Scat Cat!

It's Halloween. . .
Scary things will come out tonight,
giving us a bit of a fright!

 How do you feel when you see a black cat,
Do you want to shoo it and holler out scat?
Are you superstitious and feel a bit leery!
Do scary black cats leave you feeling eerie?

I don't know why, but I love them so!
They're silly faces make me just want to go. . .
Go where, you say?
Run out and buy more almost every single day!
It makes my day when I see them hanging around the house.

 This time of year you may spot a mouse,
but one things for sure, when you've got black cats,
They're good to control mice and even fat rats!
Now if you love silly black cats, you can have fun creating your own with sculpy clay. 
I found this great tin in CA and knew it would be purr-fect for a little black cat.
My friend, Shirley from Zettas Aprons is a master at making heads out of clay.  She taught me to cover a Styrofoam ball. The head will be lighter and it will use less clay.
Using my bone tool I made the impressions for his face.  I break off a bit of clay and form it into an ear.  Attach to head and use a bit of water to blend it into the rest of the clay.
Let it air dry for a day or two and then paint with acrylic paints.
SO much fun!!

Because I love lollies, I made a couple and gave him a
ruffled collar.

This handy dandy tool by Martha Stewart helps to make the lollies uniform in size.  Using the bone tool you crease along the lines and then fold it back and forth.  You will need two pieces for each lolly.

Isn't he just the silliest?
  I added him to my kitchen table.  He feels right at home with the rest of the silly creatures.
One things for sure. . .you won't hear me saying,
Happy Halloween!

Share Your Cup #221

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).
The party where you share what makes you happy.

It's what I call, "filling your cup"
I truly believe that we need to make our own happiness and it's our responsibility to 'fill our cups'.  We can't sit around and wait for others to fill it for us!
Hard to believe that Halloween is less than a week away.  It will be Christmas in a blink of an eye!  However, I love Thanksgiving and will be embracing that holiday for a couple of weeks.  :)
Last week I shared
a fabulous Witches Soiree I attended with friends.

And my love for Lollies.

Now let's check out the features from SYC #220:
(remember to pin from their site, and not mine)
Trisha from American Honey Home shared her fall harvest for two in her for her and her hubby.

Fabby's Living  did an amazing job of painting some faux MacKenzie -Childs look alike pumpkins!

I thought this was a fun and easy idea for a Halloween utensil holder shared by Noreen from Crafty Journal.
Lori from Dining Delight shared her fabulously spooky
Halloween sideboard!

Pam from Everyday Living shared her gorgeous new pergola.

Infuse with Liz shared some outdoor fall d├ęcor and the new red door on her garage.  The red lover in me could not resist!  :)

Thanks so much for sharing and please grab my button if you were featured!

Now let's party!

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It's a great way to find new friends!

After you link up, please come back and leave a comment.  They help to fill my cup! 

I'm a Big Fan of Lollies. . .

Rosettes, fans, or lollies, whatever you want to call them;
I am in love!
Yup, I'm a big fan of lollies, (which is the word that I choose to call them.)  Don't they look just like big lollipops to you?

I often use them in my crafting.  They are a fun addition to almost any craft.  I've used them a lot in banners.
I have a fun little contraption that makes them a bit easier to make.
But I actually bought these large ones at a local shop called, Retro Betty's.  It is owned by the daughter of one of my friends.
I layered some of the lollies and then added the vintage images that came with the set.

I used the sticky circles that came with them to add them to a black vintage window I had.  Years ago I modge podged the newspaper pennant border along the top.  They kept falling, so ended up hot gluing them to the window.
I thought my black and white witch and moon and star banner was the perfect addition!
I added a black glittery branch and tucked stars in here and there.
The tarnished tea set was a thrift find.  Perfect for a witches tea!  This pumpkin had an eerie feel to me and fit perfect in the silver pedestal.  This is when I prefer my silver tarnished.

This was one of the quickest mantles I have ever put together.  May just be one of my favorites as well.  :)

How about you,  Do you love lollies?

The hearth is decorated with the 'spooky' urn arrangement I made with craft group #1 last year and a pillow I
 made many moons ago.  lol!

On the other side of the fireplace is my 'party animal' crows having a hay day on my old type writer and a silly skelly I bought at Glitterfest in CA last week.

Only a little more than a week till the hauntingly fun day is here!
I will be sharing with these fun Parties:

Witches Soiree

Hello my friends,
I've mentioned before about how talented my hairdresser is.
Well, last Thursday night, Oct. 13th; the night of the Hunter's Moon; (according to the Farmers Almanac) she outdid herself!
For years it has been a dream of hers to host a "witches soiree".
She wasn't sure if friends and clients would embrace the idea.
I'm here to tell you that 98 of us did!
Yes, 98 'witchy woman' strolled into her backyard for a night we won't soon forget.
Our hostess greeted us at her arbor gate.
We arrived at dusk and the gardens had been magically transformed.

The witchy women, (friends and family that would be
 seated at my table)
Jamie, Joyce, Betty, Peggy, Ann, Karrah, Jan, and Kassy

Black umbrellas and large wooden moons hung here and there.

As we entered into the backyard we were serenaded by a couple of talented witches.

Each table was assigned a name.  My friend, Jan and her daughter Kassy hold our 'Midnight Embers' sign.

Our table had a view of her fabulous she shed built by her husband last year.
Handmade brooms made from branches and twigs were tied to the back of our chairs.

Once we were seated we helped ourselves to the beverage bar.

My daughter, Karrah and I

My cousin Betty, friend Jan, moi, friends Joyce, Ann, and Peggy.   

Lights and small fires lighted the garden.

Our candlelit table

party favors and menus.

Dinner was prepared by her daughter, Sierra and it was so delicious!  Bread and rolls, salad, soup, pasta, and carrot or chocolate cake.  There was also a table full of snacks, but I never made it over to it.
(chicken alfredo)

Karrah, me, and Ann.

The moon was magical.  A witchy moon for sure!


After dinner each table rotated through 5 witch stations. We were given a token at each one.
The witch of smell.

 Iris, the witch of sight.
The 'moon' witch

The 'star' witch.

and the fortune teller. . .(palm reader)

At the end of the night we were instructed to mix up a magic potion.  Joyce's daughter, Jamie was the designated witch that did the honors.

And we toasted to a memorable evening!

Oh what a hauntingly fun night!

I will be sharing with these fun parties: