Kodak Moments

I just had to take a minute this morning to thank God for Kodak moments. As I was picking up the house (didn't know I was that strong did you?), ha ha. I went into the computer room to put something on Shultz's desk. I glanced over at the computer just as a picture of Taylor in the poppies popped up. Shultz has it set up that when you're not using the computer pictures flash on the screen. Sometimes it's just one big one and sometimes it's two or three smaller ones. I sat down in his chair and watched for a few minutes. Suddenly I was taken back as memories started to flood my heart. Here is a bit of what I saw. Jordy in her Easter bonnet made from colored napkins, Kade playing baseball at around age 8, Kylee looking at Paityn as a baby lying in the hammock. The boys posing with Minnie in Disneyland, Thanksgiving dinner in Monicas garage (that was an oldie). Some of the pictures made me L.O.L. while others brought a tear to my eye. Here's a few of those: Family posing at Grandma Olsons funeral, a picture of the inside of Great Grandparents house in Idaho last time Shultz and I were there, Kylee and Dustin kissing in front of the temple, and last of all a picture of my brothers and sisters (Dennis included) in our backyard. It made me realize how quickly time has flown by and how special everyone of those moments were. So thank you God and Kodak .


Peg said...

Great photos and precious memories!

McFadden said...

Thanks for the memories.
I love the Easter bonnets. Maybe we better copy that idea, we loved the flashlight Easter Egg hunt last year.

Shaleace said...

Love the photos! I have been looking at old photos while I have been organizing my scrapbook room. I love the way photos can trigger a flood of memories. Some make us cry tears of sadness other tears of joy and laughter. Yes, Thank you Kodak!