Playing (with) Chicken in the garden. . .

I must confess that I am just a tad jealous of you gals and your girls, (chckens).  When I see them running around your gardens I think.  “How fun is that?”

I have a couple of chickens in my garden, but they don’t do much running around.

That was until yesterday.  When I walked out for my morning look about one of my girls asked me if I wanted to play a game.  Obviously, I thought that meant a game of chicken because well, she’s a chicken.

I had images of her and I waddling (do chickens waddle) towards each other until one of us got all tuckered out.

But no, she wanted to play hide & seek.

This is where she usually resides.  A nice little spot under the pergola.  Isn’t  she cute?  My sister, Julie and friend, Dolly carved her using a chain saw out of a hunk of wood.

IMG_0421 (2)

She asked me to cover my eyes.  Before I knew it she had hopped up under my little Annabelle Hydrangea.

IMG_0409 (2)

Seriously, does she think I can’t see her?  Pitiful hiding place if you ask me.

Then I spied her hiding in the pumpkin vines.  Still not sure if she gets the concept of hiding.

IMG_0410 (2)

She’s doing a little better in the herb garden.

IMG_0411 (2)

Oh my gosh, now she’s  right out in plain sight.  Surprised that she chose this spot.  I would’ve thought that my jumping frog would frighten her.  After all, she is chicken!

IMG_0417 (2)

Under the Weeping Mulberry tree. 

IMG_0416 (2)

Oh yeah, she’s getting the hang of this game!

IMG_0415 (2)

I think that the colored bottles attracted her to this spot.

IMG_0420 (2)

Oh yes, by George I think she’s got it.  It took me a while to find her here!

IMG_0418 (2)

After all that running around she was tuckered out and had to run (I mean waddle) to her nest.

Must admit, I was a little tired myself.  But what fun the two of us had.  So much so that I am thinking of making this game a tradition for the grandies.  Wouldn’t they love to play hide and seek with my chicken each time they come. 

They’ll be here Sunday to celebrate my birthday.  Yes, today is my birthday, and it’s a biggie!  No wonder I was all tuckered out.  At my age I’m surprised I could even run waddle around at all.  lol!

I’ll let you know if they enjoy the game.



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Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

So cute I almost can't stand it.

Your blog is always full of fun whimsy, Jann!


Unknown said...

Cute! Cute!
Happy Birthday!

Pamela Gordon said...

Now that's a really cute post and game too. That chicken is pretty clever to find such pretty flowers to hide under. Happy Birthday to you! I hope your celebration with the family on the weekend is wonderful. Hugs, Pam

Patti said...

Happy Birthday Chickie! Have a wonderful day! At our age, I say celebrate the entire month, better yet, the entire year!

Unknown said...

What a cute post! She is such a cute chick and I'm sure since it was your birthday she was letting you find her in those easy spots...:) Hope you have a great Birthday!!

Cathy said...

This post put a smile on my face <;)
Hope you smile all day since it is your Birthday***

Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

Poppy @ With a Dash of Color said...

How cute! love how you wrote this post:) Happy Birthday, Jann! Your cute little chick found the best hiding spots...among the beautiful plants. Enjoy your special day! Hugs,Poppy

Linda W. said...

Very cute chicken. What fun playing hide and seek! Happy Birthday!

Winnie said...

What a fun and cute post!!


cynthia lee designs said...

Happy Birthday, Jann!!
Your chicken is so very cute. I'm sure your grandkids will have lots of fun finding her.

Art and Sand said...

I think I could manage a chicken like yours.

Too cute!

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

LOL is there anything that you do not have a collection of? These are so cute! :)

Fran said...

Happy Birthday, Jann! Or should I say, Happy BIG Birthday! Have fun celebrating. :) --Fran

Nell at njschout said...

Happy Birthday, Jann!

Babs said...

Happy Birthday, Jann! Cute post..your chicken reminds me of the movie Chicken Run. :)
LOVE LOVE your bottle tree...and it has leaves. How much fun! Hope your birthday is the best one ever.

Tammy N said...

Someone talented carved your chicken! Love to see where she hides on your garden. What a lucky chicken!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

You are so funny. Please tell me she doesn't move on her own. ~smile~

Blessings to you!
Harvest Lane Cottage