Where the Wild Things Roam

We are quickly learning to love our new home. The only problem is so are a few wild things. I have a feeling that they have lived in this area long before our arrival.
We discovered that a doe and a baby fawn live behind our side yard where it is just a patch of tall grass. I am posting a few pics but the fawn is a little hard to see because it stays hidden in the foilage. We have a three point and a four point buck that think our backyard is a regular trail to who knows where they are going. They cross through it almost daily. They certainly don't feel at all threatened by our existance. Maybe they don't realize that bow season is upon them. Then again, maybe they're just smart enough to know that there's no hunting inside city limits.
One of my friends sisters told me that someone that was looking at a house by ours wandered out into the tall grass and discovered cougar cubs. Luckily, we have seen no sign of them or their protective mother. A week or so ago we had a bunch of quail and their babies in our backyard. Right now I am loving the opportunity of sighting these magnificent creatures. Next spring however, I may not be so excited to see them munching on my newly planted trees and flowers. Oh well, as Scarlet said in 'Gone with the Wind'. "I don't want to think about that today, I'll think about that tomorrow "(or next Spring) and just enjoy them for now.


Vuong Duc Binh said...

Oh! How nice these wild things! I love these wild animals.

Ky said...

The fawn is soooo cute. I was so happy to see it for the first time last weekend. i love that fawn more than any other fawn.