The Men in My Life

Every year at this time I find the men in my life to be very COLD! Warm hearted, but oh so COLD! For some unknown reason, I just can’t seem to get enough of them.


At times they can be down right frosty!


They think that they can just sing their way into my heart,


Let me tell you, they are no angels!



I don’t know if it’s their athleticism or what.


I find myself sleeping with them every night. Yes I said them, is that sick or what? I can’t help it, it’s almost a fatal attraction! Is it because I spent so many hours creating them?


I even heard that one of them hung their former girl out to dry.


It doesn’t matter if their tall and thin


or if their short and fat. I just love them!


I even realize that in a couple of months they will all skate their way right out of my life. Oh well, for now I guess I’ll just love my cold, but warm hearted little guys. Hopefully, a few of you will find a few snowmen of your own to love so I won’t have to purchase any more!


Whittron said...

that quilt is beautiful!!!

McFadden said...

Enjoy all your men before they all go away.
At least they won't melt.

Anonymous said...

Hey can you tell me if there is a pattern available for the embroidered quilt. Thanks so much Wonda Simpson