This Buds for You!

Celebrating Memorial Day and visiting the cemetaries caused me to reflect upon the lifes of those who have passed away. So many of them had such a great influence on my life. Starting with my Mother and Step Father. From them I developed the love of gardening. As a teenager I was not required to do too many jobs around the house. One thing I did do was mow the lawn. To this day I still love mowing the lawn and the smell of that freshly cut grass. My Mother was such a kind and generous person. She loved every kind of flower, as do I. My real father died when I was only 9 months old, so my Step Father was my Dad. I love and miss both of them terribly. Shultz's mom passed away two years ago. From her I learned to make delicious homemade stuffing. I can't help but think about her every Thanksgiving as I am stuffing that bird. I think that my oldest brother Dennis left to serve his country right after he graduated. I don't remember spending alot of time with him growing up. I do remember him teasing me, flipping me with a towel, and calling me "Pencil Butt". Isn't that what brothers do best? I had wonderful Aunts that took the place of Grand Parents for me. Aunt Viola and Aunt Dorothy. Yum, I can smell and taste their wonderful bread, custard, and rice pudding. wish I had some right now! Aunt Carma was a classic! She was so beautiful and so much fun! I have two great friends that have passed. Sheron a childhood neighbor and Pam my oh so fun college roomie. I have Sheron to thank for the Gospel. She is the one who invited me to go to Primary with her. Many of my favorite recipes came from Pam. Sweet and Sour Chicken, Lasagne, and Cheese Fondue. I know that these are some of my kids favorites also.
I miss and love all of you and just want to say "This Buds for You!"

Bless my bloomers!

Bridal Wreath Bush


Wisteria Tree

Golden Chain Tree

I am loving all of the gorgeous blooming bushes and trees in my yard this month. Every time I walk by one of them It smells like heaven on earth. Take time to enjoy what Mother Nature and God so freely gives us.

Sow and You Shall Reap

Last Feb. my friend Kathy and I took a gardening class from Dr. Wells. He used alot of technical terms, but I learned alot. Some of the things that I usually planted in May he said it was better to plant them in March. For example: lettuce, beets, cabbage, carrots, onions, & broccoli. Wow, what a difference! They are growing so well, along with my peas and radishes. The great thing about it is that I only watered them once. All the rain that Mother Nature provided did the trick. Then once the sun started shining they just seemed to burst. These pictures are from two weeks ago and everything is much larger now. Thank God for good earth, rain and sunshine! We are enjoying delicious radishes now and can't wait to reap futhur rewards.

The Bomb

Mothers Day was the BOMB! Some of the family came for dinner and Shultz cooked delicious BBQ Pork in the dutch oven. The kids came bearing gifts and I loved them all. Falco may not have spent $150, but he gave me a bunch of Burts Bees stuff . My hands and feet are gonna be so happy! Ky and Dustin gave me a gorgeous geranium basket and Nichole gave me a subscription to Taste of Home healthy eating. Lonnie and Tracy gave me a cute garden decoration. I love anything for the garden! I hope all of you mothers had a great day also. We took lilacs to both my mom and Shultz's moms graves. They loved flowers as much as I do.
I miss them terribly and think of them often. How thankful I am that I got to have them in my life.

Oh Happy Day!

Just wanted to give you and update on the $150. Diana, Jeanne, and I ran to Springville this morning so we decided to stop at the gift shop and see if anyone had claimed the cash. The woman I had given it to was not working, but the other employee said "Are you the lady that turned in the money?'" She then told me that it belonged to a young kid and he was so happy and said that it's nice to know there are still honest people in this world. So happy day for him! Sad day for me if I don't get a Mothers Day gift from Falco. Actually, all I really care about is a big HUG and a KISS on the cheek.

Gutter Money

Yesterday as I came out of a gift shop and was about to get into Dianas truck I looked down and saw a $50 dollar bill. At first I thought it was play money. Then I noticed more in the gutter. As I picked it up I realized that it was two more 50's folded inside of each other. I asked Kathy if it was hers, because we had both gotten out on that side. She answered "no". My immediate thought was " I've got to give it to the store owner". When I returned inside and told her what I had found there were two other customers standing there. They could not believe that I had brought it in. They just kept saying, "You are so honest". I replied no, I just knew that If I had lost that much money I would feel sick and would be so happy if someone had done the same thing." Hopefully, whoever lost it will retrace their steps and I can help to make their day. So, my qusestion is "what would you have done?" I think that you would have done the same thing.
My mother always taught me to be honest in all my doings. I would like to think that there are more honest people in this world than dishonest. Besides, I would not have felt good spending money that did not belong to me. Am I just crazy?