Kodak Moments

I just had to take a minute this morning to thank God for Kodak moments. As I was picking up the house (didn't know I was that strong did you?), ha ha. I went into the computer room to put something on Shultz's desk. I glanced over at the computer just as a picture of Taylor in the poppies popped up. Shultz has it set up that when you're not using the computer pictures flash on the screen. Sometimes it's just one big one and sometimes it's two or three smaller ones. I sat down in his chair and watched for a few minutes. Suddenly I was taken back as memories started to flood my heart. Here is a bit of what I saw. Jordy in her Easter bonnet made from colored napkins, Kade playing baseball at around age 8, Kylee looking at Paityn as a baby lying in the hammock. The boys posing with Minnie in Disneyland, Thanksgiving dinner in Monicas garage (that was an oldie). Some of the pictures made me L.O.L. while others brought a tear to my eye. Here's a few of those: Family posing at Grandma Olsons funeral, a picture of the inside of Great Grandparents house in Idaho last time Shultz and I were there, Kylee and Dustin kissing in front of the temple, and last of all a picture of my brothers and sisters (Dennis included) in our backyard. It made me realize how quickly time has flown by and how special everyone of those moments were. So thank you God and Kodak .

Spring Lover

I thought I had better clarify myself. I truly am a Spring lover. I could have named 100 things I love about Spring, (can't believe I left off birds chirping-because that's at the top of the list). I had a hard time actually thinking of 10 things I hated. And about those 10 things I hate, after the task is completed; I love the results. For instance, Shultz and I cleaned the garage yesterday. He emptied it out and I scrubbed the floor with bleach. It looks and smells nice and it makes me feel so much better. I'm not quite through raking all those leaves and perennial debris, but the areas I am done with look so good. It makes me want to look out my back windows and when I do I get a feeling of accomplishment. One thing I know for sure is that when the clean up is all done, (still will have to tackle the pond in April or May); we can sit back and enjoy the rewards! Lawns will still have to be mowed and weeds pulled now and then. Thankfully I love the smell of cut grass so lawn mowing isn't an issue. Spring Lover I am.

10 Things I Hate About Spring!

1. Ants coming through the wood floor

2. Raking up 15-20 bags of leaves

3. Cleaning out under the tramp

4. Windows needing to be washed

5. Cleaning the garage

6. Spring Cleaning

7. Taking off the fake nails (it really is a love hate thing)

8. Shidih, A.K.A. Petey shedding cat hair whenever he comes in

9. Hornets returning

10. Needing to lose weight before putting on that swim suit

10 Things I Love About Spring!

1. Daffodils

2. Yellow grass starting to turn green

3. Sunshine on my shoulders

4. Going barefoot out to check the mail

5. Taking off the fake nails

6. Getting dirt under my fingernails

7. Walking with Ann

8. Wearing capris and flip flops

9. Getting sunburned cheeks

10. Planting a Spring Garden

It's Great to be Eight!

Sunday Braxton got baptised. It was a Stake baptism and the whole chapel plus the over flow was filled. They had a great system going and managed to move us right along quickly. There were 6 kids from his ward, but they only took him and one other girl to the font. Everything went swell-so we thought- until they had moved us all to the Cultural Hall for the Confirmations.
Then they came and said that Braxton needed to be baptised again because Greg had held up the wrong arm. Hey, he's only human. Even though he has done this 8 times, 5 for his own children; and 3 grandchildren. He's only had to repeat it once. I'd say that's a pretty good track record. You can be sure that Braxton won't forget that he got dunked twice. Greg said his little body was shaking he was so cold. Then he had to put those wet whites on again. All in all it was a special day and we are so glad that Braxton chose to be baptised. Greg did a great job Confirming him. He has such a tender heart and the spirit touches him. Although, we think that there must've been something in that water because Greg and Braxton are both sick now. Actually, Greg was already starting to get sick on Sat. I think the water just made him worse.
After the baptism we went back to Lonnie and Tracys house to celebrate for Braxton and Riley(it just happened to be his 11th birthday). I can't believe how old my grandchildren are getting.
Well, Congrats to both and B. we are so proud of you! We look forward to many more baptisms.
I left the camera at Lonnies so I'll have to post pics. later.

Old is GOLD

Last Thurs. I acquired an old 10 ft. apple ladder, (thanks to Mrs. LaCognata). It's mostly old wood with a bit of red paint hanging on for dear life. The metal parts are still red and I love it! Sunday I had Shultz bring it in and Mon. I hung quilts that I have made from it. The room is pretty packed but just had to have it! Now I have an old pillar in one corner and an old ladder in the other. Now if I could just get Shultz to stand in front of the couch I'd have an old man in the middle. Ha! Ha! Remember old is GOLD! And the older he gets the better he gets! One plus is if I get desperate for exercise I could shimmy up the pole and do steps on the ladder. Don't think I will ever be that desperate. Could always take pole dancing lessons. Seriously, thats a picture you just don't want to imagine. Well, all humor aside, I love old!