Where the Wild Things Roam

We are quickly learning to love our new home. The only problem is so are a few wild things. I have a feeling that they have lived in this area long before our arrival.
We discovered that a doe and a baby fawn live behind our side yard where it is just a patch of tall grass. I am posting a few pics but the fawn is a little hard to see because it stays hidden in the foilage. We have a three point and a four point buck that think our backyard is a regular trail to who knows where they are going. They cross through it almost daily. They certainly don't feel at all threatened by our existance. Maybe they don't realize that bow season is upon them. Then again, maybe they're just smart enough to know that there's no hunting inside city limits.
One of my friends sisters told me that someone that was looking at a house by ours wandered out into the tall grass and discovered cougar cubs. Luckily, we have seen no sign of them or their protective mother. A week or so ago we had a bunch of quail and their babies in our backyard. Right now I am loving the opportunity of sighting these magnificent creatures. Next spring however, I may not be so excited to see them munching on my newly planted trees and flowers. Oh well, as Scarlet said in 'Gone with the Wind'. "I don't want to think about that today, I'll think about that tomorrow "(or next Spring) and just enjoy them for now.

Life as I know it

Life is good, so I keep telling myself. The past couple of weeks have been CRAZY hectic, but now I actually have a moment to relax and contemplate what actually has happened. Last week we moved into a new home. Yes, there are still boxes to unpack but something tells me that they are not going anywhere. It was a difficult decision to leave our home of 21 years, but I think we are going to be very happy here. At first when we woke up in the morning it felt as if we were visiting someone or on vacation somewhere and waking up in a hotel. Shultz said that he felt as though we needed to be going to some tourist attraction. But as each day passes it's beginning to feel more and more like our home. I am even starting to learn which switch turns on which light. I'm still having difficulty remembering which drawer I put what in. I'm loving the double ovens and have found myself using both diswashers often. Something I thought was just totally ridiculous and would only be used on Thanksgiving. Each day as we manage to hang a few more of my old familar decorations that I can't seem to part with I see a little more of myself creeping into this house. We have big plans for the yard and gardens and even though it won't be all done at once I know that it will really help to make this house our home. So until then all I can do is imagine and hope that my children and grandchildren will someday love this home as much as they did our home in Highland. We plan to stay here for a long time or until we move to our next home which would be just down the road aways. The Alpine Cemetary.