Virginian Treasure

I love these red dishes. What a find!

I'd follow that little Virginian Cardinal anywhere!

Thanks for such a fun visit.

Recently Shultz and I went to N. Carolina to visit his sister Laurie and her hubby Thayne.
What a great trip! We all went down to S. Carolina together. Talk about walking right into " Gone With The Wind". It was beautiful! The camelias, and azealeas were bloomin gorgeous.
I couldn't get over that wisteria grew wild all along the freeway. It's an obnoxious plant to them.
I say bring it on baby. I love the long clustery purple blooms. Dogwood trees were all in bloom and you would see them billowing out among the pines. It was absolutely breath taking. We returned to their house on a Tues. then Shultz and I headed for Virginia on Weds. We took in tons of Civil War sites. We both love history so it was great fun. Then we went to Colonial Williamsbug where we spent a day and a half. We walked up and down the streets a ton, sat through a few enactments, and of course shopped. Our last stop was at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. From there we took the back roads to Laurie and Thaynes. We told them we would be back to have some Carolina BBQ. It was delicious. Pulled pork and deep fried corn on the cob, Yum! It was on these back roads that I acquired my Virginian treasure, RED DISHES.
They were in a little roadside country store. I passed them up at first knowing I really had no way of getting them home. After leaving the store I just couldn't get them out of my mind and
finally decided to go back. We were about 8-10 miles past it. Without too much coaxing Shultz turned the car around and back we went. To make a long story short we returned , bought, and brought home. Although we lost 4 pieces when Delta made us check our carry on because the plane was so small. Sad, but so so happy to have the rest. I will love and treasure them forever!


Peg said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! I am glad you got back with most of the red glass dishes. They are beautiful!

Ky said...


Shaleace said...

Fun trip! I love your red dishes. Red is my favorite color. It sounds like you got to see and do many things and what a honey. I can't believe Shultz turned around so easily. He must love you and want to keep you happy!

Riana Grace said...

Dear Jann,

Recently the gnomes planted a garden. I have so many gardening questions for you but I won't ask them all right now. I will ask one though. What do you do with hyacinths once they finish blooming? Do you cut off the old bloom? I would love your help.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

I think it's great that you are developing a love for gardening. With hyacinths, yes cut the spent bloom off but leave the leaf until it turns yellow and then cut them down to the ground. That way the strength goes back to the bulb. I was just out planting a few snapdragons, came in for lunch and decided to check out a few blogs. Happy planting to all you gnomes. Luv ya! Jann

Ky said...

OH THAT MAKES ME SOO JEALOUS. i wish i had room in my little apartment to plant a garden. I am CRAVING a garden sooo bad!

Riana Grace said...

I'm glad you were planting snapdragons. We just planted some and I was worried it was too early. Our neighbor rotatilled our garden area so we planted peas and carrots. She said they are more cold hearty. We have some potted tomatoes that we will bring inside when its cold and plant in may. She said to hold off planting cucumber and tomatoes and pupmkins. Does that sound right? We also planted some basil and cilantro seeds. We don't know what will happen with those. Anyways, I'll post pictures when they start popping up. If they do!
Thanks for your help!