, oh how she loved Christmas!

I can’t believe I didn’t take more pics. I was just too busy telling the history of everything and forgot to snap. Sorry, the old brain doesn’t work quite like it use too! :(

After Karrahs home we went to my cousin, Betty’s.


Betty has been crafting for years! This is her gingerbread and Angel collection. I’d bet that she has made a lot of them. I know for sure that she made the large gingerbread girl.


SNOWMEN – No matter what they are made of, they always manage to find a warm place in my heart!


She decided to put her card advent calendar on a canvas instead of in a frame. It made it have it’s own unique look, very clever! I can’t believe how different everybody’s turned out. I love the variety! Notice her cute HO HO Santa garland hanging above it.

REMEMBER – we still have four more houses full of wonderful Christmas décor. Be sure and visit again!

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