Home Tour–part 4

Today will complete the ‘Stitching Group’ home tour. I hope you have had as much viewing these pics as I did taking them.

It’s hard to believe that tonight is the eve before Christmas Eve. I better hurry and get this posted before Santa arrives!

My dear friend Ann moved into her new home just a few months ago. Last Christmas was the first in our new home. I know how exciting that was to decorate for the first time. I’m sure that Ann had that same feeling. As you will soon see, she did a great job!


Hanging in her entryway were these darling red and white striped ornaments. She said that she bought them three or four years ago, but never had anywhere to use them. WA-LA, perfect for her new home!


This is the same tree that she had in her living room at her old home. The addition of the red and lime gave it a totally new look!


I LOVE holiday dishes! Really, I just love all dishes. Don’t these go so cute with her tree? She just received the snowflake bowl and platter as her club gift. Looks like it was purchased just for her!


Her beautiful FROSTY light over her kitchen table.


The wreaths hanging from the back of her chairs look as though they’ve been dusted with snow.


This is her basement tree, sweet as the candy that adorns it! Her daughter Elise made the paper poinsettia a few years ago. That’s sure to be a cherished treasure!

Now on to our last house. Diana is one talented lady! She and I owned a business together years ago. She is very clever and her imagination never quits! What fun her house was!


Her cute gingerbread entry can’t help but make you smile! I’m sure that it is every child’s delight.


This makes you feel just like a kid in a candy store.


Some of her darling plate collection. I love the holder! The jar of peppermints add just the right touch!


The glitzy green frame on her card advent accents her red and lime green tree. So dang cute!


Her tree has some of the original ornaments from when she was first married. She has been adding touches of lime green for the past few years. Look how the presents match.


She’s ready at the first sign of snow to get her fellow built. Wonder if he’ll be tall and thin, or short and fat?

We had such a fun day! I love the Christmas holiday and sharing in the warmth of everyone’s home just holds a soft spot in my heart!

May your holiday be filled with warmth and happiness of your own!

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Peg said...

Every house we saw was so fun and beautiful. I was happy that I got to see in person, however looking at the pictures is like getting to go on another tour. Thanks for sharing them on your blog. What a great record to have.