Share Your Cup Thursday #67

Well my friends, another week has whisked by and I find myself wondering where the summer has went.  Soon it will be Fall and we will be enjoying bounty of colors along with cooler days and crisp nights.

Welcome to Share Your Cup!  The party where you share what ever it is that makes you happy.

If you’re new here so glad to have you and a big ‘thanks’ to my regulars who join in weekly!  I’ve said more than once, that I learned a long time ago that we must first make ourselves happy and after doing that we can go on to make others happy.  Seeing what you link each week brings a smile to my face.  Happiness is evident!

I had such a hard time narrowing the features down to just a few.  But here goes:

Pernilla from Swedish Corner Down Under shared her love for blue enamelware.


Rebecca from Walnut and Vine decorated this cabinet for summer.  Love that truck!


How sweet is this vintage tablecloth shared by Pam from Virginia Retro.  She has an amazing collection of beauties like this.


Tarnished Royalty shared a plaque of her favorite scripture she displays in this darling aqua cabinet.


Laura from Cottage and Broome shared the side door entrance to her home.  Definitely says ‘welcome’ to me!


Love this picture of Mrs. H from Heritage School House of her and their new baby calf.


Thanks everyone and please grab my button if you were featured.


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Well my friends, summer is upon us.   I thought I would share some things that come to mind when I think of summer.


Of course the S stands for Sunshine and Swimming.  Both things we associate with summer, but how about SHASTA DAISY?  Mine are in full bloom right now.



For those hot days of sunshine we take comfort under our UMBRELLA.



Nothing says summer quite like a sweet slice of MELON



And like it or not, it also brings out those MENACING ANTS.



There’s nothing more enjoyable than EATING a delicious meal outdoors. (Dolly set this spread out for us when we went to visit her)



I always think of reunions in the summer time, but also one of my favorite things to do is to RELAX in my own back yard!


We made the fun watermelon slices and ants when my sister, Jeanne and I visited our sister, Julie in Ferron a couple of weeks ago.  Her hubby cut the wedges out of logs with a chain saw.  Our friend, Dolly drilled the golf balls for us and we created this colony of ants.


Doesn’t that picture make you think of the song, “The Ants Go Marching One,  by One?”

You can bet we sang it while we worked!



p.s. I want to thank these sweet ladies for featuring me this past week.  I am late at mentioning a couple and I really do appreciate the feature!

The Ladies from the Scoop for my Farmhouse Glam Kitchen post.

Debra from Common Ground for my Harvesting Post

Laura from Sunday View for my Hangin Out Under the Stairs post

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Randomness. . .

Just wondering, do you like randomness in the garden?  you know, things popping up in unexpected places.  Or do you like everything all neat and tidy?

Myself, I love randomness!

Like this Morning Glory vine that seeded and curled right up onto my front porch.

garden 001

It also climbed it’s way up this sunflower. Another bit of randomness.

garden 002

I love this one that climbed up two of my old rakes.

garden 006

Last year I had lots of giant sunflowers pop up in various places in my front yard.  This year they returned,  The heads are a lot smaller, but they are ever so tall.

garden 004

I just pulled out all of my pansies from this bed.  Last year I planted Petunias in amongst the pansies so that I would have color all summer.  When the pansies were still pretty up until Fall I decided to forego the planting of the Petunias.  Wouldn’t you know it that it was extra hot this year and now I have no color.  The single white Alyssum is another bit of randomness that reseeded from last year.  Didn’t have the heart to pull it out.

Another cute little random sunflower.

garden 005

This is the second year that portulaca has came back in my beds by the front porch.  It’s scattered randomly here and there.  It surprises me because I pull them all out every fall.

garden 012

Another surprising thing is the fact that I have three butterfly bushes that just grew in my yard, They are just starting to bloom.  I never planted one of them.  They randomly reseeded from my neighbors.

garden 007

There you have it, a bit of randomness at my home.



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Be Still My Heart!!!

Yesterday was a holiday here in Utah.  July 24th is ‘Pioneer Day’, the day we celebrate the arrival of the pioneers into the Utah valley.

I’ve  been having a hankering to go to the damaged goods store, NPS.  I hadn’t been there for a few months.  You might remember that my friends and I refer to it as ‘Train Wreck’.  Knowing that hubby would have the day off Weds. I asked him if he wanted to go.  Surprisingly, he said, ‘yes’.

Now, this is a store that you NEVER know what you are going to find.  For some uncanny reason on the way up I was telling hubby that sometime I wanted to find an old cabinet to go in the craft room.  One that I could sit my Featherweight machine on.  Something with cubbies, and you know this girl loves her numbers.  Never dreaming in a million (even a zillion) years that I would ever find one there.


cuttin back & cabinet 016

O.k. this is just the teaser pic.  I have to tell you the rest of the story. . .

We walked into the collectibles room.  This is the room where things are a little more pricey, but still better than at the retail stores.  Lots of name brands.  Often, Pottery Barn.

We spied a super soft black leather couch, chair, and loveseat.  Didn’t need that.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw this big round furry chair, a teenagers dream.  I turned to look at it better.  That’s when I saw that there were two.  My eyes glanced up and holy maloly behind them was the cabinet of my dreams.

cuttin back & cabinet 019

I swear I thought my heart was going to jump right out of my chest.  Rustic, cubbies, numbers, what’s not to love?  BE STILL MY HEART!

And look my lucky #7.  Now here’s where you see the damage.  Notice the metal is broken under #7?  There are a few like that.  Who care’s?  That baby stole my heart anyway!  There were a few of the broken pieces in one of the drawers.  Thinking I might try gluing them back on.

cuttin back & cabinet 013

The thing was still a bit pricey, so I had to beg hubby a little.  He tried to talk me out of it by saying, “you said cubbies and these are drawers”.  Come on, like that’s going to work!

cuttin back & cabinet 014

The top two rows are actually three cubbies hooked together as drawers.  The bottom row is 15 cubbies to form a cabinet.  I think they will house my three filing cabinets of paper and scrapbook packets perfectly.

cuttin back & cabinet 015

The tag on the cabinet said, ‘Antique’.  I had my doubts because of the finish on the sides and top.  That was another trick hubby used to try and talk me out of it, “It’s not antique”.  Come on, really?  Using the words come on is an inside joke for my hubby. Yes, he reads my blog.  If you’ve ever watched Arrested Development you will relate.

cuttin back & cabinet 017

But look how well it matches my shelf that displays my vintage cameras.

cuttin back & cabinet 018

After getting this beauty home it said that the metal numbers were reclaimed, but  I found that it was made by a co., ‘GuildMaster’.  This is what it said on the tag.

“Some pieces just make you happy.  You feel good by simply walking into the room.

That’s our criteria for creating every piece of GuildMaster furniture. Our heirlooms are hand made to order by the world’s master craftsmen.  From hand-carved Indonesian hardwood to custom-applied finishes to whimsical details, each piece is a showcase statement of quality and distinctive style.

This piece certainly does make me happy! I had to raise my letter ‘O’ and no featherweight machine yet.  I need to take it to be fixed.  But oh how I love it!

Thank you Train Wreck!  And hubby of course.

cuttin back & cabinet 011 



p.s. Be sure you check out the fantastic give away at French Country Cottage.

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The Scoop





Share Your Cup Thursday #66

Happy 24th and welcome to Share Your Cup.  The party where you come to share whatever it is in life that makes you happy.

Each week I am amazed at the variety of links this party receives.  So fun, and I love visiting each of you!

Thanks everyone for all of the birthday wishes last week.  I appreciated it so much!

The kids came over Sunday to celebrate my ‘big 60’.  Hubby made BBQ beef and they all brought side dishes and dessert.  One of them made the red, white, & blue potato salad that was featured last week.  It was delicious.  Thanks Robin!


Hubby made me the suck candy rose bouquet that says, “it sucks to get old”.  Who knew he was so creative?


They all dressed in black and my 12 year old granddaughter said, “Grandma, I don’t get it, why are we dressed in black?”   I had to explain to her that she was mourning the passing of my youth.  She was nice enough to say that even though I had wrinkles; I didn’t look that old, I looked more like ‘40’.  Yeah right, I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her mom would be ‘40’ on her next birthday. lol!

I may be old, but this girl can still have fun!  Here I am with my inflatable walker.


And how funny is this?  My hair net to protect my poof, a funnel turned hearing aid, old lady glasses, and a new duster.  Yahoo this granny rocks!

Thanks kids for all of the good laughs!


A lot of the blogs I visited last week had word verification on.  If you want more comments I suggest you take it off.  Not sure if you have it?  Try leaving yourself a comment.

Now for this weeks features:

You have got to go visit to see what Kassandra Shabby did to create this amazing detail on an old mirror.

Victorian mirror (16)

Poppy from With a Dash of Color shared her summer garden and some of the fun things she has created.  You must go see!

PicMonkey Collage 3 watermarked

Ricki from The Questionable Homesteader lives at the back of her parents home.  She felt as if visitors got lost in their beautiful garden.  She made a creative welcome to brighten the entrance to her home.


Francine from Ethereal Plus What I Love shared her new kitchen back splash.  Love her entire kitchen!

new kit photos 4

Simply Suzannes is often whipping up something delicious.  Look at this gorgeous shortcake!

3240 with text

These last two blogs are bonus features that I have featured recently.  But you know that I am such a lover of red, that I could not resist but to feature them again!

Paintin Patti's craft room had me oohing and ahhing with each and every photo.

Photo Jul 13, 2013, 6_10 PM

And how amazing is this ‘estate sale’ find cart shared by Verna from Helen and Her Daughters?  You will not believe what she paid for it!


can’t wait to see what has filled your cup this week!

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Hangin Out Under the Stairs. . .

Hi folks, lately I’ve been playing a little bit like Harry Potter and hangin out under the stairs.


Although I haven’t been practicing any wizardry and such I think as far as my grandies are concerned I’ve created a bit of ‘magic’.

Inspired by the many outdoor cafes and hanging clotheslines in Portugal I turned the playhouse under the stairs into a ‘Market Café’.


You may remember this little $4 thrift find cupboard that I painted a while back.   Perfect for holding things that are a must for a little café.




Necessities hang close by.


I found the little table at a thrift store also.  It was a little more pricey, $15.  Still, too cute to pass up.  I painted it with a chevron design and added a little chair that I bought at a yard sale years ago for $2.  The little stitched  picture and lantern are other thrift finds.



Sitting at the table you see the sweet hanging clothesline.   It’s a retractable one from the 1940’s.  I bought it when we went on a road trip to ID.   It was instant love when I spied it!  Many of the darling baby clothes were sent to me from my blog friend, Rose.

She just mailed me a package for no particular reason.  Imagine how elated I was to see these precious garments she wore as a baby!


The little sparrow I bought in Portugal.


Just in case the clothes get dirty, we have a bucket and suds close by.


This little catch all station was another thrift find for $10.  I painted it Duck Egg Blue and thought I would use it in my craft room.  When It really didn’t seem to work I thought I would try it in the playhouse, Bingo! 


The little doll was brought back to me years ago by my MIL.  It was a gift from Spain.  I had it in the ‘to get rid of’ pile.  After going there, she was pulled right back out!


Food waiting to be served.


On the outside I painted a few faux brick and stenciled the sign on an old chippy fence rail.


A couple years ago I bought the shutters at a yard sale for $1.  I painted them blue and put them on a shelf in my living room.  When I found that they fit the window perfectly I knew they had found a new home! The little ones are loving it at the small café under the stairs.  I even find a big one hanging out there now and then.


You know we’re never to old to pretend!

And here’s a picture I took in Portugal of a little market café.  Just realized I used the word little an awful lot in this post. lol!




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