True Colors. . .

I am American born and American raised.

Therefore I am proud to show my TRUE Colors.

Those of Red, White and Blue!



RED is for Valor and Hardiness.  It represents the blood that has been spilt to keep our country free.

WHITE is for Purity and Innocence

BLUE is for Perseverance, Justice, and Vigilance.


I live in the middle of a cul-de-sac off of a main road into the E. side of Alpine, UT

I hope that everyone that drives by sees that I am proud to show my True Colors!









What ever Country you are from, I hope that you too are proud to show your True Colors.



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No, I’m not Southern, but sure would be fun.  Love how they talk!

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Pay It Forward. . .

Hello everyone, you may remember that about a month ago Nancy from At Nanns Table was paying it forward and gave me this darling tea cup filled with a beautiful petunia and basil and some herbal tea.


Every since then I have been trying my best to pay it forward.  Doing simple things like, letting someone go in front of me in line, letting cars in while driving, and being friendlier to strangers.

I had yet to pay it forward to a fellow blogger.  I thought who better than my cute neighbor, Ammie.


She did not know that I was coming over and look, she dressed for the occasion. Wearing one of my favorite colors. Did you notice she matches her door? lol!

This is her cute house.  They repainted it and the door last Fall.  Ammie did a lot of the work herself.  She called me over to help pick the door color.  She had narrowed it down to blues but just wanted a little help.  Doesn’t it look cozy?


Her blog is Green Thumb and Thimble  We both have a passion for gardening and quilting.  I would love for you to hop over and give her a visit.

She is a young mother of 3 darling children, with #4 arriving in September.  Her boys are so cute.  They often ride their bikes over to my house.  They always say, “Jann, your yard is so pretty”.  Mannerly boys wouldn’t you say?

This is her sweet family, Dean, Ammie, Gracie (love her curly hair), and Wyatt.


She is holding the ladybug feeder and birdseed that I gave her.  It will be so cute hanging from her large tree.  Look at her hostas in the background.


Miss ‘Green Thumb’ for sure!


Thanks Nancy for giving me this opportunity to ‘Pay it Forward’.  Something I should be doing every day.  But sometimes I don’t always remember.

I hope you will stop and take the time to ‘Pay it ‘Forward’ to somebody today.



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Share Your Cup Thursday #15

Hello everyone and welcome to Share Your Cup.  This is the place to come and share what ever it is that makes you happy.

My party continues to grow and I want to thank each of you for taking time out of your busy day to come link up. I really enjoy seeing what you have to share!

There are so many fun posts and as usual it’s difficult to narrow the features to just a few.  For the next two weeks I will be featuring 5 regular posts and hi-lighting a few Americana posts. I thought they might give you some decorating/entertaining ideas for July.

A Southern Belle with Northern Roots showed us how creative she is with her rescued old windows and drawers.


Clara from Rosewalk Cottage set a pretty table with flowers and vintage items. I love her cottage quilt.


Look at this darling bench that Sarah from Alderberry Hill and her hubby made from an old headboard.  Boy does this picture make me miss my red door at my previous home.


Artsy Va Va saved this broken wrought iron chair from going to the dump.  See how she turned it into a darling garden planter.

 iron chair1K

Joy from A Vintage Green shared some lovely pictures of her garden art and flowers.


If you missed visiting any of these lovely blogs I would highly recommend a visit.

Now for a few Americana features.

Andrea from Town and Prairie repainted this table and dressed it all Americana style.  Isn’t it so cute?


Shasta from In the Old Road made this fun summer banner from pool noodles.


And look at these cute napkin rings made by Lynn from Up Country Olio.  She gives a great tutorial on how to make them.

simple star napkin ring-009

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Now on to the party!

Great American Past Times. . .

As many of you know, my youngest daughter, Kylee was recently at our home recovering from ACL surgery.

Last Weds. she said that she would like to find a flag to use in her Americana d├ęcor.  I told her to go down and check out my 4th of July boxes that I was sure there would be one she could have.

In the meantime I went outside to cut back my spent poppies.

She came outside and said, “Mom, can I decorate your blue cabinet for you?”  I was more than happy to let her go at it.   I was anxiously awaiting to see what she would create.

She decorated the shelves and I finished off the top this morning. I love what she came up with.  I’m thinking, chip off the old block.  As I was contemplating on what I wanted to put up there I couldn’t help but notice that Kylee had created a theme.  I’m sure she didn’t realize this because she is not a theme kind of girl.  Her mom on the other hand.  Well, nothing more needs to be said. lol! 

Let’s see if you agree with me.


Do you see it?  She has hi-lighted some of Americas favorite past times.  Some are old and have lost their attraction, but still were an important part of history.

Shelf #1

Shelf #1

How can we forget how much people loved playing albums up into the 60’s?  And what about roller blading, sparklers, and just having old fashioned fun playing a game of checkers.

Shelf #2


I think that taking pictures and reading books are still a favorite past time of most Americans.  Don’t you love my old camera.  This was a recent $6 find from the Star Mill.  Remember how much fun we had growing up playing croquet and bingo?

Shelf #2

How about collecting buttons.  Do any of you still do this?


Shelf #3

Qulting has been around for such a long time.  It use to be out of necessity.  Now it’s become a national addiction. I’m thinking I need to take the 12 step program.  Hee-hee!


Top of cabinet.

More of Americas favorite past times.  Fire trucks in parades, drinking, Coca Cola, and bowling.

Top shelf

I hung a couple of quilts on my black rack and filled a basket with poppies and flags for my front door.  Thought it looked kind of cute on the floor till I hang it up.


Times certainly have changed and so have Americas favorite past times.  Who would have ever thought we’d  be blogging and visiting people all over the world?

What ever it is you love doing,  I just wish you lots of good old fashioned fun!



p.s.  I would love to thank Linda from Coastal Charm for featuring my New Found Love post about my vintage planters..  Thanks so much !  So nice to know someone enjoys what you share!  Also, still working on my 500 followers give away.  Will be posting about it soon.

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Lavender Blue, Dilly Dilly. . .

Have you ever noticed how people look at color differently?  For example, a couple of weeks ago I asked one of my friends, Kathy if I could have a start of her pink Spiderwort perennial this Fall.  She replied, “I don’t have pink, but I have purple”.

Me and another friend, Amanda (who had already gotten a start from Kathy) looked at each other and said, “We call that pink”.

So it is with my Larkspur.  I’m still trying to decide if it is lavender or blue.  Maybe it’s a little of both.  When I asked my daughter, Kylee what color she would call it she said, It’s blue violet.  It looks just like the crayon by that name.

Larkspur in firepit

I sprinkled Larkspur seeds on the hill behind my fire pit Fall of ‘2010’.  It comes back each year and buries everything in it’s path.  Hard to believe, but there are bushes and pines planted up there.  Even a few trees that seem to get lost in the lair of Larkspur. I don’t want to plant a bunch of perennials up there because I hope to plant lots of hostas when the trees are larger.

Larkspur Collage framed

Are you seeing what I am seeing?  a bit of lavender and a bit of blue.  Doesn’t it make you want to say, dilly dilly?

Now here are a couple flowers in my garden that I consider blue.

my Delphiniums and. . .




But what color is this Pincushion flower?  I say lavender.


And look at this cluster of Larkspur.  Such a faint sort of blue.


Well, whether you say lavender or blue.  I say ‘pretty’!

I’ll leave you with a few more pics.





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Cookin with Fire!

Well folks, we finally were able to try out our new fire pit last weekend. We originally planned on using it a couple of weeks ago for hubby’s birthday. It turned out to be a very windy day. We decided that Smokey the Bear would appreciate it if we didn’t start a fire.


My friend, Joyce gave me a set of Woof-Um sticks for Christmas a couple years ago.  They have been anxiously waiting for us to build our fire pit.

What is a Woof-Um stick? I thought you’d never ask.  It’s a smaller dowel with a larger dowel on top.  Her husband made them and then soaked them in oil to treat the wood.

Here’s what you do:

1.  Spray the large dowel with Pam and place a refrigerator biscuit on top.


2.  Stretch the biscuit down part way over the dowel.


Yes that would be me dying laughing because we are all thinking dirty thoughts.  I am not even going there.  But hey, at least we know how to have a good laugh.



3.  Cook it over the fire.  I cooked mine slowly to golden brown to make sure the biscuit was cooked through.


4.  Slide it off the dowel and fill it with pudding (or honey butter)


5. Top it off with fresh fruit and whipped cream.


6.  Last of all, Woof-Um down!  Pretty tasty.


Of course we couldn’t stop there.  We had to make a few traditional s’mores also.  A new twist is to use a Peanut Butter Cup in place of the chocolate.  Oh so good!  Ha, ha, do you think those two dressed to match the Larkspur?

IMG_6987 watermark

This was Saydee and Jack’s first fire roasting experience.  They loved it and caught on very fast.  Sometimes the mellows didn’t make it to the fire.

IMG_6976 watermark

IMG_6977 watermark

Jacks first s’more cookie style.  Not sure which he enjoyed more, eating it or roasting.

IMG_6979 watermark

Just wondering, do you like your marshmallow golden brown or crispy black?  I like mine both ways.



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